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Borthwicks in Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Some Australian Connections / Post Office Directories / 1851 Census / Poor Relief Applications / Marriages / Militia List for Eskdale / DFS Sasines / Deaths / Newspapers / Miscellaneous

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Dumfriesshire, Chapman code "DFS" and sometimes shortened to Dumfries, is the county. Its main town is Dumfries so the two are sometimes confused. This page is about Borthwicks anywhere in the county of Dumfriesshire.

As my own family came from Moffat and probably Kirkpatrick Juxta I am creating separate pages for those places. As a consequence there is some duplication of information, hopefully not too much to be frustrating. If you'd like to search other pages on this site for Borthwicks in Scotland they are:

Borthwicks in Biggar
Borthwicks in Edinburgh

Borthwicks in Glasgow
Borthwicks in Moffat
Borthwicks in Scotland (with links to pages on marriages, MIs, etc)

The information on this page is posted here with thanks to many generous genealogists on the various Scottish Mailing Lists, hosted by Rootsweb.

Please email me if you think you have a connection to any Borthwicks mentioned on this page. I may be able to put you in touch with someone who is researching your family.

I'd also love to hear from you if you have any information that you'd be happy to share on these pages. Each piece of information, no matter how small, will help eventually to untangle the Borthwicks of the world so contributions are always gratefully received.

Families of Special Interest to Australian Borthwicks

My own ancestors, John Borthwick & Elizabeth Dinwoodie both had strong DFS connections. Elizabeth's father, John Dinwoodie, was a farmer of Dumfries, and two of John and Elizabeth Borthwick's sons were baptised at Moffat. I am fairly certain that ancestors and cousins came from this area, as well as from Peebleshire and surrounds.

Robert Borthwick & Martha Scott: I am almost convinced that this Robert Borthwick, who lived in Victoria (Australia) & in New Zealand in the 1860s & 1870s, was the brother of Alexander Borthwick, paint manufacturer, of Victoria. Both Robert and Martha were born in Dumfriesshire - she in Moffat and he in either Borgue, Kircudbrightshire or Moffat. I have been corresponding with one of Robert's descendants, who is not so convinced, and we would love to hear from other descendants of Robert Borthwick and Martha Scott. Perhaps by sharing information we'll find the answer.

Surnames of descendants of Robert and Martha include BEAMISH, DEAGUE, FIFE, HUDSON, KINZEL, O'SHEA, REES, SMITH, WARING and WHEELER. Please email me if you think you may be connected to this Borthwick family.

My reasons for suspecting a connection with my family are these:

  • The Robert Borthwick, husband of Martha Scott, who arrived in Australia before 17 February 1862, had been born at Moffat, Dumfrieshire circa 1833. Alexander Borthwick & Mary McNight had a son Robert baptised at Patigill or Pategill near Borgue, Kirkudbright, on 9 June 1833. Perhaps he had been born at Moffat but baptised at Patigill? (The Moffat OPRs don't list the birth or baptism of a Robert Borthwick in 1833 but there is a gap in the Moffat records for part of that year so this doesn't help much.)
  • Robert Borthwick married Martha Scott (born Moffat) on 1 February 1853 in Glasgow.
    • Parish of Glasgow, County of Lanark - Robert Borthwick, Painter in Glasgow & Martha Scott residing there, married 1st February 1852 by Dr Duncan Macfarlan one of the ministers of Glasgow.
    Mary McNight stated in 1855 that her son Robert was then married, a painter, and living in Glasgow.

And since New Zealand is not far away ... NZ descendants of George Borthwick and Agnes Dalrymple would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about that family. George Borthwick, b. circa 1750, d, after February 1819 in Scotland. He married Agnes Dalrymple on 6 February 1775 in Keir, Dumfries, Scotland. Agnes Dalrymple b circa 1750 in Scotland, d after June 1791 in Scotland. Their children were all born in Keir, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

Mary Borthwick b 1775, d before November 1779
John Borthwick b 1777, d after 21 June 1777
Mary Borthwick b 1779, d after 21 November 1779
George Borthwick (2) b 1782, d December 1849 in Dumfries.
Jean Borthwick b 1786, d after 1 October 1786.
Agnes Borthwick b 1789, d after 25 May 1789.
James Borthwick b 1791, d after 26 June 1791

There is a detailed family tree for this family on the John Borthwick, 1720+ page.

Post Office Directories

Dumfries and Kirkcudbright sections of Pigot's southern Scotland 1825 directory on CD. (Thank you Joy Salt.)

