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Ancestors of Elizabeth Gertrude Stocker

This page is dedicated Elizabeth Gertrude Stocker and all her ancestors.

Elizabeth Gertrude Stocker married George Powell Hall who were the parents of (Amy) Gladys Hall (wife of William Mortimer (Hampshire) Coates).

Family Tree Details for Elizabeth Gertrude Stocker

Amy Gladys (Hall) Coates

circa 1918 circa 1965


Elizabeth Stocker had an elder brother Harry Jubb Stocker who was a professor of music (trumpet).

In the 1881 census Elizabeth was living (as a Great Niece) with Joseph and Hannah Jubb in Batley, Yorks.

James Sheard married Ann Colbeck and Hannah Jubb's maiden name was Colbeck, as far as I can tell they were sisters. James Sheard died in his thirties and I believe that Ellen Sheard was "adopted" by the Jubbs (who had no children at the time). However we find, in 1871, Ellen (Sheard) Stocker was living with her mother (in a huge mansion called Blenheim House - which now caters marriages and the like).

Blenheim House (my photo taken April 2005).

Blenheim House (from display at Batley museum).

Other photos taken in and around Batley in 2005. (Including a transcription of some of the gravestones in Batley All Saints churchyard).

Also living with Joseph and Hannah Jubb in 1881 were Charles Harold and Walter Arthur Stocker (both born in Bately) who are listed having a relationship of "other" with Joseph Jubb (curious). In 1901 I believe this pair were living in the Channel Islands. Walter Arthur became a colonel.

New Ings Mill - owned by Joseph Jubb in the 1880's (my photo taken April 2005).

Col Walter A. Stocker was killed in Jersey during the german occupation in 1941 (either run over by a german car (the official version) or shot taking a short cut (an alternate version found on the internet)).

Two George Luff Stocker's have been found in a reasonable time frame; one born in Stepney (1831) and the other in Bedford (1833). His marriage certificate indicates a birth date of 1834 so this seems to favour the latter.

George Luff Stocker re-married in 1885 to Maria Louise Baker (b Connecticut 1858) and had at least 4 children (one of which was born in Pennsylvania). In later years they lived in Oxford Gardens, London.

It is interesting that William Colbeck and Elizabeth Richardson (both from Batley) were seemingly married in, of all places, Hull!

Also of interest, from the 1861 census, is that Ellen Sheard (a few months prior to her marriage) was a visitor with the deputy governor of Wakefield prison (who had a daughter of roughly the same age).

There is an extensive history for James Sheard on World Connect. The Sheards, Colbecks and Jubbs were prominent Mill owners in and around Batley.

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