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My CASTLE Lineage

(updated 15 September 2003)

small yellow roseFIRST GENERATION

Henry Castle (1)
Spouse: Abigail Dickerson
Children: Henry, Samuel, Isaac(2), Abigail, Mary, Mercy, William


small yellow roseSECOND GENERATION

Isaac Castle(2),(Henry)
Spouse: #1 Sarah Adams, #2 Joanna Richardson
Children: (M#1) Isaac, Samuel(3), Sarah
Children: (M#2) Daniel and Israel


small yellow roseTHIRD GENERATION

Samuel Castle(3) (Isaac, Henry)
Spouse: Martha Seeley
Children: David, Isaac, infant, Lucy, Samuel(4), Hannah, Peter, Reuben, Rebecca, Esther, Abraham and Martha

small yellow roseFOURTH GENERATION

Samuel Castle(4) (Samuel, Isaac, Henry)
Spouse: Abigail Northrup
Children: Huldah, Oliver(5), Silas, Abigail, child, Zalmon and Northrop


small yellow roseFIFTH GENERATION

Oliver Castle(5) (Samuel, Samuel, Isaac, Henry)
Spouse: Thankful Strong
Children: Amos and Oliver(6)


small yellow roseSIXTH GENERATION

Oliver Castle(6) (Oliver, Samuel, Samuel, Isaac, Henry)
Spouse: Charity Barnum
Children: Amos, Ezra(7) and Elizabeth


small yellow roseSEVENTH GENERATION

Ezra Castle(7) (Oliver, Oliver, Samuel, Samuel, Isaac, Henry)
Spouse: Harriet Olds
Children: Amos A., Oliver V., Susan E., George H., Charles L., Alfaretta, Frank Marion(8), Joseph Burt and Martha W.


small yellow roseEIGHT GENERATION

Frank Marion Castle(8) (Ezra, Oliver, Oliver, Samuel, Samuel, Isaac, Henry)
Spouse: Harriet M. Olds
Children: Burt Spencer, George Ezra and Lew Frank



George Ezra Castle(9) (Frank Marion, Ezra, Oliver, Oliver, Samuel, Isaac, Henry)
Spouse: Lelah Williams
Children 3

There are 5 additional generations of which I shall not cover at the present time (#10, 11, 12, 13, 14)


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