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The village of Halsall is very old, it appears in the Domesday book with the name "Heleshala". It was an island for centuries, surrounded by marshland and meres until they were finally drained in the 19th century.

Halsall Church is dedicated to St. Cuthbert and dates back to 1250. The legend says that when St. Cuthbert's Shrine was opened, the head of King Oswald was found inside with the saint's remains. The church has a statue of the saint holding the king's head above the arch of the porch.

The Halsall family lived at Halsall Manor from Medieval to Tudor times. They named their eldest sons Cuthbert for generations because of the church and legend and bulit the Grammar School here in 1593.

The village is situated on the banks of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and many canal boat families like my Ruddocks and Cheethams were born, lived and were buried in Halsall. Before the railways, Liverpool people got off canal boats here and took horse-drawn carts to spend the day at the nearby seaside resort of Southport.

The main occupations in the area are still the farming of vegetables and corn in the rich, drained marshlands.

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There are no people named Anderton living in Halsall in 1881 but there are two people on the census who were born in Halsall:


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