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                                                West Family

                                                        Descendants of Petrus West

Dear West Family,                                                                    6/25/2006

     I just logged onto here and realized that I had not updated this page since the above date.  Today is 3/13/2008.  That's just crazy!  I guess I got side-tracked big time!!! Well, I just wanted to let you know that I'm back on it and will be adding some stuff as soon as I can.....serioiusly!!!



Our West Family can be traced back to the birth of Petrus West, January 1, 1749, in Amsterdam, Holland. Petrus came to North America and married German immigrant, Elizabeth Reichtmeyer. Petrus and Elizabeth had nine children, including the father of Benjamin Cornelius West. (a bit more info to find out there, and will add as soon as possible)Benjamin Cornelius West was born April 22, 1803. January 1, 1829,He married Eunice Elmina June. January 3, 1830, their son, Oliver Spencer West was born.November 15, 1858, Oliver Spencer married Anna Eliza Norris.Their children were Theodore Norris, Edwin H. William, Hattie Eva, Ollie Mae, North, George Parker, Grant, Colfax (Collie), Rhetta E. Caroline Edith (Carrie) and Mattie Lee.

                                                                                                     Angela Walling