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Borthwicks in Australia

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Australian Capital Territory

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Northern Territory

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As I have collected such a lot of information on Borthwicks in Victoria this has now been placed on separate pages. Included are sections for early Borthwicks in Victoria, Births & Marriages, Argus Passenger Indices, Immigration Indices, Directories, Electoral Rolls, Deaths & a few Cemetery Transcriptions. Click here to go to the Victorian Borthwicks page, which in turn links to "sub-pages" of information.

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The descendants of John Borthwick & Elizabeth Dinwiddie have taken me on an adventure all over the world. In 1833 their oldest son, William Murray Borthwick, travelled to Australia with his family. He is said to have done so with his cousins and this has resulted in much research on Borthwicks in Australia, especially those who travelled here in the early 1800s.

This page is a collection of all the bits and pieces of information I've gathered about other Borthwicks in Australia. I have not included information about my own family in these pages (except here and there & in those cases I have written **mine** next to the information). For convenience some of the information I've found is on, or is repeated on, other pages of this site.

Please email me if you think you have a connection to any Borthwicks mentioned on this page. I may be able to put you in touch with someone who is researching your family.

Australian Capital Territory

Early Borthwicks to the ACT

Haven't found any yet.

New South Wales

Early Borthwicks to NSW

Henry and John Borthwick: On 2 June 1797 both Henry and John Borthwick arrived in Australia as convicts on the ship Ganges. They had each been sentenced to 7 years in London in 1794. Henry was 24 years old when he arrived and John was 23. (Thank you Lesley Uebel for posting this information on your "Claim a Convict" site. These two, who I assume were brothers, arrived nearly 10 years before the next Borthwick I've been able to find in NSW, and 40 years before my own family. What happened to Henry and John? Do they have any descendants in Australia? Henry and John are now the earliest Borthwicks I've been able to find in NSW.

1800-1802 Musters & Lists NSW & Norfolk Island include a Thomas Borthwick. Who was he? What happened to him?

J (or T) Borthwick, 1803: In the Sydney Gazette of 5 March 1803 claims against J (or T) Borthwick are requested.

James Borthwick, 1833: In November 1833, the month that William Murray Borthwick and family landed in Sydney on the "Lady East", a young male convict was assigned to a James Borthwick in Sydney. James was apparently a confectioner. The Government Gazette of 1834, p.28 includes in a List of Assignments of Male Convicts made in the month of November 1833:

  • Borthwick, James, Sydney, a confectioners boy

There were no Borthwicks in the 1836 Directory for Sydney but I haven't yet checked other dates.

David Clement/s Borthwick, born Leith circa 1850: In the late 1800s (??) David Clement/s Borthwick, an engineer from Leith Walk in Edinburgh, left Scotland and came to Australia, first via New Zealand and then to Sydney. He was just 21 years old when he arrived in Lyttelton NZ on 30 August 1874. We don't yet know when he came to Australia but he settled in Sydney & he and his wife Rose had seven children.

Captain David Borthwick: The Index to the Sydney Mail 1860-61 lists the following birth:

  • "Borthwick, Mrs D: son born 18th Aug 1861 at her residence Houston St, Glasgow. Wife of Capt D Borthwick."

Presumably Capt Borthwick was master of a ship travelling to NSW.

Colin Borthwick & Susan McLachlan: Married on 27 August 1851 at Hope St Church, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland, both Colin & Susan Borthwick died in Auckland, New Zealand. Their first child, Charles McLachlan Colin Borthwick, was born at Abernyte, Perth, Scotland in 1854 & four other children at different places in Scotland between 1856 and 1864. The family left Scotland on 13 March 1865 on the ship "Resolute", landing in Auckland in June 1865. Another son, Colin Andrew Borthwick, was born in Auckland in 1867.

By 14 August 1889 Colin Andrew Borthwick was in Australia as he married Aneva O'Connell at St James Church, Forest Lodge, NSW on that day. His oldest brother, Charles Mclachlan Colin Borthwick married in New Zealand in 1876, Mary Jane ??, but also came to Australia where he worked initially for Anthony Hordern's Ironmongery Dept. I believe that this family was descended from Thomas Borthwick & Margaret McNab/McNabb who married in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1820. Another descendant of Thomas Borthwick and Margaret McNab was Robert Forrester Borthwick who is said to have invented a motor car in Scotland. If any reader has connections to, or knowledge of that couple and their descendants please email me.

Passenger Indices, NSW

There were no Borthwicks as free passengers or crew of convict ships arriving in Sydney betwen 1830 and 1840. (Checked list of such passengers prepared by Grafton Family History Centre)

The index to unassisted passengers to Sydney??? (CHECK) for the period 1840-1855 lists four Borthwicks arriving as passengers. No first names or ages given. Arrivals were on 21/4/1844 from London, 15/1/1854 from Moreton Bay, 24/3/1846 from Pt Phillip and 6/11/1852 from Moreton Bay,

The following Borthwicks are recorded on ?? (to be checked)

  • David A Borthwick, aged 36, Kiama, Crew, 4/4/1855, Glasgow, Reel No 401, Remarks: First Mate/British
  • Mr Borthwick, age not stated, Achilles, Passenger, 21/4/1844, London, Reel No 1271, Remarks: none
  • Mr Borthwick, age not stated, City of Melbourne, Passenger, 15/1/1854, Moreton Bay, SMH, Remarks: none
  • Mr Borthwick, age not stated, Shamrock, Passenger, 23/4/1846, Port Phillip, Reel No 1273, Remarks: Bothwick, & Launceston etc in SMH
  • Unknown Borthwick, age not stated, Zone, Passenger, 26/11/1852, Moreton Bay, SMH, Remarks: none

and another entry that might be a Borthwick, though unlikely:

  • William Borweek, aged 24, Gipsey, Crew, 15/5/1855, Shanghai, Reel No 401, Remarks: Carpenter/British

Immigrant Indices

As at 26 July 2001, the online State records of NSW Immigrant Index 1844-1859 lists the following Borthwicks.


