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September 12 to October 30: Picket duty, camp at Culpepper, Bristoe Campaign

Satturday September 12th 1863 Formed in line at 5 A.M. and resumed our line of march. pased through Centerville over the bull run battlefield. crossed bull run Creek on the old stone bridge. Saw a greate many graves of our Soldiers. Some of them the sleepers ley there uncovered or partley so. Some I could see theire faces and others thire legs & feete. horable to behold to see our galant brave boyes that have fought and died on the field of battle to find -

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them buried in such a condition we camped on one edge of the battle ground. Marched 16 miles today

Sunday Sept 13th 1863

Monday Sept 14th 1863 got back to the old Camp on the rappahanoc at 1 P.M.

Tusday Sept 15th got Marching orders at 5 P.M. Struck tents and put out just at sundown Marched till midnight, then camped for the night.

Wedensday morning Sept 16th our regt was assigned to gard the amunition train through we marched till 12 M that night & camped for the night

Thirsday Sept 17th 1863 up this morning by daylight. Got breckfast then off on the march again. we left the wagon train & went to our bregade. Marching in line of battle this morning. marched some 3 miles and camped or rather stoped on a high and elivated peice of ground. the mail came-

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in at 4 P.M. and I received a letter from home & one from A Huston(16) of the 122 o. v.i. We moved forward a few rods to camp for the night. Wrote a letter to A Huston .

Friday morning Sept 18, 1863 We still remain in the same place. It commanced bout 5 A. M. It just poured down in torrants for some 2 hours and it is still raining now 10 A.M.

Saturday morning Sept 19 1863 We still lay in the same camp. All seems to be quiet in our front.

Sunday morning Sept 20 1863 Still remain here yet. I had the opportunity of attending preaching at 11 A.M. The text was these words, "I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, saith the Lord God Almighty".

Monday morning Sept 21, 1863 Had general inspection at 2 P .M.

Tuesday morning Sept 22 1863 We still remain here yet but how much -

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Longer I cannot tel as we are ordered to have 3 days rations in haver Sacks and 5 in knapsack which makes 8 days rations to carry. I think we will soon make pretty good pack Mules. We had orders to be reddy to march at 5 P.M. The order was revoked. I wrote a letter home.

Wednesday Sept 23 1863 we still remain here

Thirsday Sept 24 1863 Stil remain remain here yet. I cannot tel the reason that we do not move forward.

Friday Sept 25th 1863 S.J. Peters(17) & Enoc Bennett(18) & L.J. Reeder (19) 17). Came to the Company. & also Co. D.

Satturday Sept 26th 1863 got a very bad cold in my head & gathering in my ear

Sunday Morning Set 27th 1863 Still remain here yet

Monday Morning Sept 28th 1863 We have general enspection at 2 PM

Tusday Morning Sept 29th 1863

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received pay for 2 months. My transportation was taken out Which left me $15.88 cts. Transportation from Coloumbus to baltimore was $10.12 cts. We were paid Buy Major S.B. Williams

Wedensday Morning Sept 30th 1863 wrote a letter home, & sent home by express $25.00

Thirsday October 1st 1863 got no letter this Evening

Friday Morning Oct 2nd 1863 It is raining and looks very much like being a very wet day. we stil remain in Camp Near Culpeper!

Satturday Oct 3rd 1863 Camp Near Culpeper, va it is very plesant today All Quiet on the front not much indications of movement

Sunday Morning Oct 4th 1863 I am on gard duty.

Monday Oct 5th The sixth corps moved out to the front this morning.

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Tusday Oct 6th 1863 Nothing of note today

Wedensday Oct 7th 1863 Still in camp Near Culpeper. All is Quiet on the front

Thirsday Oct 8th 1863 Some indications of having a brush with the rebs soon!

Friday Oct 9th 1863 I had general Review at 10 A.M. Was ordered up at 11 P.M. to draw 5 days rations. Suspect a movement on hands, As the enimy is said to be in forse in our front.

Satterday Morning Oct 10th 1863 Called out in line of battle at 10 A.M. Then Marched Some thing near 3/4 of mile from Camp and ley in our armes til next morning!

Sunday Morning Oct 11th 1863 The ball has not opened yet. We still ley in line of battle did not get to sleep any last night. took up our line of retreat at 9 A.M. and Marched til 9 P.M. and crossed the rappahanoc river

Monday Oct 12th 1863 Still on the retreat with our enimy following us up!

