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Ancestors of Alice and Zillah Edmonds

This page is dedicated Alice and Zillah Edmonds and all their ancestors.

Alice Edmonds was the natural mother of William Mortimer Coates and Zillah Edmonds was his adopted mother. Alice and Zillah were sisters, and had a brother William Mortimer Edmonds and a sister Edith Martha Edmonds.

Alice Edmonds married George Hampshire in 1888 in Nottingham.

Zillah Edmonds married George Cordeaux Coates in 1886 in Hull.

Family Tree Details for Alice Edmonds


Henry Edmonds and Hannah Clifton had a daughter Zillah Edmonds; that's three Zillah's in this family. They also had sons Anthony and Joseph.

John Ducker Edmonds is referred to as John Tucker Edmonds in one reference.

The 1871 census has Edith and Alice Edmonds living with their mother (15 West Parade), William Edmonds living with his grandfather (William Mortimer then aged 71) (49 Portland Street) and John Ducker Edmonds living with his mother (Zillah or Lilla Edmonds) (35 King Street). Zillah was a student teacher in a convent.

The 1881 census has William and Alice Edmonds living together (6 Elizas Ter West Parade), Edith as a general servant to a family in Hull and Zillah as a lodger in York. Neither of their parents can be found.

The 1891 census has Alice living with husband George in Nottingham, William living with wife Eliza in Hull. Zillah and her husband George Coates are living in Chestnut Grove, Hull. No record can be found for Edith.

In the 1901 census Alice is living with brother William and his family in Hull. Zillah is living with husband George and William Mortimer Coates (Hampshire). No entry for Edith.

Joseph and Susannah Scafe also had a daughter Mary Ann who married Thomas Ducker (1813). They had a son John Edmonds Ducker who was christened 13 days after John Ducker Edmonds. This is the only reason I can find for John Edmonds' middle name.

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