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The Langlade County Special
1893 Obituary Index Below
Note: Microfilm roll only contains papers from Saturday March 18, 1893 (Vol 7 # 1) to the end of the year.
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BANGS, L.T.?Daug: Mrs. H. Leiber?Sep 139/16
Chief Winnebago Indians
.??/??76?Dec 112/2
BREMER, Mrs. GeorgeGeorge??/???Apr 274/29
BRENNECKE, Mrs. CharlesCharles??/???May 65/13
CORNISH, S.B.???/??57?Nov 2311/25
DALLMANN, Chris?Son: C.F. Dallmann78Sep 59/9
DECKER, Mrs. R.S.R.S.??/??35Jul 237/29
DONOHUE, Michael???/???Dec 1312/16
DRISCOLL, Katie???/??31Jul 318/5
DUGAN, Mrs. ??Sister: Miss Libbie Nolan?Mar ?3/25
EASTMAN, William.??/???Dec ?12/30
FLEMMING, William.??/???Nov 411/11
FORD, John???/??63Apr 154/22
GIFFIN, Mrs. ??Son: Will??5/6
GRALL, George.??/??70Sep 259/30
HAYSSEN, Edna.Fred Hayssen/??8Jul 257/29
HOPPE, (child).Ferdinand Hoppe/??childJul 107/15
HUTCHINSON, W.W..??/???Dec 1312/16
JOHNSON, (child).Henry Johnson/??childMay 185/20
JONES, David.??/???Sep ?9/9
KELLY, (child).John Kelly/??infantDec 1212/16
LANDIS, (child).W.P. Landis/??childJul 117/15
LIGHTFOOT, John.? Lightfoot/??9Aug 158/12
MARZELERE, (girl).Elton Marzelere/??infantAug ?8/12
MAYNARD, John?Son: Met Maynard64Nov ?
Calais, Maine
MCKENNA, Mrs. JosephJoseph??/???Aug 114/15
NASH, SusanaChester??/???Jun 76/10
NEUMAN, S.???/??71Aug 114/15
NONNEMACHER, (boy).William/??6Jul 298/5
NONNEMACHER, (boy).William/??3Jul 298/5
NONEMACHER, (child).William/??1Jul 298/5
NONNEMACHER, Mrs. WilliamWilliam? Gartner/???Jul 298/5
O'DONNELL, (child).Mike O'Donnell/??infantMay 25/6
PETERSON, Rasmas.??/??28?Aug 58/12
RUMLE, E.H..??/???Sep 29/16
SHAW, G.R.???/???Oct 1210/14
SHUFELT, Mrs. OrinOrin??/???Aug 108/12
SIPEK, (boy).John/??2Nov 411/11
SLONE, (child).Will Stone/??infantApr 274/29
SMITH, (child).Tom Smith/??4 monthsDec 1512/16
ST. LOUIS, Chloe.Joseph St. Louis/???Jul 227/29
STEFFEN, (female)?Son: Dr. Steffen?Dec 1012/16
TUCKERO, A.C..??/???Nov 1411/18
WEED, Mrs. PaulPaulSherburn Bryant/???May 95/13
WILTERDING, (female)?Son: A. Wilterding?Dec ?12/23

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