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Ancestors of James Epps Woodall

This page is dedicated James Epps Woodall and all his ancestors.
James Epps Woodall married Annie Cunningham whose son James Woodall married Lilian Greatorex.

Family Tree Details for James Epps Woodall

Woodall Descendents


James Epps Woodall's birth certificate states James Epps Woodall (blacksmith's stoker) as father. I believe this is actually James Epps who in 1881 was living at 2 New York Terrace, Humber Bank, Hull and working as a blacksmith with his elder brother Geroge Henry.

Matthew Woodall married Harriet N. Wilkinson 1865, St Peter, Drypool

Matthew and Harriet Woodall had 4 children between 1866 and 1874 then there was an eleven year gap to James Epps and Robert. It is possible that either Matthew Woodall passed away or they drifted apart during this "gap".

There is a Matthew Woodall, born Hull aged 39 (i.e. born 1842) listed in the 1881 census as boatswain on the vessel Rhine; other than that I still cannot find Matthew, Harriet, John Gaffney Woodall in the 1881 census. It is believed Matthew Woodall, who was a fisherman, was lost at sea (date unknown).

Harriet Wilkinson and her descendents kindly provided by Leslie Nutbrown of Sherbroke, Quebec. He has traced the Nutbrown family back to the 1670s (see his tree at World Connect).

James F. Epps and his descendents provided by Louis R. Mills (The Frisby & Appleton Lines on World Connect).

George Epps (born 1818) was the captain of the South Sand Head Light Ship according to the 1881 census.The following is an illustration of HMS Kent passing the South Sand Light Ship.

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