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(Especially the family of Elizabeth Dinwoodie, possibly baptised Kirkpatrick-Juxta 1754)


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Elizabeth Dinwoodie

Elizabeth Dinwoodie married John Borthwick in Edinburgh in 1781.

All we know so far is that her father was John Dinwoodie, a farmer of Dumfries, who had died by May 1781. The the following entry appears on the microfilm for OPRs of Edinburgh Parish Midlothian, Scotland:

John Borthwick Gentleman's servant and Elizabeth Donwiddow same parish daugher of the deceased John Dinwiddew last farmer of Dumfries shire 7 May 1781.

Research to date, using Elizabeth's age at the time of her death to work out her birth year, suggests that she was the Elizabeth Dinwoodie who was baptised in Kirkpatrick-Juxta in 1754, daughter of John Dinwoodie and unnamed spouse. This has not been proved conclusively!

The 1754 birth record merely says:

OPR. page 168. "Bap: Elizabeth D: to John Dinwoodie in Chappel L[?] A certificate ordered to be given to James Stodart. Given in to the poor by the abovesaid. John Dinwoodie 1=2."

In the Scottish records Elizabeth's surname was spelt many different ways, including a different version each time the birth or baptism of one of her children was registered. Some variations are:

Baptism, Kirkpatrick-Juxta 3/2/1754: Dinwoodie, father John Dinwoodie
Marriage, Edinburgh 11/5/1781: Donwiddow or Dinwiddow, but father spelt John Dinwiddew!
William Murray Borthwick's christening, Moffat 19/5/1782:  Dunwoodie
Jean Borthwick's christening, Tweedsmuir 23/5/1785:  Dinwoodie
Jean 2's christening, Tweedsmuir 13/7/1787:  Dinwiddie
Elizabeth Borthwick's christening, Drumelzier 29/11/1789:  Dalwoodie
Alexander Borthwick's christening, Moffat 6/8/1795:  Dunwoodie


"Dinwoodie" is the spelling on Elizabeth's headstone at Biggar, in Lanarkshire, however grandchildren in both Scotland & the USA were given the middle name of "Dinwiddie". And to confuse even further, granddaughter Elizabeth Borthwick & her husband Michael Daisey in Australia named one of their Queensland properties "Dunwoodie".

Elizabeth's Family

Elizabeth's family seems to have been centred around Kirkpatrick Juxta & Moffat, in Dumfrieshire. Where did they live? Which farm was her father working?

The name of Elizabeth's mother is unconfirmed. I think she was Jean GILLESPIE as there is a marriage of a John Dinwoodie and Jean Gillespie at Moffat in 1747, then later two of their children baptised there. The birth dates for those two children fit nicely with the dates for the other children of Elizabeth's family, as advised by Jim Warr.

If this supposition is correct Elizabeth had brothers named Thomas, John, James & William, & sisters named Jean, Jannet, Katherine & Grizel. What happened to those children? Are there any descendants in Scotland today?

The possible family of our Elizabeth Dinwoodie is:

Father John Dinwoodie. Born about 1726, died Before 1781. Farmer of Dumfries. His wife may have been Jean [Christian] Gillespie, who he married on 29 March 1747 in Moffat, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. The "Christian" middle name is not certain - her name may have been just "Jean Gillespie". They had the following children:

i. Thomas Dinwoodie. Baptised 17 April 1748 in Kirkpatrick Juxta
ii. John Dinwoodie. Baptised 17 December 1749, ditto.
iii. Unnamed Child Dinwoodie. Baptised 20 January 1750, ditto.
iv. James Dinwoodie. Baptised 19 January 1752.
v. Elizabeth (Betty) Dinwoodie. Baptised 3 February 1754.***
vi. Jean Dinwoodie. Baptised 6 May 1759, ditto.
vii. Agnes Dinwoodie. 31 May 1761 in Moffat, Dumfrieshire.
viii. Janet Dinwoodie. Born 31 May 1761 in Moffat (twin?)
ix. Jannet Dinwoodie. Baptised 5 November 1764, Kirkpatrick J.
x. Katherine Dinwoodie. Baptised 13 June 1767 in ditto
xi. William Dinwoodie. Baptised 8 April 1770 in ditto.
xii. Grizel Dinwoodie. Baptised 15 January, 1774, ditto

Who was Jean GILLESPIE? An email correspondent has a record of a Jean Gillespie marrying John Dinwoodie on 29 March 1747 at Moffat, but there is no mention of the middle name of Christian. She was christened at Kirkpatrick-Juxta on 23 July 1727 and was the daughter of John Gillespie and had a brother called Robert. He also has a Jean Gillespie christened 12 November 1727 at Kirkmichael Church, daughter of James Gillespie and Janet Brown. His theory is that the Jean Gillespie who married John Dinwoodie was a widow at the time of their marriage. This is interesting as Jean would have been only 20 years old.

