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William Arthur Bloor 1861 -


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Birth: 1861 Chilwell NTT

Father: David Bloor

Mother: Mary Ann Shelton


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Wife: Fanny Hawksworth

Marriage: 9 Sep 1883 Beeston NTT ENG


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Child: Mabel Bloor - , (aged 16 at 1901 census, Mabel A Bloor, born Beeston, Lace worker)
Child: Gerty Bloor - , (aged 14 at 1901 census, Gerty O Bloor, born Beeston, Dressmaker apprentice)
Child: Ethel Bloor - , (aged 12 at 1901 census, Ethel E Bloor, born Borrowash)
Child: Grace Bloor - , (aged 10 at 1901 census, Grace H Bloor, born Borrowash)
1901 census
Full Name     Gender Age Occupation  Where Born 
William Bloor Male   39  Cycle Maker           Notts Chilwell 
Fanny Bloor   Female 42                        Notts Marnham 
Mabel Bloor   Female 16  Lace Worker           Notts Beeston 
Gerty Bloor          14  Dressmaker Apprentice Notts Beeston 
Ethel Bloor   Female 12                        Derby Borrowash 
Grace Bloor   Female 10                        Derby Borrowash 
David Bloor   Male   64  Sinker Maker          Derby Ilkeston 
For 1881 and 1871 census see father David Bloor

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