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The Photo Albums site is maintained by Michael Lyons, Ankney descendent.

The site currently contains three Albums;

  1. Ankney Family Past (No longer living)
  2. Ankney Present (Living)
  3. Lyons Family (My personal Family)

But several will be added, for certain repeat Family members. For example the Lyons family is just that. I am acquiring more Norman B. Ankney photos so I will create just a Norman B. Ankney Folder, and so on.

The Past is focus just on the Ankney's that have passed on. The present is focused on a single pic of the present. All other folders will be labeled for multiple family photo's you wish to share. This folder might be labeled; Ankney Family Reunion 2005, for example.

Please understand that this is a Ankney/Ankeny Pictorial site, aiming mainly at Ankney/Ankeny Families.


Pictures Needed: Christian Ankney, William B. Ankney, Dewalt Ankney, Christian Ankney Jr., Any older Generation Photos... These are rare and can be posted and shared without the loss OR damage to the Original.

Please allow time for your pictures to be posted, I have no idea what the response will be, so if you don't see your folder, don't panic, I will get them posted. Send the Pictures and Scanned Documents that you would like to include to . Include Picture Information. Make sure to type in the subject line "Please post my Picture." By sending the Picture you are giving me permission to place them in the family albums.

One final thing,

The disclaimer; Understand that this photo album is for Ankney and public use. No one but myself can Edit, Delete, or make changes here. It should be understood that anyone and everyone can print and download the pictures.

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