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Genealogy .. Family History .. Family Historian .. Amatuer .. Professional .. Ancestors .. Origin .. Family Tree. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when you are involved with genealogy. Let's include another word that has come about in the world of genealogy in the last few years ... DNA. DNA has revolutionized the business of genealogy by providing an avenue to locate more cousins, extend our family lines, and breakdown brickwalls! The paper-trail is still the bare-bones of any genealogy project; however, DNA may extend your generations of family history, help you to find new cousins and new friends who enjoy genealogy as you do and you will definetely learn about DNA's role in genealogy.

The administrators of the Anderson and Andersen Family DNA Project would like to ask anyone with the Anderson surname (or its variations) to join our project. Members of this project have found cousins through DNA testing that they would not have known about otherwise. Some still don't know where the connections are with their new-found cousin(s) but that doesn't stop anyone from pursuing their "passion" of searching for ancestors. Many in this project have not made a DNA connection yet; but, as the project grows their chances increase. And so does yours, if you choose to accept the challenge!

DNA does not have all the answers, but neither does the paper-trail of our family roots. Participating in the DNA study is just one more avenue to seek answers to the burning questions we have about our family history.

Join us! We have averaged just a little over 4 new members per month since our project was begun way back in 2003. Family Tree DNA is the company chosen to conduct our DNA testing and when signing up through the Anderson DNA Project you receive a discounted price on the DNA test. FTDNA is a company that strives to answer every question we have as a DNA novice.

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