  • BORTHWICK Isabella 37 Daphne 1859 2138
  • BORTHWICK Philadelphia 19 John Bunyan 1857 2138, 2476

Maitland Mercury newspaper index (Thanks to Rod & Wendy Gow)

  • Mr Bothwick - Passenger aboard ship Sovereign arr Sydney 11.1.1846 ex Moreton Bay
  • Mr Bothwick - Passenger aboard ship Sovereign arr Sydney 21.2.1846 ex Moreton Bay
  • Mr Bothwick - Passenger aboard ship Shamrock arr Sydney 28.3.1846 ex Launceston, Port Phillip and Boyd Town
  • Mr Borthewicke - Passenger aboard ship Thistle departed Sydney 11.3.1846 to Moreton Bay

And the State records of NSW Immigrant Index 1860-1879 lists the following Borthwicks.


  • BORTHWICK James 16 Sirocco (1) 1864 2139, 2482 and mother
  • BORTHWICK Janet 48 Sirocco (1) 1864 2139, 2482 and son
  • BORTHWICK Joan 26 Sirocco (1) 1864 2139, 2482 and husband
  • BORTHWICK William 28 Sirocco (1) 1864 2139, 2482 and wife

There are no Borthwicks on the Immigrant Index Moreton Bay, 1848-59 and there are no Borthwicks in the Index to Assisted Immigrants to NSW 1880-1896.

Indexes to assisted immigrants are being progressively added to the State Records Web site so it is important to note that the above may not be all the Borthwicks who arrived during these times. For example, my own Borthwick ancestors, who arrived in 1833, are missing.


Shyama Peebles (thank you Shyama) has in her records:

  • Miss E. Borthwick - Scottish 4 Oct 1921 age 24 occupation tailoress on ship Berroman London to Sydney

1841 Census

G M Borthwick, aged 47, District New England, Item X947, Page 129, Reel 2222

There are no Borthwicks in the 1828 census of NSW.


There are no births, deaths or marriages for Borthwicks in the Index to the Sydney Morning Herald for the period 1 April 1831 to 30 September 1853.

To be added....

  • Borthwick,




Directories, Occupations

The 1893 Directory for Sydney (cited Halsey, p 28) lists a James Borthwick, fruit grower of Trevitt's Road, North Ryde. Also listed is a John Borthwick of 131 Bourke St. May be another Borthwick family.

Manning & Hastings Advocate newspaper index 1881-82

  • J Bothwick - Manager of Mechanic's Gold Mine at Copeland

1885, Landholders with Stock, NSW

The Index and Guide to Landholders with Stock New South Wales in the year 1885, refers to the "Alphabetical Return of several holdings in the colony ... NSW Legislative Assembly Votes and Proceedings 1885, Vol III, Appendix 2. At page 565:

  • Borthwick, W & Son - 45 401 **mine**
  • Borthwick, WM - 50 427 **mine**
  • Borthwick, James - 44 384

Electoral Rolls

(To be researched and added. If any reader is willing to share information on Borthwicks in the Electoral Rolls it could be placed here for other researchers.)



Wills, Probate & Land Transactions

Aneva Borthwick 12/10/1944 Marrickville D400565W

Catherine Somerville Borthwick 2/12/1946 Hurstville D694557W

David Clement Borthwick 11/11/1924 Balmain B198505 and the Land and Property Deed Index (Vol 3-4 1922-32) records a land transaction following David Borthwick's death.

Louisa Sophia Borthwick 16/6/1904 Manly - the Land and Property Deed Index records a land transaction following her death.

Thomas Borthwick 14/6/1932 Hurstville - the Land and Property Deed Index records a land transaction following his death.

Thomas Alexander Borthwick 5/11/1941 Balgowlah D161164W

Cemetery Transcripts

Balmain General Cemerery

  • No 11, 1876 Bouwick, George W K, Wesleyan, Late Res Hordern St, N'town (possibly Newtown)

Botany Cemetery, Transcripts of Catholic Inscriptions

  • Borthwick, Alicia Mary (Polly) RC:21.122B age 72 died 5/7/1973
  • Borthwick, Frederick RC:29K.615 age 90 d. 15/11/1986. Husband of Rita, son of Mary.
  • Borthwick, Frances Elizabeth RC:25 378 no age d. 17/8/1951
  • Borthwick, Mary RC:29K.615 age 93 d. 8/8/1963

Inverell Shire Cemetery Index

Helen Paterson Borthwick buried at Auburn Vale Cemetery 21.3.1865 aged 82

Inverell C of E Cemetery Index
Norman Gordon Borthwick died 10.7.1903 aged 9 William Murray Borthwick died 7.7.1939 aged 87 William Murray Borthwick died 14.10.1912 aged 53

Manly Cemetery Transcripts

  • 2073 253 Borthwick, Louisa S d. 6/6/1904 age 55
  • 2073 253 Borthwick, James b. Pollockshaws, Scotland d. 13/12/1931

Moorefields Methodist Cemetery

  • WW or WH Borthwick, 2 years, interred 6/1/1915 (surname could be "Bothwick")

Randwick General Cemetery

  • Borthwick, Colin, RC SEL A30-31, d. 16/6/1953, aged 85
  • Borthwick, Aneva, RC SEL A30-31, d.12/10/1944, aged 77
  • Borthwick, Hilda Lilly, CE VLT 35, d. 4/2/1969 (Nee Allpress)
  • Borthwick, John, CE F177, 6/7/1920. "Our father"
  • Borthwick, Julia, CE F177, 8/1/1949. "Our parents. Also their beloved daughter Nell "
  • Leslie, Nell 7/7/1949. "Wife and mother. Died London."

