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The Village of Anderton

in Lancashire

Anderton is a village in the Parish of  Standish, near  Wigan, in the county of Lancashire in the North West of England. It is a small village, just south of Adlington and just north of Blackrod and as it adjoins these two, it does not appear on most maps. Anderton (Eanred's tun) is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning Eanred's settlement or village. Today, however it has basically been swallowed up by adjoining Adlington and most people think of it as part of that town. Perhaps the majority of people in Lancashire and travellers through the county know Anderton because of Anderton Services on the M61 Motorway which are located at the point where the motorway by-passess the village.

Vist: St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Anderton. This website includes a history of the village and photos of the church.

Other Places in the Area

with the name Anderton

The Anderton Arms.

A pub in Ince Green Lane, Ince, Wigan.

Anderton County Primary School.

In Babylon Lane, Adlington, Chorley.

Anderton Hall.

The river Douglass is the boundary between Rivington and the village of Anderton. There is an old mill and wier at the riuns of Old Anderton Hall which is not to be confused with Anderton Hall ruins nearer Rivington. North West Water Conference Centre on Rivington is also called Anderton Hall. (“The Anderton Hall Centre” - North West Water). Located on the banks of Rivington Reservoir, near Horwich, Bolton. The Centre offers facilities for meetings and conferences.

Anderton's Mill. (dated 1799 - but probaby older)

Not far from Threaper Green between Mawdsley and  Wrightington. All that remains of the windmill is the circular stone base by the mill cottage. The Anderton's in this district stem from the Anderton's of Euxton. The mill is linked by an old road to Harrock Hill mill, up to Harrock by Sanderson's Lane and to Barmskin mill along Cooper's Lane. The roads must be very old because where they join there is a wayside cross.

See map of Anderton's Windmill

Anderton's School.

In Heskin, (An old white cottage) at Banister Green, Eccleston. Donated by the Anderton family. In 1806, Hannah Anderton gave a cottage as a school-room, and £200 to support it, for the education of poor girls.

Anderton Street.

There is an Anderton Street in Ince,  Wigan.

Map of Anderton Street, Wigan

If you know of any other places bearing the Anderton name in Lancashire, or elsewhere, please let me know.

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Other Andertons outside Lancashire

Anderton village, Cheshire.

There is another Anderton village in the North West of England in the county of Chester.

Nearby is the Anderton Boatlift

And the Anderton Nature Park.

Anderton village, Cornwall.

The third and last Anderton village in England, that I know of, is in Cornwall, in the South West.

Anderton town, MI.

I have heard that there is a town called Anderton near Detroit, Michigan. If anyone can confirm this I would be pleased to hear from them.

Anderton House, VA.

There is a mid-18th century house in Tappahannock, Essex Co. Virginia called Anderton. It is now part of St. Margaret's Campus. Again, if anyone has any more information about the history of the house and the Andertons who lived there, I would be interested in hearing from them.

See Anderton House on the St. Margaret's Campus Site

See Anderton House on the Essex County, VA Site

See map of the location of Tappahannock, VA

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Anderton Village, Lancashire is the place where the surname originates and therefore there are records of the de Anderton Family going back to the 11th century:

  • Historic Andertons of Anderton from the 1200’s
  • By the time censuses were taken in the 1800's, Anderton Village does not appear in its own right and is probably included in Adlington. Nevertheless, on the 1881 census there are still two people named Anderton living in Britain who give their place of origin as Anderton:

  • Junction Rd, Rumworth, 1881
  • Winter Hey Lane, Horwich, 1881


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