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Ancestors of Allan Maxwell Cooper

This page is dedicated Allan Maxwell Cooper and all his ancestors.

Allan Maxwell Cooper married Eva Bain (1921 in London). Their daughter Pauline Maxwell Cooper married George Derrick Coates.

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Pauline Maxwell Cooper

Pauline Cooper 1 Pauline Cooper 2 Pauline Cooper 3


Joseph and Mary Emma Ebsworth were relatively well known in their time. Born and married in London they moved to Edinburgh about 1826. They had 5 children in London and 5 more in Scotland; however only 3 survived their mother's death in 1881. Joseph and Mary Emma were both involved in drama authorship. Joseph was also a renowned singer and performer (he was also an accomplished linguist and amateur artist).

Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth (a son of Joseph and Mary Emma) continued the work of his parents and compiled several volumes of early english / scottish songs.

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