Miscellaneous Sources


Anzac Memorial & Roll of Honour (Thanks to Rod & Wendy Gow)

  • Pte. David C Borthwick No 2619 53rd Battalion Killed in Action 25.9.1917

The Clarence River Historical Society, 'Schaeffer House' Museum holds a 1997 photograph that includes a Borthwick. Which Australian Borthwick was he? . Description: 1/1, B&W / Councils City, Grafton / Barrett, Mr / Borthwick, Mr / Davey, Mr S G / Doberer, Mr Frederick / Duncan, Mr John / Jones, Mr H Marshall / Lobban, Mr David John / McArthur, Mr James / Small, Mr Cecil A / Stick, Miss / Truman, Mr Item Id Number:

And the Eden Killer Whale Museum holds a photo of a 240lb Swordfish taken by a Mr Borthwick in 1936. The photo was found in Ethel Milliner's house in Sydney.

Northern Territory

Early Borthwicks to the NT




Early Borthwicks in Qld

Alex Borthwick: is referred to in the Appendix, p.220 to Aldines History of Queensland. Source not yet checked.

John Borthwick & Ann Orr: Married on 14 February 1855 in the Presbyterian Church, Brisbane, Queensland. They had at least two children, John born 18 April 1856 at Brisbane/Moreton Bay, and David born 28 October 1857 at Ipswich. I suspect that this John Borthwick was the overseer at Clinton referred to in the Directories below.

John James Malcolm Borthwick: John James Malcolm Borthwick, lived in Queensland in the early to mid-1800s. His nephew, Alexander Hay Borthwick, settled in the Gippsland area of Victoria and another nephew, William, became an auctioneer in Victoria. (I don't yet know whether these members of the Borthwick family travelled to Australia together.) JJM Borthwick was an early landholder at Nanango, Queensland but after spending 12 years in Australia he returned to Scotland. He married there in 1859, Isabella Bell, a member of the Castle D'Or Bell family. I have made contact with a descendant of this branch of the Borthwick family but would be delighted to hear from anyone else who knows of their early history in Australia. Please email me if you know anything about this family in Scotland or Australia.

Lewis Borthwick: There is some evidence to suggest that William Murray Borthwick's family were cousins of the Borthwicks of Crookston in Scotland. Lewis Borthwick, the third son of John Borthwick of Crookston, apparently came to Australia in the early 1800s and lived for some time in Queensland. He had married Susan Westgarth in Edinburgh on 9 July 1843. Susan, her mother & her sister, Sophie Eather Huessler, are all buried at Toowong Cemetery in Queensland. Susan died young, in 1859, and Lewis lived on until 1876 so perhaps he returned to Scotland. Any further information on this family would be much appreciated. [EMAIL]

Jane Borthwick Bell and family.

Descendant-in-law Malcolm Somerville has provided some great information about this "Borthwick in the Middle" and her family.

Jane Borthwick Bell was a descendant of Andrew Beattie and Jane Borthwick of Scotland. She was born Mar 1851 in Eskdale Muir Dumfries SCO, died 4 Aug 1894 in Blackall Range Qld, buried 5 Aug 1894 in Blackall Range Cemetery Qld, occupation Home Duties. Jane immigrated to Australia with her parents on board the "Royal Dane" arriving Brisbane 2-Dec-1871; dep.London 18 Aug1871. Her father John unfortunately died on the voyage. The family worked on "Coochin Coochin" station for a time before moving to Jondaryan station, near Toowoomba, in 1874, where Jane was employed as a governess. Her mother, Martha, was a laundress. Jane left the station in 1878 to marry Thorvald Weitemeyer at St George. After becoming the first white woman to settle in the Montville area, she tragically died from poisoning in August 1894.

Jane Borthwick Bell and Thorvald Peter Ludvig Weitemeyer were married on 4 Jul 1878 in Court House St George Qld. Thorvald had been born 24 Jul 1850 in Copenhagen Denmark, (son of Christian William Meton Weitemeyer and Sophia Frederikke Overbye) died 6 Jun 1919 in Bundaberg Qld, buried Jun 1919 in Bundaberg Qld, occupation Carpenter/Farmer. Thorvald Peter Ludwig Weitemeyer immigrated to Queensland (arrived Bowen 1 Aug 1872) on the "Humboldt" (departed Hamburg 10 Apr 1872). His "travels and exploits" in Queensland are well documented in his book "Missing Friends: the adventures of a Danish immigrant (1871-1880)".

The family settled in Bundaberg (1880-85); then Brisbane (1885-87), eventually becoming the first settlers of the Montville area in 1887. Their youngest child, Henry, was the first white person born on the Blackall Range in 1888. After Jane died, in 1900 Thorvald married Mary Wynne. a widower from Brisbane. The marriage did not last very long and Thorvald travelled to New Zealand for a number of years. It is unknown how long he was away from Australia, but he was in the Maleny district in 1913-14 and then went to Herbaton on the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland. Thorvald opened a joinery shop and stayed there until he suffered ill health. In late 1918 his son, Christian, took him to his residence in Bundaberg and he died about 6 months later. He was buried in the Bundaberg Cemetery, June 1919. He was, indeed, a colourful and sometimes "eccentric" character who, in his own way, helped shape Queensland's history.

