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Early Mattoon Business and Business People

The Early Mattoon Business Community

Mattoon General Hospital. See Land Book of Wis. Timber & Land Co. for picture.
Two early physicians were Dr. O.F. Partridge and Dr. R.C. Pfeil. Dentist. W.F. Meagher The early Post Office was in the back of the Mattoon Mercantile Co. Store near where the railway track crossed Main Street.
Four early mail carriers were William Prudy, Frank Wood, Jonathan Hutchins, and George Jersey.
Mattoon State Bank. Roy Babcock, President and W.B. Kramer, Cashier. The Mattoon Hotel. Prop. J.P. Kuetz
The Mattoon Mercantile Co. Store operated by Mr. Doenkel, and Mr. Moss who was a Webmaster relative. Wirrer's General Merchandise Store
Nick Lorrig General Mercantile Store
Mattoon Hardware Co. Store
William Blum. Furniture & Household Furnishings
William Blum. Undertaker & Funeral Director
Nyal Drug Store, Prop. O.W. Bosshard
City Meat Market, Prop. R. Voight
Fred Grignon. Blacksmith & Automobile Repairs
Henry Fuchs. Horseshoeing & Blacksmithing
John Bolen. Liveryman who rented horses & rigs and also automobiles
Joe Minch. Iceman
A.H. Peterson Creamery Co.
Mattoon Telephone Co.

Logging, Sawmill, Lumber Information

Wisconsin Timber & Land Co. E.E. Hemingway was manager 1906 until 1930. His son C.E. Hemingway was manager from 1930 until 1936. Then Frank Berger became manager.
Roy Babcock owned a small mill that made broom handles and cant hook stocks. He also was a the president of the Mattoon State Bank.
Dan Lightbody owned a small mill that made shingles. Picture found in Land Book of Wis. Timber & Land Co. on page 9.
Paxon & Lightbody. Sold lumber, lath, shingles, cedar poles, and cedar posts.

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