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Pictures of People in the Mattoon Area

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hiram and avis
Hiram & Avis Weeks. Hiram was Vice-President of the Wis. Timber & Land Co.
charles hayden weeks
Charles Hayden Weeks
Secretary-Treasurer Wis. Timber & Land Co.
bill and james 3
James Week III and grandson William Weeks. James superindended the building of the first Wis. Timber & Land Co. sawmill.

mary winnie james 3
James Weeks III and granddaughters
Winifred & Mary Weeks.
Avis and Hiram Weeks and children left to right: Beulah, Wiliam & Jessie.
Photo taken sometime between 1883 to 1888.
beulah weeks
Beulah Weeks and husband John Stahl who is dressed up and acting like Charlie Chaplin.
jessie weeks
Jessie (Weeks) Williams
Early area teacher.
Cousins: left to right, Carrie (Butler) Buchberger, Helen (Weeks) Drage,
Roy Buchberger, Earl Weeks, James Weeks
Cousins: left to right, James Weeks, Earl Weeks, Peter Buchberger,
Henry Buchberger, Roy Buchberger in 1925.
two bills
Two Bills:
William Weeks standing and
William Hilger seated
unknown man
Man working at saw mill. Maybe one of the Buchbergers?
wheels bycycles
left to right:
Roy Morgan, William Weeks, Ralph Gast with their "wheels" as bicycles were called in those days.
more wheels
left to right:
unknown, William Weeks, John Stahl

roy babcock
Roy Babcock fishing on the Red River.
Roy was the owner of a saw mill that made broom handles and cant hook stocks. He also was the president of the Mattoon State Bank.

residence and store
unknown horse wagon
horse buggy

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