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General Fund

The Anderson and Andersen Family DNA Project has a general fund to encourage people to participate in the project. This fund is generated by donations from members of the project and people who are interested in seeing the project growth continue.

John Anderson
General Fund Coordinator

There are two parts to the General Fund and they are Donations and Grants:


The project has continued to grow at about 4 persons each month since the beginning of the project in 2003. We would like for this growth to continue! Donations to the project may be for any reason and may be in any dollar amount. The money donated is held in the project's general fund by Family Tree DNA.

We sincerely hope that you will donate to the Anderson and Andersen Family DNA Project. Click here to contribute to the General Fund!

Click here to see who has contributed to the fund!


Your donation to the Anderson and Andersen Family DNA Project is used for grants to encourage people to participate in the project. As the project continues to grow, the chances of a DNA match increase significantly. Please continue reading about grants ....

  1. The purpose of the Anderson DNA Project general fund is to encourage potential members to participate in the project and to provide assistance to potential participants who cannot afford the total cost of the DNA test.
  2. Money donated to the Project's general fund can only be used to purchase a kit from Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and through the Anderson DNA Project's web site. When signing up through the Anderson DNA Project individuals receive a group discount! This discount saves you some money right away!
  3. The grant participant is expected to pay a portion of the DNA test charge, plus shipping and handling. The exact amount of a grant will be determined after the potential member contacts John Anderson or Darlene Anderson.
  4. The recipient is expected to complete and return the kit to FTDNA within thirty (30) days of when the kit was mailed and invoiced.
  5. The general fund monies are held by FTDNA. However, the dispersment of the monies is handled by the administrators of the Anderson DNA Project. The administrator has the responsibility and ability to make any changes to the way the fund is administered, at any time.
  6. None of the monies will be used for commercial purposes or testing with any other DNA testing company. In the instance where the General Fund balance falls below an adequate amount to fund a Grant request, the request will be placed on hold.
  7. As a potential grant recipient of the Anderson DNA Project, the administrators request that you contribute a basic lineage to us. This information will be posted on the project web site as soon as you receive a Kit # from Family Tree DNA. Click on this link to submit your basic lineage. The lineage should include:

    • Tester's Name
    • Father and Mother's name (include maiden name), date and place of birth, date and place of marriage, date and place of death.
    • GrandFather and GrandMother's name (include maiden name), date and place of birth, date and place of marriage, date and place of death.
    • Great-GrandFather and Great-GrandMother's name (include maiden name), date and place of birth, date and place of marriage, date and place of death.
    • And so on down your Anderson line to include basic lineage to your farthest known ancestor.
    • Remember: information submitted for living individuals will not be posted on the Anderson DNA Project web site except for First and Last name unless otherwise stated.
What you need to do to request monies for a grant

So you have made a decision to participate in the Anderson DNA Project. This is a great choice by the way! Read below how to request a grant from the Anderson DNA Project ...
  1. Determine which test you would like to get started with. Your ultimate goal is to further your genealogical research and participating in a DNA study may help you with that. However, remember ... DNA testing is not a guarantee that you will match with anyone and find new family connections right away. The Anderson DNA Project has a large database but we currently have members who do not match with someone else in the project. This is why we want our project to continue to grow! We want you to eventually find a match (if you don't right away)! Still unsure about which test to start with? Read more about DNA testing here.
  2. Prepare your basic lineage for contribution to the project. Use item #7 above to do this.
  3. Write us about why you wish to apply for a grant.