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                         Reichtmeyer Family

Generation 1

Conrad Reichtmeyer (I) was born about 1659 in Germany.

He married Judith Winne.

Judith Winne Reichtmeyer was born about 1663, in Germany.

Generation 2

Their son, Conrad Reichtmeyer (II) was born about 1699 in Germany.

He married Elizabeth Houst around 1720 in Germany.

Elizabeth Houst Reichtmeyer was born about 1699, in Germany.

Generation 3

Their daughter, Elizabeth Reichtmeyer was born October 27, 1743, in Germany.

April 20, 1767, Elizabeth married Petrus West.

Petrus West was born January 1, 1749, in Amsterdam, Holland.

Petrus West died April 30, 1829, near Gallupville, in Schoharie County, New York.

Petrus and Elizabeth Reichtmeyer West were the parents of Cornelius West.

Generation 4

I am not certain which of their sons was the father of Benjamin Cornelius.

Generation 5

Benjamin Cornelius West was born in 1803 and was the father of Oliver Spencer West.

Generation 6

Oliver Spencer West was born January 5, 1830 and married Anna Eliza Norris .

Oliver Spencer and Anna Eliza Norris West had a son, Grant West, born

April 1, 1869

Oliver Spencer West died March 12, 1914.

Generation 7

His son, Grant West married Nannie Eva Beach.

Nannie was born April 25, 1877 in Grayson County, Texas.

October 25, 1904, Grant and Nannie Eva Beach West had a baby boy and named him Clarence William.

Generation 8

Clarence William West married Irene Elizabeth Freeman on December 21, 19__.

August 31, 1925, Irene Elizabeth Freeman West gave birth to Kerwine “Ruth” West.

Generation 9

Ruth West married William Arthur Tigert on December 21, 19__.

May 28, 1957, the fifth of six children, Beverly Rae Tigert was born.

Generation 10

Beverly Tigert married Joey Dean Sturgeon June 28, 1974.

Joey and Beverly Tigert Sturgeon have two children.

Generation 11

Their first child, Angela Jo Sturgeon was born November 20, 1974, in Seymour, Baylor County, Texas.

Angela Sturgeon married Donald Wade Walling on September 2, 1994, in Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma at the home of her Grandparents, Rev W.A. and Ruth West Tigert.

Donald Wade Walling, the son of Larry Donald and Gloria “Ann” Whitten Walling, was born October 9, 1967, in Seymour, Baylor County, Texas.

Donald and Angela Sturgeon Walling have three children together.

Generation 12

Calleigh Raeann, Joel Whitten and Kaden Jase Walling