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The Register for Several Families from Which We Descend

The surnames of this register are: Anderson/Brown; Horney/(Juliana); Coffin/Thimber; Paddock/Sears; Bunker/Macy; Robinson/Hunt; Baynard/ Bennett; and Clifton/Edwards

The descendant lists here are drawn from the work of many others who preceded me and who have contributed their work to the many public genealogy data bases on line, principally the following:

As you work with the actual registers you will find links to specific sources, often with my comments about these sources and how they relate to our family line. As with many published genealogies, we touch these families tangentially, often at places the original authors did not choose to go. This is as it must be, I have done the same thing -- included individuals mostly where they relate directly to our line and dropping from further exploration when they diverge from our lines.

As will be the case with all such works, this is a work in progress and one that has relied on secondary sources, particularly for the very earliest members of the line. Original documentation is often difficult to locate and to authenticate. Should you be wishing to use these lines as "demonstration" of links to particular lines in order to gain membership in some of these early families (e.g., Mayflower descendants, DAR and SAR) the information here will not be sufficient for such demonstration. My interest in the families has simply been to trace our history as far back in time as is reasonably possible and following links that are plausible.

I do hope you will find these families of interest and will enjoy reading a bit about our history. I will be very pleased to share with you my exploration and understanding of these families, though I will not be able to provide any more detail than is found in these pages. I have done my best to represent the information as accurately and plausibly as possible. Should you wish addition information, you find my contact data at the bottom of the page.