Birth & Marriages

There are no Borthwicks in Queensland Births 1950-59, 1960-64.

There are no Borthwicks in Queensland Marriage Indices for 1950-59, 1960-64. Country Marriages 1856-1884 or 1874-1897. (CHECK THESE)

  • 1839-56 John Borthwick m. Ann ORR 723
  • 1873-1883 John Borthwick m. Sarah E Graham 2.74 and
  • John Borthwick m. Mary Ann DAVIES 800.80

Brisbane Marriages

  • 1856-73: Elizabeth BOREWICK m. Thos RITCHIE 1145
  • 1874-1875 None
  • 1884-1893 None

Some more details from the Queensland Indices:

Archibald Borthwick FINDLAY
mar 22 Sept 1864 Qld
Charlotte Baker WILSON
ch. unnamed female b. 31 Aug 1865 qld
ch, Archibald Borthwick FINLAY b. 8 Oct 1871 Qld
ch. Gilbert Lawrie FINLAY b. 15 Apr 1873 Qld
ch. Henry Alexander FINLAY b. 5 Oct 1874
ch. George Charles FINLAY b. 2 Dec 1875 Qld
ch. unnamed male b. 11 Jan 1877 Qld
Joseph SINGLETON mar
Helen Paterson BORTHWICK
ch. Charles SINGLETON b. 7 Oct 1868 Qld
ch. Joseph SINGLETON 11 Oct 1872 Qld
ch. Ann SINGLETON b. 3 May 1885 Qld
ch. Helen Patterson SINGLETON b. 18 Feb 1888 Qld
ch. Samuel Solway SINGLETON b. 24 Feb 1889 Qld
George HARDY mar
 Isabella Borthwick Margaret AITKEN 6 Jul 1877 Qld
ch. Thomas Porter Ross HARDY b. 20 Mar 1878 Qld
ch. Mary Elizabeth Aitken HARDY b. 24 Oct 1879 Qld
ch. Edith Janet Cairns HARDY b. 4 Aug 1881 Qld
ch. Ethel Beatrice HARDY b. 5 Aug 1884 Qld
ch. Janet Cairns Aitken HARDY b. 23 Jun 1887 Qld
Jane Borthwick BELL mar
Charles WEITEMEYER 4 Jul 1878 Qld
ch. Thorvald WEITEMEYER b. 2 May 1879 Qld
Thorwald Peter Ludwig WEITEMEYER
ch. Corsette WEITEMEYER b. 14 Jun 1882 Qld
ch. Christian Ernest WEITEMEYER b. 27 Dec 1884 Qld
ch. Henry George WEITEMEYER b. 15 Mar 1888 Qld
Andrew Beatie (?)mar Jane BORTHWICK
ch Martha  d. 24 Mar 1882 mar BELL
Robert AITKEN mar Isabella BORTHWICK
ch. George d. 30 Dec 1882 Qld
John Borthwick SINGLETON mar Samminnie SALWOY
4 Jun 1888 Qld
John BORTHWICK mar 12 May 1880 Qld
ch. Norman David William BORTHWICK n. 1 Mar 1881 Qld
ch. Annie BORTHWICK b. 28 Oct 1883 Qld
ch. Elizabeth May BORTHWICK b. 3 Oct 1886 Qld
John BORTHWICK mar 14 Feb 1855 Qld
ch. David d. 5 Apr 1889 Qld
William Murray BORTHWICK mar Ellen PATTERSON
ch. Elizabeth Borthwick d. 5 Dec 1865 Qld
                  mar DAISEY
John BORTHWICK  mar 9 Jan 1874 Qld
Sarah Elizabeth GRAHAM

Directories, Occupational Records

No Borthwicks in Index to Qld Publicans 1843-1900

John Borthwick: In the Ipswich section of the Qld Post Office Directory for 1868 there is a John Borthwick, overseer, Clinton. In the alphabetical section of the same directory this is recorded as "John Borthwick, overseer, Ipswich". This may be John, husband of Ann Orr, above, but more research is required.

In the 1874 Alphabetical Directory for Queensland there is a John Borthwick, JP, Village of Logan

There were no Borthwicks in the alphabetical sections of Queensland Directories for 1878-79, 1883-84, 1885-86, 1887, 1888. The 1897 Directory lists:

  • Borthwick, J, Brassall
  • Borthwick, John, Pine-st, Ipswich

Other sources checked ...

There is no entry for Borthwick in the Dictionary of Queenslanders Past and Present.

Electoral Rolls

Colonial Secretary's Office - Electoral Roll for the district of Ipswich. 1862-1863. COL/A30 62/1497. Electoral Roll for the district of Maranoa
106 BOTHWICK John freehold Pine St was the property affording qualification.




Death Notices, Obits, Cemetery Transcripts


Brisbane Courier Index:

  • Funeral. Mrs Borthwick, mother of John. CM 27/12/1907. Qld 425/026.


Hayward-Webb Bicentennial Index 1866-1900, Vol 3. Deaths. Extracts from Queensland Times, Deaths & Marriages.

  • Borthwick, John, Snr, 27 June 1891, D
  • Borthwick, David, son of John, 5 April 1889, D

Morton Bay

Moreton Bay Courier, 22 January 1859

  • BORTHWICK, Mrs L. Death on 15th instant at the residence of Mrs Westgarth, George St, North Brisbane, Mrs L Borthwick. (Source: QGS Crosse-Dunleavy Index. Queensland Reg No for death is 1859/B000302.).

