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When I was a small child my Dad always used to say "From little acorns, do great oaks
 grow. "I had never given much thought to these words, until about 8 years ago, when I
 started, what I thought would be, a very short, quick trip into the past, just to see
where the origins of my Mothers family were to be found.
I found the information I was after quite quickly, luckily it is quite an unusual name
 (Websdale), but ,Yes, you guessed it,that small acorn just keeps growing, the more you
learn, the more you want to know. Just when you think you've discovered enough, up pops a
 new name that you just have to follow up. So, here I am, 7 years and reams of
paper later, with a family history that covers 7-8 generations of my mothers',
fathers' and husbands' families, plus all the branches that link to them all.
(I think it's called 'obssession!')
We hope you find our site interesting, and that you may find a link to your
own. If, by chance, you do, please contact us and let us know, feed back
is so nice. If you find a name that interests you, with no link, please mail us
as we have more info that just hasn't been uploaded yet.
If, like me, you are just obssessed with the past history of your ancestors
feel free to mail us for a chat.

     Anne and Noel

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