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Langlade County Railroad Tracks

When Railroad Tracks Were Laid and Removed
A history of railroad track laying and removal in Wisconsin can be found in the following book:

The Railroads of Wisconsin 1827-1937

Also see Antigo Daily Journal, PrimeTimes October 1, 2007, "At one time, Antigo nearly became two-railroad town" by Robert Duerwachter.

YearRailroadTrack Section
MLS & W = Milwaukee Lake Shore & Western Railroad
C & NW = Chicago & Northwestern
W & N = Wisconsin & Northern Railroad
CMST & P = Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad
MT & W = Marinette, Tomahawk & Western
1880MLS & WLaid Tigerton to Eland, 12.40 miles.
1880MLS & WLaid Eland to Aniwa, 10.30 miles.
1881MLS & WLaid Aniwa to Summit Lake, 26.42 miles.
1881MLS & WThe first train pulled by engine 31 arrives in Antigo on August 15, 1881.
1882MLS & WLaid Summit Lake to Three Lakes, 28.80 miles.
1882MLS & WLaid Antigo to west of Bryant, 5.00 miles.
1883MLS & WLaid Bryant to near Sherry Junction, 5.60 miles.
1883MLS & WLaid Sherry Junction to Drexel (Kent), 1.85 miles.
1888MLS & WLaid Pratt Junction to Jeffries Junction, 13.08 miles.
1889MLS & WLaid Parrish Junction to Parrish, 4.54 miles.
1892MLS & WLaid Aniwa to Mattoon, 9.59 miles.
On August 19, 1893 the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad buys the Milwaukee Lake Shore & Western Railroad. The MLS & W track becomes the Ashland Division of the C & NW.
1893C & NWFirst Round House built.
1895C & NWFreight Office built. Later used as warehouse.
1896C & NWLaid Mattoon to Mattoon Junction, 10.40 miles.
1901C & NWLaid Honzick's Siding to Ormsby, 4.43 miles.
1901C & NWLocal history sources say tracks from Antigo to Heinemann's Mill were laid in 1901 or 1902.
1901CMST & PIn 1901 the CMST & P built a 7.6-mile line from Otis on its Valley Division to a lumber town built by Sigmund Heineman (Lincoln County?) and three years later extended it 3.56 miles from this lumber town to Gleason. I believe this track is sometimes confused with the C & NW tracks laid from Antigo to Heineman in Langlade County.
1901MT & WLaid 19.25 miles from Grundy to McInnes in Lincoln County.
1903C & NWSecond, larger Round House built.
1903C & NWLaid Antigo to Casper, 16.62 miles.
1905MT & WExtended track from McInnes 1.55 miles southerly across southwest Ackley Township and another 6.33 miles south to Kalinke in 1906. In 1901 the MT & W sold the section from Grandy to McInnes to the CMST & P.
1906C & NWLaid near Sherry Junction to Elton, 5.68 miles.
1907C & NWAntigo becomes Ashland Division Headquarters.
1907C & NWLaid Elton to Wolf River Junction, 6.60 miles.
1907C & NWLaid Wolf River Junction to Van Ostrand, 1.98 miles.
1907W & NLaid Neopit to Van Ostrand, 15.66 miles.
1907C & NWNew Antigo Depot built.
1908 C & NWLaid Bryant to Polar, 3.24 miles.
1908W & NLaid from Western Junction just a short distance south of Neopit to Western Siding just southeast of Phlox, 10.74 miles.
1910W & NLaid Van Ostrand to Wallrich Siding, 1.94 miles.
1914C & NWLaid Koepenick to Pearson, 8.74 miles.
1919W & NLaid Hollister to Camp 5, 3.41 miles.
1919C & NWLaid Pine River Junction (Lincoln County?) the Heineman Lumber Company's logging line northerly 6.09 miles. Extended this an additional 12.62 miles in 1922.
1927C & NWRemoved White Lake to end of track, 1.33 miles.
1927W & NRemoved Western Junction to Phlox, 10.74 miles.
1929C & NWRemoved Antigo to Casper and Heinneman Line, 25.33 miles.
Early 1930'sC & NWShop work and equipment moved elsewhere because the use of diesel engines.
1931C & NWRemoved Ormbsy to end of track, 0.30 miles.
1933C & NWRemoved Mattoon to Mattoon Junction, 9.13 miles.
1936C & NWRemoved Parrish to Paines Spur, 1.70 miles.
1936C & NWRemoved Sherry Junction to Kent (Van Goethem book)
1940'sC & NWRemoved Aniwa to Mattoon.
1941C & NWRemoved Ormsby to Hoznick Spur.
1951C & NWRemoved Sherry Junction to Polar. (Van Goethem book)
1954C & NWAshland Division split. Northern HQ in Escanaba and Southern HQ in Green Bay.
1957C & NWLocomotive repair facilities moved to Clinton, Iowa.
Removed Bryant to White Lake (Mid-Continent Railway Museum)
1958C & NWRemoved Bryant to White Lake. (Van Goethem book)
1969C & NWPassenger service through Antigo ended. (Van Goethem book)
Removed Bryant to Antigo (Mid-Continent Railway Museum)
1983C & NWRailroad service to Antigo ended in January 1983.
1983C & NWSalvage trains continued to operate as the last of the tracks between Ashland and Eland are removed.
A history of Logging Railroads operating in Langlade County can be found at:

Tim Sasse Web Site

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