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The Anderson & Andersen Family DNA Project is an ongoing project and has continued to grow on a regular basis since its inception in 2003. Herb Anderson founded the project at that time and continues to participate as a volunteer today. In fact, all of us who you correspond with concerning the Anderson DNA Project are volunteers. We are Herb Anderson(welcome administrator), Darlene Anderson (administrator and web site coordinator), David Pitts (our DNA guru) and John Mahlon Anderson, Jr. (general fund coordinator).

DNA analysis is an exciting new, high-tech method of determining genetic links between individuals. When the paper trail runs cold DNA analysis may be the answer.

Our project is open to any male Anderson believing that he is descended from an Anderson male. Participants are sought from all parts of the USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and anywhere else the name Anderson (or its variations) may be found.

Family Tree DNA is the company we use to conduct the DNA testing. They state on their website, "90% of genealogists choose Family Tree DNA – with the largest DNA database. As of May 17, 2012, we have a total of 374,568 records!" The Anderson DNA Project is one of their largest DNA groups.

Our Project goal is to share information and bind as many families together that share the surname Anderson and any of its variations.

We hope this project will provide the evidence needed to make breakthroughs in extending lineages that have stumped Anderson genealogists for years, provide clues to genealogical information you have that may not be making any sense to you at this point and in connecting lineages not previously known to be related.

We hope to work together with you to sort out Anderson families from different countries and connect Anderson families who came to America.