Mt Isa Family History Society, Death Index

  • Borthwick, Samuel Edward, 2/3/1951, BR Mt Isa, PC 4825 Plot 598, male, 32 years
  • Borthwick, E, 2/3/1951, MI, Mt Isa Row H, 4825 Plot 598, RSSAILA/7368491

Nambour Garden Lawn Cemetery Maroochy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Borthwick, Ralph, d. 29-3-1976, Age/Birth:1908

Roma Death/Burial Index

  • BOTHWICK, Margaret 61 24 May 1946 Entry No 95

No Borthwicks in Queensland Family History Society Obituaries Index

Wills, Estates, Insolvencies

Intestacies, Insolvencies, Wills

  • 1854-1885 John Borthwick, Ipswich, widow, Qld, Will Brisbane, 15/9/1877, Page 633

No Borthwicks in Queensland Intestacy returns 1896-1910.

South Australia

Early Borthwicks to SA

Adam Borthwick: Was probably born at Moffat, Dumfrieshire just a few years after my own ancestor William Murray Borthwick. According to SA Biographies Adam Borthwick arrived in SA in 1839 on the "Duchess of Northumberland". He left a small farm in Scotland and reached Adelaide on 18 December 1839. The ship carried 361 passengers of whom 350 came steerage. Adam began a sheep farm near Gawler, but in 1842 went to Port Lincoln to take up "Mikkira" near Sleaford Bay, rough grazing then devoid of all man-made improvements. Adam & some of his family left Australia in 1861 for New Zealand where, in 1868 he died at Carterhope, Kaihikui. One of Adam's sons-in-law, William Telford, became a very successful grazier at Otago, NZ.

Thomas Borthwick: Is well-documented on the internet and in SA records as he was a physician and bacteriologist who did a lot of work in public health. He was born in Peebles, Scotland on 13 January 1860. I suspect that his parents were William Borthwick and Janet Hudson, and his grandpaernts possibly Thomas Borthwick and Margaret Tait, of Peebles. If this is so then in 1885 Thomas Jnr married his first cousin once removed, Mary Borthwick, granddaughter of Adam, above. Mary died just 4 years latter and their only son, William De Borthwick, died in 1903, aged 7 years. Thomas Borthwick had married again in 1891, Annie Bucephela Giffen, but there were not apparently any children of this marriage.

I am especially interested in learning more about Thomas Borthwick and Mary Tait who married on 8 January 1796 in Closeburn, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. I belive that knowing Thomas Borthwick's ancestry will help me to trace my own family in Scotland.

1841 Census

Graeme Jaunay has placed the index to this census on line. It contains the following, probably a BORTHWICK family!


Hatched, Matched & Despatched

Thank you Yvonne Baldock for taking the time to contribute a great deal of this information.

Borthwick Births 1906-1922

These only give name and page and book number, no parents etc.

  • Dorothy May ----Book 939 Page 430 (1914)
  • Jessie May ------934 Page 279 (1914)
  • Joan ------------874 Page 106 (1911)
  • John Craig -----972 Page 210 (1915)
  • Mavis Ruth -----879 Page 243(1912)
  • Ronald Charles--834 Page 38 (1909)
  • Agnes Blanche---94A Page 423 (1922)
  • James Laught----6A Page 81(1917)
  • John Colin------63A Page 202 (1920)
  • Romney Charles David --103A Page 253 (1922)
  • Ronald Charles-------43A Page 97 (1919)

Abbott Index to BDMs in newspapers

  • BORIWICKI, Irene Dawn, died 21/7/1930 at Adelaide, aged 4 years 11 mths, Northern Argus 1/8/1930, p.5, col A
  • BORTHWICK, Mrs, age 101 years, Northern Argus, 31/7/1896, p.3, col A

Borthwick Death Registrations 1842 to 1915

Given Names: Adam
Date: 1886-11-02
Sex: M
Age: 44y
Status: N
Relative: (not recorded)
Relative 2: 
Residence: New Thebarton
Death Place: Adelaide
District Code: Ade
Symbol: HS
Book: 158
Page: 345
Cross Reference: 
Given Names: Dallas Kerr
Date: 1906-02-17
Sex: M
Age: 4y
Status: C
Relative: James Haslam BORTHWICK (F)
Relative 2: 
Residence: Nr Whites Flat
Death Place: Nr Whites Flat
District Code: Fli
Book: 316
Page: 363
Cross Reference: 
Given Names: Euphemia
Date: 1877-09-17
Sex: F
Age: 4y
Status: C
Relative: Adam BORTHWICK (F)
Relative 2: 
Residence: Reedbeds
Death Place: Reedbeds
District Code: Ade
Book: 82
Page: 392
Cross Reference: 
Given Names: Fanny
Date: 1909-11-21
Sex: F
Age: 49y
Status: M
Relative: David BORTHWICK (H)
Relative 2: 
Residence: Knightsbridge
Death Place: Knightsbridge
District Code: Nor
Book: 345
Page: 30
Cross Reference: 
Given Names: Grace May
Date: 1909-06-05
Sex: F
Age: 27y
Status: M
Relative: Fernehurst Halidon BORTHWICK (H)
Relative 2: 
Residence: Tumby Bay
Death Place: Tumby Bay
District Code: Fli
Symbol: S
Book: 341
Page: 436
Cross Reference: 
Given Names: Isabella
Date: 1860-01-01
Sex: F
Age: 11m
Status: C
Relative: John BORTHWICK (F)
Relative 2: 
Residence: Port Adelaide
Death Place: Port Adelaide
District Code: Ade
Book: 9
Page: 92
Cross Reference: 

