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Ways to Contribute to this Project

  • Join the Anderson DNA Project - Is your last name Anderson? Do you believe you might be an Anderson but go by a different last name? Are you a female and have an Anderson ancestor? We want you! Join today to find out if you match someone in our database.
  • Donate to the Anderson DNA Project General Fund - the general fund was setup to offer assistance to prospective members.
  • Contribute your Basic Lineage report - New member or already a member but haven't contributed your basic lineage to the Anderson DNA Project? This is the place to do that!
  • Reasons to Participate in a DNA Study - Most folks have a reason for doing something and participating in a DNA study is no different. Read why participating in a DNA study may help you.
  • Sign up on the Anderson DNA Mailing List - this is where news about the project will be posted, also for the discussion and sharing of information regarding Anderson DNA testing and about Anderson families in the project.
  • Volunteer! - Seven (7) Haplogroups are represented in the Anderson DNA Project. Of those, we currently have 53 subgroups total. Our members are from all areas of the U. S and other countries. Corresponding with each other is essential within a subgroup to further research efforts. Will you volunteer to help members in your subgroup with their Anderson research? Read more about this on the Volunteer! page.

If you have questions click Contact Us ... we're glad to help!