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The Antigo Telephone Company
1900 Subscriber List
Published in the October 4, 1900 Antigo Republican Newspaper
106Albers, J. F.Drug Store
90Albers, J. F.Residence
66American Express Co.Office
7Antigo Brewing Co.Brewery
22Antigo Electric Light PlantPower House
130Antigo Hub & Mf.'g Co.Factory
24Antigo Mf.'g Co.Stave and Heading Mill
118Antigo Steam LaundryOffice
9-2Antigo Water Works Co.Pumbing Station
100Bacon, M. L.Residence and Pop Factory
81Beattie & WilliamsDrug Store
70Beedle, J. M.Dry Goods and Groceries
91Beedle, J. M.Residence
185Blunt, F. T.Residence
98Borgman, H. G.Residence
50Boyanowski, FrankSaloon
134Brehmer, A. F.Drayage, Lime and Wood Office
141Brehmer, A. F.Residence
37Briggs, R. M.Residence
60Briggs, R. M.City Dray Line Office
119Brush, R.Residence
28Bryant & MonroeMeat Market
187Burdick, C. G.Residence
42Burnet, JohnResidence
13C. & N. W. R. R.Freight Depot
92Citizens' Brewing Co.Brewery
123City ClerkOffice
183Cleary, EdwardResidence
29Clements, DavidLime, Coal and Wood Office
160Clements, DavidResidence
138Conway, A. C.Residence
173Costello, D.Residence
3Court HouseOffices
165Crocker Chair Co.Office
108Cusick, Fay L.Residence
144Dahlman, C. F.Groceries
122Daskam, EdwardResidence
57District AttorneyOffice
45Donohue, Dr. M. J.Residence
93Doner, EdwardResidence
46Doyle, Dr. J. F.Residence
43Doyle & DonohuePhysician and Surgeon Office
41Drake, Dr. F. I.Physician and Surgeon Office
49Drake, Dr. F. I.Residence
177Drake, GeorgeResidence
142Driscoll, MikeResidence
166Duchac, Jos.Real Estate and Insurance Office
97Duchac, Jos.Residence
178Duvall, DanResidence
25Elliott, W. L.Residence
94Fair GroundsTicket Office
54Fenn, C. D.Residence
23Findeisen, HenryGeneral Mdse
58Finucane & ConwayAttorneys Office
114Fire Department
38First National Bank
125Flanagan Bros.Meat Market
40French, G. A.Sixth Ward Meat Market
72Friedeman Bros.Bakery & Confectionery
55Friend HotelJ. H. Friend, Prop.
148Frick, H. J.Residence
96Frick, OrlandoResidence
34Frost Veneer Seating Co.Factory
121Gee, FredDray Line, Office and Residence
174Germain, C. D.Residence
145Gibbs, L. L.Residence
153Gillett, G. C.Residence
117Gray, F. T.Groceries
190Gunnon, Ed.Residence
36Hale, ScottSaloon
150Hanks, A. B.Residence
53Hayssen, FredResidence
172Healy, RichardIce Dealer, Office and Residence
19Henshaw, C. E.Residence
84Herman, John W.Dry Goods and Groceries
126Herman, JamesResidence
27Hessel & LeykomHardware
11Hill, G. W.Prop. Hoo Hoo Hotel
64Hill & TealLivery
113Hoffman, MaxAttorney Office
30Hoffman, Jos.Prop. Lake Shore House
57Hogan, T. W.Attorney Office
127Hogan, T. W.Residence
184Holly, JohnResidence
11Hoo Hoo HotelG. W. Hill, Prop.
69Hopkins, J. H.News Depot and Stationery
140House, AlonzoResidence
104Hudson, H. L.Saloon
111Hughes & WasteGroceries
129Hughes, J. P.Residence
120Humphrey, H. C.Residence
133Jennings, HarryResidence
189Jewell, H. N.Residence
170Johns, W. B.Residence
15Kellogg L'b'r. & Mfg. Co., T. D.Office
163Kellogg, T. D.Residence
115Kellogg, H. B.Residence
200Kelly, P. F.Residence
73Kestly, JohnSaloon
131Kiefer, F. W.Residence
12Kingsbury & HenshawGrist Mill
47Kingsbury, J. J.Residence
146Klessig, OttoResidence
76Klock, J. L.Arcade Department Store
51Koebke, RichardResidence
82Koelzer, P. J.Floor and Feed
21Kohl Co., H. A.Hardware
124Kohl, H. A.Residence
95Kommers, M.General Merchandise
68Kratchie, R.Savings Bank Store
157Krier, Wm.Residence
74Krom & Co., M.Dry Goods
154Laing, E. C.Residence
30Lake Shore HouseJos. Hoffman, Prop.