Given Names: Margaret
Date: 1896-07-27
Sex: F
Age: 101y
Status: W
Relative: Adam BORTHWICK (DH)
Relative 2: 
Residence: New Thebarton
Death Place: New Thebarton
District Code: Hin
Book: 236
Page: 439
Cross Reference: 
Given Names: Mary
Date: 1889-04-20
Sex: F
Age: 29y
Status: M
Relative: Thomas BORTHWICK (H)
Relative 2: 
Residence: Kensington
Death Place: Kensington
District Code: Nor
Book: 178
Page: 211
Cross Reference: 
Given Names: Rebecca
Date: 1905-10-17
Sex: F
Age: 65y
Status: W
Relative: William BORTHWICK (DH)
Relative 2: 
Residence: Norwood
Death Place: Adelaide
District Code: Ade
Symbol: H
Book: 313
Page: 22
Cross Reference: 
Given Names: Sarah Elizabeth
Date: 1878-11-08
Sex: F
Age: 36y
Status: M
Relative: James BORTHWICK (H)
Relative 2: 
Residence: Queenstown
Death Place: Queenstown
District Code: PtA
Book: 91
Page: 154
Cross Reference: 
Given Names: Thomas
Date: 1876-09-11
Sex: M
Age: 49y
Status: N
Relative: (not recorded)
Relative 2: 
Residence: Adelaide
Death Place: Adelaide
District Code: Ade
Book: 76
Page: 23
Cross Reference: 
Given Names: William
Date: 1883-01-26
Sex: M
Age: 54y
Status: M
Relative: A W BORTHWICK (S)
Relative 2: 
Residence: Norwood
Death Place: Port Lincoln
District Code: Fli
Book: 125
Page: 238
Cross Reference: 
Given Names: William
Date: 1903-11-25
Sex: M
Age: 17y
Status: N
Relative: Thomas BORTHWICK (F)
Relative 2: 
Residence: Kensington
Death Place: Kensington
District Code: Nor
Book: 298
Page: 251
Cross Reference: 

Passenger Movements

Hodge Index to Arrivals 1846-1855

  • BORTHWICK, Mr & Mrs, "Bandicoot", Schooner, Frazer master, From Port Lincoln on 22/11/1851 (Reg 24/11/1851, p.2D; Adel Obs 29/11/1851 p.5B; Adel Times 29/11/1851 p.4E)
  • BORTHWICK, Mrs, "Circassian", brig, Ridney master, From Port Lincoln, c. 1852 (Reg 24/12/1852, p.2E; Adel Obs 25/12/1852 p.5A; Adel M Ctown 27/12/1852 p.2D)

Hodge Index to Departures 1846-1855

  • BORWICK, Mrs, Havilah St for Melbourne, Lowrie master, 30/11/1854 (Reg 1/12/1854)

Hodge Index to Departures 1856-Nov 1859

  • BORTHWICK, Messrs (2), Bandicoot, schooner, Hay master, For Port Lincoln, 14/11/1856 (Adel Obs Sup 15/11/1856, p1B)
  • BORTAWICK, Mr, Marian, steamer, Ward master, for Port Augusta, 24/12/1858 (Reg 27/12/1858 p.2A; Adv 27/12/1858 p.2A)
  • BORTHWICK, Mr, Marian, steamer, Ward master, for Port Augusta, 8/1/1859 (Reg 10/1/1859 p.2A; Adv 10/1/1859 p.2A)
  • BORTHWICK, Mr, Marian, steamer, Ward master, for Port Augusta, 16/4/1859 (Reg 18/4/1859 p.2A; Adv 18/4/1859 p.2A)


Shyama Peebles (thank you Shyama) has in her records:

  • Mrs E.M.Borthwick age 24 Housewife 21 May 1923 on ship Balranald London to Adelaide
  • Master J.C.Borthwick age 2 on Balranald


In the Mortlock Library there is a publication: Borthwick, Jessie. EVIDENCE OF SKILL SHORTAGES IN THE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS AND SERVICE TRADE / JESSIE BORTHWICK, DAVID JOHN AND MARK WERNER. Leabrook, SA. : NCVER, c2000. 087397641X. Which Jessie Borthwick was this?


Mentioned in this section are the Tasmanian Family Links data base and First families 2001. Both are very good but are known to contain omissions and errors so if you find someone of interest it is strongly recommended that you obtain original records if possible.

Early Borthwicks to Tasmania

James Borthwick: Tasmanian Family Link records a James Borthwick with a possible marriage to Mary RAVEN in 1877 in Westbury, Tasmania. This may be an assumed marriage date based on the date of birth of their child in Victoria. Their first child was born in 1862, the next two in New Zealand, the next on a ship on the way to Australia. Then two children in Victoria and at last the Tasmanian connection. A son, Robert Riverton Borthwick, was born in Tasmania on 19 January 1877, and a daughter, Lilliam Marie in Westbury, Tasmania on 10 June 1878. Finally the family must have moved back to Melbourne as their last child, Margaret, was born there in 1880.

There is some confusion about this Lillian Marie Borthwick. One family records that she was born on 10 June 1878 at Westbury, Tasmania, Australia, daughter of James Borthwick and Mary Raven, and in 1907 married Harry ROSEVEAR. She is said to have died at Wonthaggi, Victoria in 1948.

Another Lillian Marie, this time daughter of James Frazer and Jane Borthwick, is also said to have been born at Westbury, Tasmania, Australia, on exactly the same date, 10 June 1878. I suspect that there is a mix-up here but have not yet had a chance to unravel the mystery. If anyone can help I'd be delighted to hear from you.

James Tudhope Borthwick. Death Notice. On 29 Jan 1957 at Repat. Hospital, Hobart. James Tuchope, dearly beloved husband of Kathleen Mary Borthwick of devonport, and loved father of Peg and Jim. Late 1st AIF. Other records indicate that James had been born at Eddlestone, Scotland in 1892 and that his mother's name was Mary. He enlisted in the Army on 31 December 1915, when his address was given as "Red Wire", Grange Road, Cottonville, South Australia. He is buried at Cornelian Bay Cemetery.