Robert Dinwiddie, Governor of Virginia, USA

It is said that Elizabeth was the niece of Robert Dinwiddie who was the Governor of Virginia, USA from 1751 to 1758. He died in 1770, in his 78th year & could have been a cousin of Elizabeth's father but not a brother, according to Dinwiddie researchers who know the family of Robert. So the "uncle" relationship is a puzzle. On the other hand this information has come from a number of apparently unrelated sources.

One story has it that the town of Borthwick in Virginia USA was named after Elizabeth but I've been unable to find anything at all to support this. Elizabeth was only 16 years old when Governor Robert Dinwiddie died and did not marry John Borthwick until 1781 (when she was 27 years old).

I've been unable to find anything about the naming of the town of Borthwick, VA, so if any reader can assist I'd be very pleased to hear from you.

Dinwoodies / Dinwiddies in Dumfriesshire, Scotland


Elisabeth Dinwiddie, born c. 1799: Elisabeth married Andrew Dickson, son of Samuel DICKSON and Janet McNIGHT, and had the following children: Janet b.1823 d.1833 William b.1826 d. ? Samuel b.1827 d.1829 Samuel b. 1831 d.1852 Jean b. 1832 d. 1833 Andrew b. 1834 d. ? James b. 1838 d. 1839.

Elizabeth died June 5 1875 at Lochfoot, aged 76. Her parents were William DINWIDDIE and Jane RICHARDSON. Her death certificate was signed by her grandson William Dickson. If you know anything about Elizabeth Dinwiddie's family descendant Tom Dickson would love to hear from you.

Moffat, Dumfriesshire

I am particularly interested in Dinwoodies in Moffat because my own Borthwick / Dinwoodie family had connections there.

I have a list of Dinwoodie births and marriages in Moffat and will post those as soon as possible.

Charles Houston, also a Dinwoodie researcher, has found the following MIs/deaths in Moffat:
  • James Dinwoodie, who was a tenant in Gardenholm , Moffat - died 25 June 1825 age 72 Spouse Esther Bailley died 4 March 1827 age 72.
  • Fanny Dinwoodie d 27 11 1882 (26) Relative of spinsters Jane and Esther Jackson of Moffat.
  • Robert Dinwoodie d 6 2 1875 (36) at Blacklaw, also his daughter Janet d at Gardenholm 18 9 1884 (12y 11m)
  • Peter Dinwoodie d 25 4 1851 (56), wife Jane Herd d Blacklaw 12 1 1822 (77), son Peter d Feb 1841 (6)
  • Peter Dinwoodie d 16 6 1891 (28) 5. MatthewT S Dinwoodie d 16 8 1922 (77), wife Margaret D Forfar daug 1926 (76), son John B Dinwoodie d 24 12 1927 at Chicago, USA
  • David Dinwoodie d 21 8 1865 (42), Wife Elizabeth Carruthers d 14 5 1852, Daughter Mary Johnstone D. born 17 1 1866 died 8 6 1893, 2nd Wife Agnes Johnstone d 30 8 1905 (79), daughter Agnes Cranston D. d 8 11 1924, Daughter Elizabeth D. d 4 5 1931 (71)
  • James Dinwoodie , Tenant in Gardenholm, d 25 6 1825 (73), wife Elizabeth Baillie d 4 3 1827 (73) 8. ( Kirkpatrick - Juxta Cem ) John Dinwoodie of Easter Earshag, d 19 2 1867 (87), Wife Elizabeth Geddes d 28 5 1868 (74),Son Ebenezer D. of Ettrick Bank d 11 9 1873 (47), daughter Jane d 10 4 1909 (80)
  • William DINWOODIE b Johnstone d 12 7 1933 (58) Moffat ( son of James & Janet of Johnstone? ) wife Joan -(probably an ANDERSON) b Kirkpatrick-Juxta d 19 1 1964 (86) Daughter Janet b Beattock? d Upper Marchbank - Re: MI in K-Juxta
  • Maggie Dinwoodie GRAY d Kellywell Re: MI in K-Juxta 15 4 1925 (25) daughter of James Gray d Moffat 13 4 1932 (74) and his wife Helen HERBERT d 11 3 1912 (25) ( Daughter of William S Herbert b Tinwald and Mary Beck b Lochmaben ?)


Joyce Stewart has a Mary Dinwoodie b.1768 - d.1807. She was married to William Marchbank in Swinefoot, Kirkpatrick-juxta. Joyce believes she had a brother David, who emigrated to Canada. No other information on this line to date.


Noel Welford's ancestor was Isabella Ann DINWOODIE (DINWIDDIE, born 1871 Dumfries), the daughter of John (b.1841) and Janet ROBERTSON (b.1838). It appears that Janet died (1875) leaving John with a young family (James b.1863, Annie b.1865, John Proudfoot b.1868 and Isabella). Isabella being the youngest, appears to have been farmed out to her uncle John ROBERTSON, Janet's brother and his wife. They moved from Glasgow where they were living at that time to York in England then emigrated to NZ in 1883. Noel has found Janet and John on the DINWOODIE website but cannot make a connection for John's parents. The PROUDFOOT name (Isabella's brothers name) seems to have a few connections with the DINWOODIE clan but Noel hasn't been able to get the connection.