Captain Borthwick, (Gentry) R.N. of Lockerwood, Rothwell, Cummertrees.
Geo. Borthwick, Tailor, Long Close, High St, Dumfries
Borthwick... Dancing Teacher, High St, Dumfries
Mrs Borthwick (Gentry) High St, Langholm

1851 Census

1851 Dfs 06 County-Enumeration District Dumfrieshire -A Sanquhar
11 120 High Street

William Borthwick Head Mar 47 Flesher Pee Tweedsmuir
Agnes Borthwick Wife Mar 45 Dfs Kirkconnel
Janet Borthwick Daughter Unmarried 22 Dressmaker Dfs Kirkconnel
Barbara Borthwick Daughter Unmarried 17 Servant Dfs Sanquhar
Margaret Borthwick Daughter Unmarried 15 Embroiderer Of Muslin Dfs Sanquhar
Helen Borthwick Daughter Unmarried 13 Embroiderer Of Muslin Dfs Sanquhar
Robert Borthwick Son 7 Scholar Dfs Sanquhar
Elizabeth Hyslop Visitor Unmarried 19 Servant Dfs Sanquhar

Recently (February 2002) I have discovered that this family is descended
from Alexander Borthwick & Agnes Hyslop and we suspect that they were somehow related to my own Borthwick family. Alexander was witness to the baptism of John and Elizabeth Borthwick's daughter Jean in Tweedsmuir in 1787.

Poor Relief Applications

The following Borthwicks made Poor Relief Applications in Scotland. The items for each person are surname, first name, husband's name (for females), age, place of application, year of application, year of birth. If you'd like to obtain further information about any of these applications you can contact the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, a Scottish Family History Group, or email researcher Des Garrity -

  • Borthwick, Elizabeth, Blackwood, 36, Edinburgh, 1881, 1845
  • Borthwick, Elizabeth, Blackwood, 36, Edinburgh, 207, 1881, 1845
  • Borthwick, Elizabeth, Comrie, 47, Crieff, 26569, 1897, 1850
  • Borthwick, Jane, (Keltie), 40, Edinburgh, 1884, 1844
  • Borthwick, Jessie, Wilson, 22, Innerleithen, 1871, 1849
  • Borthwick, John, 40, St Cuthberts, 1857, 1817
  • Borthwick, John Henry, 31, Partick, 1895, 1864B


Here are some marriages at Kirkpatrick-Juxta:

BORTHWICK Janet (F) M 23 Jun 1751 1751 James THOMSON
BORTHEIK Adam (M) M Jul 1773 1773 Betty MARCHBANK
BORTHWICK Henry (M) M 10 Apr 1785 1785 Mary EWART
BORTHWICK Jean (F) M 29 Apr 1803 1803 David LAWSON
BORTHWICK Samuel (M) M 5 Jun 1807 1807 Jean REID
BORTHWICK Alexander (M) M 10 Jul 1810 1810 Wilhelmina MITCHELL
BORTHWICK Mary (F) M 8 Jan 1816 1816 William BURGESS
BORTHWICK Robert (M) M 30 Mar 1826 1826 Jean HEASTIE
BORTHWICK Anne (F) M 9 Nov 1827 1827 Adam TEMPLETON
BORTHWICK Margaret (F) M 20 Dec 1833 1833 John PAISLEY
BORTHWICK Mary (F) M 6 Feb 1835 1835 James WILSON
BORTHWICK Laurence (M) M Sep 1838 1838 Joan THORBURN
BORTHWICK Elisabeth (F) M 14 Jan 1848 1848 Andrew JARDINE
BORTHWICK Jane (F) M 13 Nov 1848 1848 John DINWOODIE

Militia List for Eskdale

Thank you A E Rutherford for the following Borthwicks listed in the Lieutenancy Minutes for the Subdivision of Eskdale. This covers the Parishes of Canonbie, Langholm, Ewes, Westerkirk and Eskdalemuir and contains a complete list of all the men aged 19 to 23 living in these Parishes in 1802. The list contains 868 names.