9-3LaLonde, EdwardResidence
26Langlade County Bank
31Langlade County Jail
3Langlade County Court House
94Langlade County Fair Grounds
52Laning, A. M.Residence
137Latta, G. W.Office
182Latta, G. W.Residence
112Laughlin & KellyFarm Implement Office
198Laughlin, J. J.Residence
2Lewis Co., J. C.Hardware
175Lewis, J. C.Residence
116Leykom, C. S.Residence
71Lipman, J.Chicago Fruit Store
176Lyons, W. L.Residence
132Maloy, Thos.Residence
10Marsh & Co., W. H.General Merchandise
102Marsh, W. H.Residence
151Marsh, C. O.Residence
14Martin, TedLivery
199Martin, TedResidence
56Martin, J. E.Attory Office
128Maxwell, G. H.Residence
155McHale & AnschutzSaloon
135McNeil, AlexResidence
103Mead & Co., J. L.Druggists
152Menting & RaessSaloon
6Meyer, F. C.Meat Market
169Michaelson, A.Residence
136Millard, A. M.Residence
67Millard, Frank A.Stationery
158Millard, P. J.Insurance Office and Residence
75Molle, AntonJeweler
139Molle, AntonResidence
99Morgan, W. S.Residence
143Moses & MosesInsurance
56Municipal Court Room
185Methodist Parsonage
180Ogden, J. A.Residence
171Olk, JohnResidence
159Pabst Brewing Co.Office
60Palmiter & BriggsFurniture Store
147Palmiter, ForestResidence
105Pardee, W. H.Groceries
16Petersen, E. A.Loan and Insurance Office
61Petersen, E. A.Residence
4Pioneer Iron WorksMorgan & Taylor, Props.
107Pool, W. H.Residence
156Preston, N. E.Furniture and Undertaking
44Preston, N. E.Residence
78Reindl, FrankSaloon
164Reindl, FrankResidence
17Republican Printing Office
83Rezek Bros.General Merchandise
161Rockwood, D. E.Residence
8Rudolph, J. A.General Merchandise
62St. Julian ParkSaloon
5Saile, Rev. C.Catholic Parsonage
35Saxton, F. W.Residence
32Schlemmer, J.Bakery and Confectionery
77Schlundt, H.Saloon
186Schlundt, H.Residence
149Schmitz & PiotrzowskiSaloon
162Showers, F. F.Residence
79Smith, AmasaLivery
110Smith, AvaFlour, Feed and Hay
66Spencer Drug Co.Druggists
51Spencer, J. C.Residence
59Springbrook HouseC. Teipner, Prop.
60Standard Oil Co.R. M. Briggs, Agt. Office
39Steffen, Dr. I. D.Residence and Office
167Steinhauer, MaxResidence
109Stewart & KieferFurniture and Undertaking
179Stewart, A. D.Residence
101Strong, l. K.Residence
Second Ward
Third Ward
Fourth Ward
High School
Sixth Ward
33Talge, C. W.Residence
80Trever, J. H.Attorney-at-Law
191Trever, J. H.Residence
1Vivian HotelK. Wendelborn, Prop.
48Wahl, LouisMeat Market
63Warren & GiffinLivery
181Warren, W. H.Residence
192Warren, S. D.Residence
197Watson, Dr. F. V.Office
9-2Waterworks Co.Pumping Station
201Waverly HouseMrs. E. O. Anderson, Prop.
18Weisel & Co., W. C.General Mdse.
193Weisel, W. C.Residence
1Wendelborn, H.Vivian Hotel
66Western Union Telegraph Co.Office
65Williams, Dr. M. E.Office
168Williams, C. C.Residence
194Williams, E. E.Residence
195Young, H. F.Residence
196Zimmerman, A. F.Residence

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