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How YOU Can Help Make the Project a Success!

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How you can help!

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We're a Team!

No one person is responsible for the USGenWeb project. There are hundreds of people involved, from the National coordinator, the state coordinators, to the county coordinators. Most important, however, are the folks who visit the county pages.

That's YOU!

You are the reason this project exists, and you are crucial to it's success. You are the folks who are spending months and years researching within the counties. You accumulate the knowledge, information, and resources.

My job is to put these pages online, to expand them, and to maintain them to the best of my ability, and it's a pleasure and joy to do so. But pretty pages aren't enough - we need CONTENT.

If you feel you have any little thing that you would like to contribute to Madison County, Mississippi, or to ANY USGenWeb county around the country, or if you have a question, please consider taking a few minutes to drop a line. Ann Allen Geoghegan

When thinking about what you might be able to offer, please consider that the pages you see now can be modified, or new pages added, if necessary. This is a fluid medium, and we at USGenWeb will be happy to work with you, in order to help others. Please also consider that we cannot accept copyrighted material, unless you are the author and grant permission to publish your material online. However, photographs that you took and that are of general interest, extraction's from public records, or material published before 1920 can be accepted.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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