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Ancestors of Eva Frances Bain

This page is dedicated Eva Frances Bain and all her ancestors.

Eva Frances Bain married Allan Maxwell Cooper who were the parents of Pauline Maxwell Cooper.

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Eva Frances Bain and immediate ancestors

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Eva Cooper 1
with Pamela Cooper
Eva Cooper 2 Eva Cooper 3


Ewart, Margaret and son James moved from Glasgow to London sometime between 1883 and 1890.
Ewart Alexander Bain was married twice. His first wife, Margaret Duguid passed away 1892 in London (Jan-Mar 1892 1a/576).
Word of mouth have the Bain family moving to Erith, Kent.
A few family trees have been traced back to James Park / Marion Fyfe (they had a large family) - they are the parents of David Park.
Cambuslang is directly to the south of Glasgow, probably considered part of Glasgow now.

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