Alexander Borthwick, Lieutenant R.N. living at Glendinning, Westerkirk
Adam Borthwick, Servant, Shielburnfoot, Westerkirk
Alexander Hay Borthwick, Tenant, Sorbie, Ewes
Alexander Borthwick (Sr.) Weaver, New Langholm
Alexander Borthwick (Jr.) Weaver, New Langholm
Christopher Borthwick, Miller, Westerkirk
James Borthwick, Weaver, New Langholm
James Borthwick, Weaver, Langholm
Walter Borthwick, living at Muckledale, Ewes   (No occupation)
William Borthwick, Farmer, Knockmains, Westerkirk

Dumfriesshire Sasines

Thank you Lilias for painstakingly researching and sharing this information:

#4----- Jan.8, 1846 Adam Borthwick, formerly residing at Moat, now of Middlecrossleys, Seized :--in the 1/2 Merk land of Crossleys, now called Middlecrossleys, par. Holywood:--- on Disp. by the Commissioners for Kinloch Winlaw Kirk, now or lately in the service of the E.I.Co. Bengal Medical Establishment, and Assistant Surgeon to the Bundelkund Legion, May 13, 1845. P.R. 137... 159

# 622 ------ Dec. 21, 1848. The Trustees of Adam Borthwick of Middlecrossleys, Seized:---- in the half Merk land of Crossleys, now called Middle Crossleys, par. Holywood:----on Disp. and Settl. by the said Adam Borthwick, with the consent of Ellenor Callendar, his spouse., Aug. 6, 1815. P.R. 143. 137

3.#732 -- Dec. 11, 1858 ----- William Borthwick, residing in Carterhope, Tweedsmuir; Registers Feu Disp. to himself, by John James Hope Johnstone of Annandale, Nov. 1, 1858, ------ of the northmost and second northmost Bankhead Parks, containing 9 acres, and 7 acres and 15 poles; being parts of the 10 pound land of Moffat, parish Moffat. P.R. 165. 85


These death records have been researched and shared by Lilias who has very generously tped them up to share with other rersearchers on these pages. Thank you once again Lilias for your great generosity!

Readers who are researching Borthwick deaths should also check the section below for extracts from newspapers as these contain information about births, marriages and deaths in Dumfriesshire.

Cavers, 1860

1858-1860 Civil Registration: Death Index Entries for Scotland
Year Surname 2nd Surname FirstName Sex Reg District Entry
# 1860 Beattie Borthwick Elizabeth F Cavers 4

Canonbie, 1866

Wm. Beattie Borthwick
, 16 mos., died on Aug. 8, 1866, at Closses, Canonbie. Parents:________ and Georgina Beattie, m.s. Borthwick. Present: Georgina Borthwick, mother, her X mark.

Dumfries, 1865

Margaret Borthwick, 73 yrs., widow of Alexander Borthwick, Captain Royal Navy, died on May 20, 1865, at Buchleugh Street, Dumfries. Parents: Richard Rawline, farmer, and Janet Howatson. Present: Alexander Borthwick, son.

Dumfries, 1872

Jane Borthwick, 27 years, married to Alexander Borthwick, M.D., died on July 1, 1872, at #7 George St., Dumfries. Parents: Robert Paterson, farmer, (dec), and Agnes Jardine (dec). Present: Samuel Boyd, Uncle - in - law, Marchmount, Dumfries.

Hannah Borthwick, 39 years, married to Alexander Borthwick, textile designer, died on May 21, 1872, at St. Michael St., Dumfries. Parents: John Hunter, wood forester (dec), and Margaret Budge, (dec). Informant: Wm. B. Coupland, aquaintance ( spelled wrong, I think )

Kirkconnell, 1858

Margaret Borthwick, 67 yrs., single, died on May 1, 1858, at Rigg. Parents: Christopher Borthwick, farmer, (dec), and Lilias Glendinning,(dec), Cause: Apoplexy. Buried Closeburn Churchyard. Present: Wm. Lorimer, nephew.

Durrisdeer, 1858

Eliz. Borthwick Doughty, 19 weeks, died on Dec. 1, 1858, at Carronfoot. Parents: David Doughty, forrester, and Lillias Lorimer. Buried: Durrisdeer Churchyard. Present: David Doughty, father.

Ewes, 1863

Helen Borthwick, 73 yrs., widow of Christopher Borthwick, Knock Westerhead (?) died on Sept. 11, 1863, at Kirkstyle, Ewes. Parents: John Douglas, mason, and Janet Turnbull. Present: John Douglas, son-in-law.

Kirkmahoe, 1864

Isabella Borthwick, 68 yrs., married to Thomas Borthwick, landed proprietor, Carrickrigg. Parents: Wm. Rodan, landed proprietor, (dec), and Hannah Crocket (dec). Cause: Valvular heart disease. Present: Thomas Borthwick, husband.