John T Borthwick. Listed in the Tasmanian Directory for 1892, as Surgeon, Zeehan.

Thomas Borthwick & Catherine McGrath: This couple had a child, Violet, born on 28 April 1889 in Hobart, Tasmania (Reg No 910). There is no marriage registration in Tasmania but descendant Carol Harris believes that there would have been a marriage between Thomas Borthwick and Catherine McGrath because their child, her grandmother Violet, was registered as Borthwick. In those days that would not have been possible as if there was no marriage the child would have been registered in the mother's name. (As an aside, Catherine McGrath apparently later married a Charles BILLINGS.)

Initially I thought that Catherine McGrath and Thomas Borthwick may have also had a son Thomas Alexander Borthwick, who had been born in Carlisle England. Carol Harris is fairly certain that the Thomas Alexander Borthwick mentioned is not a child of Thomas Borthwick and Catherine McGrath. Carol believes that Violet was their only child.

A Thomas Alexander Borthwick died at Balgowlah, NSW, on 5 November 1941. His occupation at the time of his death was Engineer. One of my family believes that this Thomas was the engineer his father consulted in the early 1900s in relation to his manufacturing business in Sydney. No mention of a family relationship can be recalled however. Does any reader know anything about Thomas Alexander Borthwick?

William Borthwick: William was the father of Thomas Borthwick, above. William was a convict, born Newcastle, England in 1822, and was transported to Tasmania in ??. He married in Hobart on 20 May 1855 and died there on 28 August 1896. His wife Mary Donovan had been born in Ireland in 1819 and died in Hobart on 21 May 1891. She was buried at Cornelian Bay Cemetery on 23 May 1891, aged 72 years. She is recorded as being Roman Catholic, late of New Town, Invalid. (Sources: First Families 2001 database; Tasmanian Family Link; Carol Harris) This William is also recorded on Tasmanian Family Link as William "Bothwick", husband of Mary Donovan. Carol Harris is a descendant of this family.

William J Borthwick. Listed in the Tasmanian Directory for 1892, at Main Street, Zeehan.

Clerk Bothwick: Born 1807, died 1874, Campbell T, tasmania. No other information. (Tasmanian Family Link)

William Bothwick: (see William Borthwick above) Married in 1855 in Hobart, Tasmania to Mary Donovan.


1. Borthwick, J. Ship: Rajah: From: Leith: Arr: 22nd Aug, 1838
2. Borthwick, Thomas J; William, Elizabeth, John, Henry - Lady East 28 Oct 1833.
3. Borthwick, William Murray Per Lady East. Printer aged 45, and wife 45 and children Theresa 22, Elizabeth 18, John 15, Thomas Paterson 13, Jane 9 and William Murray 6. G03/1P.621 Hay-Arthur, 17 April 1833. 20 Pounds advances no. 437.


Negative Searches

No mention of Borthwick in the Archives Office of Tasmania General Index, their Census records (very limited) or the Wayn Index to early settlers.

Births, Marriages, Deaths




Cornelian Bay Cemetery

  • (as above) Mary Borthwick. Buried at Cornelian Bay Cemetery. 23 May 1891, aged 72 years. Roman Catholic. Late of New Town. Invalid.
Tasmanian Probate Office apparently has no will listed for a Borthwick between 1850 and 1926.

As I have collected such a lot of information on Borthwicks in Victoria that this has now been placed on separate pages. Included are sections for early Borthwicks in Victoria, Births & Marriages, Argus Passenger Indices, Immigration Indices, Directories, Electoral Rolls, Deaths & a few Cemetery Transcriptions. Click here to find the first of the Victorian Borthwicks pages.

Western Australia

Early Borthwicks to WA

William Dampier, an English buccaneer, was the first white man to sight the northwest Australian coast. He landed at Cape Villaret aboard the Roebuck in 1699. Also on board the Roebuck were: Jacob Hughes (Master), Chadwick (First Mate), Dr. Borthwick (Surgeon), and Barnaby (Midshipman).

Mary Borthwick: The WA Pioneers Index lists the death of a Mary Borthwick, aged 30, in WA in 1900 (Registration No 1422). It is not known whether Borthwick was her birth name or married name but she was born in Wellington, NZ (about 1870) and her parents were Bartholomew ?, and Mary Dorrington.

Miss Isabel Tait Borwick: The book "But Westward Look", a history of nursing in WA at p27 refers to Isabella Tait Borthwick, a sister in Perth Public Hospital. She trained at Ballarat Public Hospital 1899-1903. Nursing both military & civil & awarded Order of the Royal Red Cross.

From "Dictionary of West Australians" Adam BORTHWICK arrived WA on the ship Gulf of St Vincent on 8 Oct 1886 from London. Was at Lyndon Station in the 1880's. Information added from "More Lonely Graves of WA" Adam BORTHWICK d. 1891 thought to be buried on Murgoo Statioon in the Murcjison. His sudden death was notified by a letter from M. Maloney of Murgoo Station - further refs - Mt Wittenoom Police Occurrence Book 11 Feb 1892.

