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Ancestors of William Alphonso Henry Aloysius Greatorex

This page is dedicated William Greatorex and all his ancestors.

William Greatorx married Edith Atherton who are the parents of Lilian (Greatorex) Woodall.

Family Tree Details for William Alphonso Henry Aloysius Greatorex

Billy Greatorex
Billy Greatorex (footballer: Preton North End and Southport).

William Henry Greatorex and immediate ancestors

William A H Greatorex
born 1895, Preston
died 1971, Preston
Joseph Greatorex
born 1861, Stockport
Ship Yard Labourer
Mary Jane Devlin
born 1862, Preston
Cotton Rover
William Greatorex
William Devlin
born 1833 Lurgan, Ireland
died 1873 Preston
Flax Dresser
Susanna Bradley
born 1839 Portsdown, Ireland
died 1871 Preston


Joseph Greatorex is largely a mystery. He cannot be found on the 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 census's. Neither can any record of his birth. The only information we have is from the 1901 census (and even then he is transcribed as being born in Stockport Switzerland! - actually from the orginal it is Stockport, Lancs but at some time the "Lancs" has been crossed out and replaced with Cheshire).

The marriage between Joseph Greatorex and Mary Jane Devlin is also unconfirmed. The only likely record found (see below for image) is for a Joseph Greatorex and Mary Jane "Deslington" in Stockport. Apart from the bride's name there are other details of this marriage that are strange; (a) the fact that the marriage was in Stockport and not Preston (according to the 1901 census Joseph was born in Stockport is the only link I can find with this place) and (b) the occupation of Joseph and his father seem to indicate that they worked on the railway, this does not jive with either family memories or later occupations.

I think it likely that Joseph Greatorex was in the army, and hence the missing census records. There is also a 10 year gap in the ages of his children (1882-1892) and in 1891 he is not living "at home".

In 1861, roughly when Joseph Greatorex was born, there are no Greatorex's recorded as living in Stockport.

Word of mouth has Mary Jane Deslington being known as Kate Devlin who originated in Ireland; interestingly she does have a sister called Catherine / Kate.

Mary Jane Devlin's parents both died in the early 1870's leaving 5 fairly young children; by 1881 the youngest 2 were living in an orphanage and it is likely they all lived in an orthanage at some time. Mary Jane was the eldest.

William and Susanna Devlin do not appear in the 1861 census, it is likely that they left Ireland at about this time. There is a family in Durham with remarkably similar names, but I don't think so.

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