Kirkpatrick-Juxta, 1871

Janet Borthwick, 34 yrs., married to William Borthwick, ag. lab.,died on April 19, 1871, at Lochhouse Tower, Kirkpatrick-Juxta,. Parents: George Brown, general lab., and Margaret Brydon. Cause: Typhoid Fever - 14 days. Present: Wm. Borthwick, widower.

Langholm, 1856

John Borthwick, clogger, single, 29 years, died on April 20, 1856, at Henry St., Langholm. Parents: Matthew Borthwick, carter, and Janet Horinam (?) . Cause: Phthisis, 12 mos. Buried Langholm Churchyard. Present: Matthew Borthwick, father.

Janet Borthwick, 74 years, widow, died on July 14, 1856, at Caroline St., Langholm,. Parents: James McVitie, weaver, (dec), and Janet Dueth (?), (dec). Buried Wauchope Churchyard. Present: Francis Borthwick, son.

Langholm, 1867

Elizabeth Borthwick, 10 weeks, illegitimate, died on Jan.6, 1867, at Kirk Wyne, Langholm. Parents: ------- and Margaret Borthwick, mill worker. Cause: Whooping Cough, 5 weeks. Present: Margaret Borthwick, mother. , her (X) mark.

William Borthwick, Colonel, Madras Army, 80 yrs., married to Maria Maxwell, died on July 26, 1867, at Longwood, Langholm. Parents: William Borthwick, farmer, and Elizabeth Hay. Cause: Disease of Prostate Gland, and paralisis of bladder -- years. Present: George Maxwell, brother-in-law, Tarras Lodge, Berkenham (?), Kent 4.

Langholm, 1871

Janet Agnes Borthwick, 3 1/2 yrs., died on Jan. 18, 1871, at Henry St., Langholm. Parents: Thomas Borthwick, master plasterer, and Agnes Lauder. The father signed.

Francis Borthwick, 49 yrs., dyer, widower of Isabella Martin,; died on Jan. 31, 1871, at Buccleugh Terrace, Langholm. Parents: Alexander Borthwick, cotton weaver, (dec), and Janet McVittie (dec). Cause: Pneumonia, 10 days, Present: Alexander Borthwick, son, . Address : Buccleugh Square, Langholm.

Jane Borthwick, 86 yrs., single, died on Apil 20, 1871, at Broomrigg, Langholm. Parents: Alexander Borthwick, farmer, and Elizabeth Hay. Present: Jessie Stewart, niece.

Langholm, 1872

Ann Borthwick, 35 years, married to Alexander Borthwick, dyer, died on Dec. 31, 1872, at Buccleugh Terrace, Langholm. Parents: James Little, farmer, (dec), and Mary Telford. Widower present.

#57: William Alexander Borthwick, 33 years, plasterer, married to Wilhelmina Thomson, died on Sept. 15, 1872, at Henry St., Langholm. Parents: Matthew Borthwick, master grocer, and Janet Hounam. Present: Robert Hounam, father - in - law.

#76. James Borthwick, 7 years, died on Dec. 10, 1872, at Kirk Wynd, Lanmgholm. Mother: Mary Borthwick, woollen mill worker. Mother present.

#84. William David Maxwell Borthwick, 29 years, gentleman, married to Jane Crawford MacKay, died on Dec. 31, 1872, at Longwood, Langholm. Parents: William Borthwick, Colonel, H.M.I.A. (dec), and Maria Ann Maxwell. Present: George Maxwell, uncle, Broomholm, Langholm.


In this section are some Borthwick extracts from the Dumfries & Galloway Standard. The Ewart Library in Dumfries has indices to these newspapers from the late 1700s onward, a fantastic resource for genealogists. If you are researching in Dumfriesshire an email or letter to the Library is highly recommended.

If anyone is researching any of the families mentioned in the following extracts please email me as we may have a connection.

15 August 1877, column 5F
Deaths. On the 4th instant, at Henry St, Langholm, Matthew Borthwick, grocer, aged 81 years.

20 March 1878, column 5F
Births. On the 8th instant, at Ryemuir, Torthorwald, Mrs William Borthwick, of a daughter.

12 June 1878, column 4F
Births. On the 26th ultimo, at Shirmers, Balmaclellan, the wife of Mr Alexander Borthwick, shepherd, of a daughter.

