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Ancestors of Annie Cunningham

This page is dedicated Annie Cunningham and all her ancestors.

Ann Cunningham married James Epps Woodall and their son James Woodall married Lilian Greatorex.

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Ann Cunningham and immediate ancestors

Ann Cunningham


There are 2 "Ann Cunningham's" born in the early 1880's in Eyemouth. They were cousins (daughters of brothers John and Walter Cunningham). Previous versions of this page indicated the other cousin; but I am now fairly confident that John Cunningham's daughter Ann is correct.

Nicol Cunningham (1827-abt 1885) was a cooper living around Musselburgh (just east of Edinburgh on the banks of the Firth of Forth). He had at least 9 children; the eldest appear to have been born in Fisherrow, later children in Cockenzie and in 1881 the family was living in Port Seton (very close to the site of the battle of Prestonpans).

Nicol's two eldest sons (Walter and John) moved to Eyemouth around 1875. Walter married Margaret Clements from Dunbar and was a fisherman, initially in Eyemouth and later in Dunbar; finally in 1901 he was a farmer (cattle) in Berwick.

His brother John was initially a baker and married a local girl called Agnes Blackie (or Blaikie). Later he became a fish monger and appears to have stayed in Eyemouth for the rest of his life.

Inveresk is just east of Edinburgh, directly south of Musselburgh. For genealogy info go here

Fisherrow is very close to Inveresk (more info here). Appears to be famous for its brewery and a song (more info here). For modern pictures of Fisherrow hit me.

Have a tentative line from Margaret Scott back to a Jhone Herpar born about 1585 in Inveresk (see tree on World Connect for details).

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