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                                                                  Tigert Family

                                              Seven Generations of the Tigert Family

                                                       Descendants of William Tigert

Generation 1

     William Tigert married Bell Turnbull ,one of their sons was William "Bud" Tigert

Generation 2

     William "Bud" Tigert was born December 25, 1874. He married Laura Leona White,December 4, 1904. Leona was born January 11, 1885., December 4, 1904. Bud and Bell had ten children; *Roy (1906), Lois (1908), Lillie (1911), William (1913), Letha (1915), Mamie (1918), Mary (1920), Ethel (1924), James (1926) and Inez (1928). Bud died December 19, 1963 and is buried in Caney, Atoka County, Oklahoma. Laura Leona died February 13, 1965 and is buried in Caney, Atoka County, Oklahoma.

Generation 3

     Roy Richard Tigert was born May 8, 1906, the first child of Bud and Laura Leona Tigert.  Roy had brown hair and blue eyes. December 8, 1923, in Coalgate, Oklahoma, Roy married Lola Mae Nix.  They were married by Justice of the Peace, R.B. Davidson. Lola was born August23, 1908, and was the daughter of William Oliver and Mattie Raines Nix. Lola had black hair and brown eyes. Roy and Lola Mae had six children; *William "Arthur", Leona Frances, Mary "Luella" ("Lue"), Dorothy, Thelma Alene and Richard. Roy was a farm worker. Lola Mae was a housewife.Over the years Roy and Lola Mae lived in (most current to first home); Caney, Oklahoma; Eldorado, Oklahoma; Wellington, Texas; Petersburg, Texas; Denton, Texas and Elmore City, Oklahoma. Roy died May 20, 1987 and is buried in Eldorado, Oklahoma. Lola Mae died July 3, 1988 and is buried in Eldorado, Oklahoma.

Generation 4

     Rev. William "Arthur" Tigert , the first child of Roy and Lola Mae Tigert, was born October 4, 1924, in Caney, Atoka County, Oklahoma. Arthur had black hair and brown eyes. At 2 o'clock p.m., December 21, 1943, Arthur married Kerwine  "Ruth" West, the beautiful, blue eyed, with long brown hair, daughter of Clarence William and Irene Elizabeth Freeman West.  Arthur and Ruth were married at the Eldorado Baptist Parsonage, by Bro. C.C. Evans, in Eldorado, Oklahoma.  The witnesses of the marriage were Mrs. Evans and Fannie Peaerl Buchanan Henson.Arthur worked in a carbon plant, a meat packing plant in Oklahoma City, he was also a carpenter, farmer and minister. Ruth was a housewife. Arthur's favorite sports and hobbies were fishing, camping, gardening, football and baseball. Ruth graduated from Midway School, east of Eldorado, Oklahoma, in 1941. Ruth enjoys camping, fishing, flowers, sewing, gospel singing, baseball, volleyball, mexican dominoes, Scrabble and piano.  Arthur and Ruth had six children; Judith Ann ("Judy"), Peggy "Jolene", Jimmie Don,  Benita Gail, *Beverly Rae, Bobbie Neill. Arthur Tigert died Thursday, April 17, 2003, in Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma. He is buried in Eldorado, Oklahoma.

Generation 5

     Beverly Rae Tigert, fifth child of Arthur and Ruth West Tigert, was born May 28, 1957 in Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma. Beverly has brown hair and brown eyes. June 28, 1974, Beverly married Joey Dean Sturgeon at the Calvary Baptist Church parsonage, with the Rev. Arthur Tigert (her Daddy) officiating. Joey Sturgeon was born June 5, 1955, in Seymour, Baylor County, Texas. He is the son of Harley Gene and Zella Fay Lemons Sturgeon. Joey had brown and he has blue eyes. Joey and Beverly Tigert Sturgeon have two children; Angela Jo and Adam Ray.

Generation 6

     Angela Jo Sturgeon (myself) was born November 20, 1974, in Seymour, Baylor County, Texas. I was born on my Great Grandpa Cal Sturgeon's 71st birthday. In late 1993, my best friend, Lauriann Latham, introduced me to her cousin, Donald Wade Walling. Donald and I were married Friday, September 2, 1994, in Humphreys, Jackson County, Oklahoma, at the home of my Grandma and Grandpa Tigert. Grandpa (Rev. Arthur Tigert) married us. Grandma (Ruth West Tigert) and my uncle, Sonny Dean were our witnesses. Donald and I have three children together; Calleigh Raeann, Joel Whitten and Kaden Jase.

Generation 7

     Calleigh Raeann Walling born September 19, 1995

     Joel Whitten Walling born August 11, 1999

     Kaden Jase Walling born December 12, 2003

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