2 October 1878, column 5F
Deaths. On the 29th ultimo, at George St here, Alexander Borthwick, M.D.

28 July 1880, column 5F
Deaths. On the 22nd, instant, at 49, St Michael Street, Dumfries, Alexander Borthwick, tweed designer, aged 48 years - much respected and deeply regretted."

11 December 1880, column 4G
On the 6th instant, at Alfred Cottage, Beechgrove, Moffat, Elizabeth Borthwick, aged 84, relict of David Johnstone.

7 December 1881, column 5F
Births. On the 30th ultimo, at Shinnelhead, Tynron, the wife of James Borthwick, shepherd, of a daughter.

16 January 1884, column 5f (also same item 23 January 1884 column 5F)
"Deaths. On the 10th instant, at 5, Windsor Rd, Cardiff, Thomas Borthwick, eldest son of George Borthwick, late shepherd, Waterhead, Balmaclellan, aged 42 years - deeply regretted."

Possibly the son of George Borthwick & Margaret Elliott? They had a son Thomas baptised on 12 March 1841 at Tynron.

20 June 1885, col 4G
"Marriages. On the 12th instant, at Shirmers, Balmaclellan, William Goldie, Dalry, to Janet, daughter of Alexander Borthwick, farm manager."

16 June 1888 col 4H
"Marriages. On the 12th instant, at Holmbank, Penpont, by the rev. R. Wishart, United Presbyterian Church, Thornhill, Mr David Borthwick, shepherd, Kells, Galloway, to henrietta, eldest daughter of Mr James Turnbull, gamekeeper to His Grace the Duke of Buccleugh."

9 December 1893, column 5F
"Deaths. BORTHWICK. On the 5th instant, at Shinnelhead, Tynron, Janet Clark, widow of Alexander Borthwick, shepherd, aged 82 years."

28 February 1894, col 5G
"Births. Borthwick - On the 25th instant, at Chapel, Dunscore, the wife of James Borthwick; a daughter."

12 June 1897 col 5B
"The medal of the Sabbath Observance Society, Edinburgh, has been awarded to Mr Alex. Borthwick, Corriedaw, Tynron, for his essay on the Sabbath, based upon the Word of God."

Indexes only

Here are some of the indexes from the Dumfries newspapers. They are not complete as they are for entries that Lilias thought were her own family. Please email me if you think you have a connection to any of the Borthwicks listed here.

1. Borthwick, Captain, Dumfries, 1901, 27/2, 5G
2. Borthwick, Miss, Dumfries, 1901, 20/3, 2G
3. Borthwick, ------, Billholm, Westerkirk, 1905, 13/12, 4F
4. Borthwick, Alexander, Sanquhar, 1902, 4/1, 8A; and 1902, 8/1,5G
5. Borthwick, Alexander, Gamekeeper, Dundreggan, 1901,10/4,3C
6. Borthwick, Edward, Langholm,1910, 18/1, 2B; and 1910, 22/1, 3A
7. Borthwick, George J. Millroad, Maxwelltown, 1909, 24/3, 5G
8. Borthwick, George, Whitesands, Dumfries, 1907, 12/10, 9G
9. Borthwick, ( or Twinam ), Isabella E. , Millantae, St. Mungo, 1908, 8/4,2A
10. Borthwick, James, F. Glenmuick, Carsphairn, 1909, 29/5, 5G
11. Borthwick, James, Glasgow, (formerly of Dalry ), 1909, 22/12, 5G ( mine )
12. Borthwick, James N. , Farmer's Arms, Thornhill, 1903,4/3, 5F
13. Borthwick, James, Shepherd, Glencairn, 1901, 2/6, 5G
14. Borthwick, (alias James Mackay ), James, stone - breaker, Holywood,1902, 18/10, 5B
15. Borthwick, (or Hannah ), Janet, D., 1907, 27/2,5G ( no place given )
16. Borthwick, Janet, Dumfries, ( formerly of Caerlaverock ), 1901, 27/2, 1B, 5G

Miscellaneous Borthwicks in Dumfriesshire

The following bits and pieces come from various sources, including internet sites. If you find something of interest here it is strongly suggested that you contact the source and also seek out the original records.

In December 1855 a Chris Borthwick was Registrar of Middlebie Parish, Dumfries. Robert Grieve & his wife Mary Thomson had a son born at Alfornothing on the 16th October 1835 & baptized James. Registered on 31st December 1855 (OPR 841/2, Fr 225) by Chris Borthwick. See "Genealogical Gems" on the GRO page.


(more to be added)

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