Tusday, Oct 13th 1863 We held Election in line of battle in the field Between Warenton -


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and Warenton Junction While our comrades that were in front were fighting the Enimy they engaged our front not more than one mile from us. Whil voting! I see them bringing the wounded back. And as we pased over the battleground I saw one man leying ded close to the roadside, I am almost peped out can hardley drag one leg before the other one great god when shall this rebellion end!

Wedensday Oct 14th The Ball has opened this morning just in our rear. pretty hevy engagement but we were not engaged in it we marched on til we reached Mannasis Junction and took our stand & stood in line of battle some 2 hours. While the 2nd corps was Engaged with the Enimy & drove them with hevy loss on the reb side. I gave out this Evening and had to fallout

Thirsday Oct 15th & Friday 16th I got up with the regament at Union Milles

Satturday Morning Oct 17th 1863 Camp at union mills, va. I have got a very -


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very sore mouth can hardly eat. it rained nearley all day yesterday, but is Quite plesant this morning. we had to go out on picket on Bull run. the reble pickets line were in plain view of ours! The caverley had conciderabl Scirmish in our front and drove the Johneys back considerabl distance

Sunday Morning Oct 18th 1863 Still on picket post, was not disturbed last night. heard some cannonading Erley this morning. but did not last long it opened again just 10 minuts before 2 PM we remained on picket 48 hours.

Monday Oct 19th 1863 We got 5 days rations this morning Then Waded the river and are on the March to the front after the Joheneys. Arived at Mannasis Junction at 12 N Where the battle was fought on friday last. got our diner on the Battle ground. I see a good may ded horses that was shot & several new -

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graves, I feel pretty well today my mouth is getting better.

Tusday Oct 20th 1863 Marched hard all day did not camp ti1 after Sundown

Wedensday Oct 21st 1863 We got to catlets Station at 12 N . And went into camp have enspection at 5 P.M. This makes 11 days hard Marching cince we left camp Near Culpepper & we have not been out of the Sound of cannonading or musketry in all that time, I am pretty well rundown I had to through everything a way that I posib1y cou1d do without! The rebs has destroyed the railroad from Manasis Junction to cu1peper!

Thirsday Oct 22nd 1863 R.B. McCollum(20) Came to the to the regament today we left him sick at New York when we left there, I feel very sore today.

Friday Oct 23rd 1863 Left Catlets Sta at 6 A.M. and went back to Bristow Station to gard the rail road while is being rebuilt


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Satturday Morning Oct 24th 1863 Went out on picket or to gard the hands that was at work on the road. it rained all last night & has been raining all day it is a very cold rain. Called in off gard just at Sundown. With Marching orders

Sunday Morning Oct 25th 1863 Left Bristow Sta 7 A.M. For catlets Sta distance 7 miles roads desperate bad arived at catlets Sta 12 N. got our diner amp; put up our tents & and now we are reddy for another March got our supper over then we lit out at 7 P.M. Went half mile & camped for the night in some timber. We were Caled up at 4 AM and forned in line of battle,

Monday Morning Octo 26th we are still leying in the woods yet it was very cold last night did not sleepe hardly any it is very cold today for the time of year, put up our tents & geathered a fin lot of leaves & made a nise bed and supper and turned in for the night

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Expecting to get one good nights rest but was sadley disapointed. Called up at 9 P.M. And on the March back towards Briston Sta Marched 2 miles & camped- for the ballance of the night Ley in line of-battle.

Tusday Morning Oct 27th 1863 Still ley in line of battle. There was a very hevy frost last night. havent had a good nights rest for nearly 3 weeks!

Wedensday Oct 28th 1863 We got to ley in camp all night Last night for the first time for nearly 3 weeks. Struck tents at sundown. packed knapsacks with 8 day rations and off on the again. Marched down the rail road some 7 miles to the front to relieve General Smiths(21) bregade we got to camp at 11 P.M. And leyed down to sleepe Called up at 4 A.M. And went out on picket to rerieve Smith's men.

Thirsday Oct 29th 1863 on picket 3 miles below Warenton Junction


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Quite plesant this morning. but was very cold last with a big white frost.

Friday Oct Oct 30th 1863 We were relieved at 9 A.M. And have got back to camp again



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