Hatched & Matched

Christina Horsburgh BORTHWICK b. 1908 Scotland. daughter of Joseph Horsburgh: married in 1936 in WA to Edward Davidson SIM


Shyama Peebles (thank you Shyama) has in her records:

  • Mr Borthwick 26 Feb 1898 on ship Bulima from Adelaide to Fremantle
  • Mr James Borthwick 8 May 1910 - occupation Agriculture on ship Australind London to Fremantle
  • Mr M.J. Borthwick 10 Mar 1925 age 20 - Motor Mechanic on ship Oronsay London to Fremantle
  • Mr T. Borthwick 6 Jan 1898 on ship Bothwell Castle Adelaide to Fremantle
  • Mr Tom Borthwick 11 Dec 1913 age 33 -Farm Hand - on ship Armadale London to Fremantle

Narrogin Cemetery Narrogin, Western Australia

  • BORTHWICK, Barbara, 28 Feb 1946, 68 years, - PRES - H.10
  • BORTHWICK, Joseph Horsburgh, 29 September 1956, 68 years, - PRES - H.9
  • PLANT, Margaret Alison, 19 January 1988, 83 years (nee Borthwick) Born 1904, Mother of Jim and Ian, - PRES - N.9


Murray Family of SA and WA

As described elsewhere I am fairly sure that the Murrays of SA and WA and various Borthwicks in Australia are distantly related. Descendants of Pulteney Malcolm Murray born 1819, settled in WA. Pulteney Malcolm Murray sailed with his brother Alexander Borthwick Murray to SA on the "Lady Lillford". His descendant, William Wallace Murray, travelled to WA and developed a merino stud farm at Araluen, Gnowangerup WA. If anyone knows more of the Murrays in WA and SA - especially in relation to a possible connection with any Borthwicks in Scotland - I would be very pleased to hear.



Commonwealth War Graves

At the Commonwealth War Graves site there are details of many Borthwicks who died in the First or Second World War. I have listed here the basic details for the Australian Borthwicks. It is strongly recommended, however, that you go to the site itself if you find someone of interest. It contains much more information for most of these servicemen. The site address is:

David Dean Borthwick: Private 2619 53rd Bn., Australian Infantry, A.I.F who died on Tuesday, 25th September 1917. Commemorative Information Memorial: YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium Grave Reference/ Panel Number: Panel 7 - 17 - 23 - 25 - 27 - 29 - 31

James Lough Borthwick: Private 2375 51st Bn., Australian Infantry, A.I.F who died on Tuesday, 3rd April 1917. Age 31. Additional Information: Son of John and Catherine Borthwick, of 27A, Albert Rd., Eyemouth, Scotland. Commemorative Information Cemetery: POZIERES BRITISH CEMETERY, OVILLERS-LA BOISSELLE, Somme, France Grave Reference/ Panel Number: II. D. 36.

John Mayo Borthwick: Flight Sergeant 413518 Royal Australian Air Force who died on Wednesday, 1st September 1943. Age 33. Additional Information: Son of Francis and Minnie Borthwick, of Inverell, New South Wales, Australia: husband of Lois Margaret Borthwick, of Inverell. Commemorative Information Cemetery: CAMBRIDGE CITY CEMETERY, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Grave Reference/ Panel Number: Grave 14135.

Keith Borthwick: Lieutenant 8th, Australian Light Horse who died on Saturday, 7th August 1915. Additional Information: Son of William and Ada Maud Mary Borthwick, of Fulham, Victoria, Australia. Native of Sale. Commemorative Information Memorial: LONE PINE MEMORIAL, Turkey Grave Reference/ Panel Number: 5.

Maurice Borthwick: Private VX37654 A.I.F. 1 Fd. Bakery, Australian Army Service Corps who died on Sunday, 15th March 1942. Age 21. Additional Information: Son of Gordon William Alexander Borthwick and Kitty Borthwick, of Highett, Victoria, Australia. Commemorative Information Cemetery: KRANJI WAR CEMETERY, Singapore Grave Reference/ Panel Number: 2. B. 3.

Robert Borthwick: Private 4070 27th Bn, Australian Infantry, A.I.F who died on Friday, 4th August 1916. Commemorative Information Memorial: VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MEMORIAL, Somme, France.

Who's Who in Australia 1974

BORTHWICK H.E. Alexander Hay
BORTHWICK Hon William Archibald
BORTHWICK William Baillie
BORWICK Sir Thomas Faulkner



1.Jack Reid Borthwick, Scotland & Australia, 1800s

Derek Nelson in Kent, England has found but is still researching his great grandmother's second husband. His grandmother, Janet REID, married a Jack Reid (?) BORTHWICK, her cousin, sometime after the 1881 census. She had married her first husband, Peter NELSON, in 1872 but he died at an early age and she remarried. One of Janet Reid's granddaughters was ultimately named Janet Reid Borthwick Nelson. It is said that Jack Borthwick committed suicide from the Forth Bridge. At one time he lived in Australia and there is a family story about a row of houses he'd built being mysteriously burnt down in Australia. He then went back to Scotland. If you know anything at all about Jack Borthwick's life in Australia, or Scotland, Derek would be very pleased indeed to hear from you.

2. Gerry Borthwick, Glasgow, 1970s

The Glasgow Sunday Mail, 6/4/1986, p.29, contained the following plea:

"I'm trying to find my son whom I have not met since 1975. His name is Gerry Borthwick and his last known address was 4 Waverley Drive, Belton, Great Yarmouth. Mr L Borthwick ... Glasgow."

3. Frank Mayo Borthwick (1863 - ?)

Another lost Borthwick is from my own family. Frank Mayo Borthwick separated from his wife and family in the early 1900s and travelled to Sydney. It seems that he was a labourer in Sydney for some time but it is not known where or when he died. Any information would be appreciated.

4. William Borthwick Hird

Helen Brown, of South Hobart, Tasmania would like to discover something about William Borthwick Hird. A relation in Tasmania has a mourning card for him. He died in Glasgow, Scotland but there is no date or age (not helpful!)

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