Dumfriesshire Sasines

Enormous thanks are due to my very special email friend Lilias who pored over difficult films and carefully wrote out all of the details below, not because they have anything at all to do with her family (yet), but because they are precious details for my Dinwoodie research. Thank you Lilias! :-)))

# 1126 ----- April 9, 1791 James Dinwoodie, in Moffatwater,--in the Town called Croftshead, Seized -- Mar. 10, 17949 (have to check this date ) -- in a Park near Cowdens, consisting of 9 acres, being part of the Commonty of Ecclefechen, par. Hoddam:--- on Disp. by John Carlyle, late of Satur, June 14, 1784. P.R. 25. 25

#2855 ---- Feb. 27, 1811. William Dinwoodie at Holehouse, and Robert Dinwoodie of Kemyshall, residing in Bellholm :- Seized in liferent and fee respectively, Jan. 21, 1811 :---- in part of the lands of Duncow Common, on the S. side of Carrickhouse, consisting of 25 acres, and Teinds, parish Kirkmahoe;;- - under burden of 285 pounds, to Margaret Dinwoodie at Holehouse, relict of John McCrone at Duncow; Helen Dinwoodie at Holehouse, and Jean Farish, daughter of David Farish at Bankhead:------- on Feu Disp. by tthe said David Farish, and James Dinwoodie at Whitehall, Aug.3, 1803. P.R. 32. 48

#3286 ----Mar. 2, 1815. re a Margaret Dinwoodie, spouse of Robert Tait, in Whitestones, also a Wm. Dinwoodie of Holehouse, and Robert Dinwoodie of Kemyshall. ( This is a partial transcript only.)

#664:--------)ct. 19, 1844 Mary Corrie, spouse of James Paterson Dinwoodie, of Kilncroft, Seized:--- in the half of the Enclosure of land next to the largest of 3 Enclosures near the Burgh of Dumfries, and Teinds, par. Dumfries:---on Disp. by the Trustees for the Creditors of John Corrie, farmer, Millerland, with his consent. P.R. 134. 134

#313 ---- Jan.30, 1852 Wm. Dinwoodie, and James Dinwoodie, of Whitehall, Seized :- in 179 acres of that proportion of the lands of Duncow Common, now called Whitehall, and Teinds, ( under exception), par. Kirkmahoe.:-- under burden of the liferent of Mary Smith, spouse of James Dinwoodie of White, of a Cottage, Garden and Field, containing 4 acres, nearest the Glencarrick Distillery: --- and a liferent annuity of 21 pounds to John Dinwoodie, son of the said James Dinwoodie, senior:-- on Disp. and Settl. by him, Mar. 20, 1844; and 2 Codicils, Feb. 27, 1849, and Aug. 8, 1830. P.R. 150. 148

.#39 ---- Mar.7, 1861. a sasine involving a William Dinwoodie of Whitehall, presently residing at Lichfield, Greystone, Kentucky, North America; Jan. 21, 1861,--- re 179 acres of Duncow Common, now called Whitehall; to a Wm. Primrose, Writer. A Bond and Disp. for 300 pounds, by William Dinwoodie. P.R. 170. 135

#584 ---- Mar. 26, 1863 ---- Mary Smith of Glencarrick, relict of James Dinwoodie of Whitehall; and Robert Dinwoodie, Surgeon, Federal Army, U.S.A.; and Joseph Dinwoodie, Physician, Orton, Westmoreland; --- re Kemmyshall and Scallyhills; mentions Codicils.

#212 ------ )ct. 10, 1861, ----Trustees and Executers of Janet Lang, relict of William Dinwoodie, painter, Dumfries; Mar. 22, 1828,-- Vide 3.8. # 213.

Melrose Parish Registers, 1642-1820

A Marriage :- '1784 Aug 21 John Dunwoody in Cockpen m. Isabel Mitchel; c. John Dunwoody'

And a birth :- '1784 Sep 19 John Dunwoody and Isabel Mitchel in Gattochside, a.s.n. John; w. John Smith, James Pringle'

The spelling above are as appeared in the records. I think we can take it that 'a.s.n.' stands for 'a son named'; 'w' is 'witness(es)'; 'm' is married;'c' I think is 'cautioner', but might be better to check.

US references to the Dinwiddie connection

(to be added)


Dinwoodie/Dinwiddie Connections with Other Dumfries Families

1. Anderson Dinwoodie Families

I will add some ANDERSON/DINWOODIE connections, from Charles Houston.




Some excellent DINWOODIE / DINWIDDIE sites are:

1. For Scotland, Jim Warr's "Dinwoodie History"

freepages site

2. For the USA & the rest of the world, Glenda & Doug Ripple's "Dinwiddie Home Page"

3. Electric Scotland has a great Dinwiddie page created by Robert Dinwiddie. Many Dinwoodies are recorded on this site.

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