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September 12 to December 5: The journey to freedom

Monday Morning September 12th 1864 Quite warm I feele some better We left Camp Sumter just at sundown this Evening & got aboard the Carrs & wer off in short order.

Teusday Morning September 13 & Wedensday September 14 Thirsday September 15th 1864 We arrived at florrance Station in South Carolinia

(from a folded single sheet in pencil North Carolinia ley in the morning and then they run us out half mile & then got out & marched bout Quarter of mile to an old reble Camp. Where we are at present)

(this is on the inside of the folded page but I see a date on it. Crossed the oak Mulge River at 5 AM into Macon City where they kept our officers. Macon is a very pretty place. We have to go some sixty miles further to Maricus Fort Nalley. )

page 136 this is a very faint loose page and difficult to read

Satturday Morning Sept 17th 1864 Still leying in the open field good meny tried to make there escape last night! The gards wer shooting all round I donot know if any got away at all! Very cold last night but Quite warm again to day.

Sunday Morning Sept 18th 1864 Clowdy & has the appearance ofrain. Not so Cold last night! O how I wish that I wer at home this morning to enjoy a good wash & a suit of Clean Clothes & then a good breckfast with my family! in stead if having to ley here in the sand and dirt without eather & without water

Page 137 this is a very faint loose page and difficult to read

-in the Carres until the afternoone & then they run us out half mile & then got out & marched part of mile to an old reb Camp Where we are leying at present

Friday Morning Sept -1864 Quite Cold in the after part of last night but Quite warm today again It begins to looke like to me that there is no exchange going on at present or they would not stoped us here. Some Say that they are building a Stockade here to put us in if that be the case we are elected for the war or until death removes us of our misery.

This is another fragment that fills in some the time in mid September 84 [sic – 64?]:

day (and lay there until the afternoon & then they run ? Us out half mile & then got out & marched about quarter mile to another old rebel camp where we are laying at present.

Monday, 'Sept. 19th, 1864., ---Tuesday, Sept. 20th -- Wednesday, Sept 21. Rain in the evening

Thurday, Sept. 22nd. Had a very heavy rain in the evening.

Friday morning, Sept 23rd, 1864. Very heavy rain early this morning. It flooded our tent but the soil being sandy it soon dried it up. We got about a half peck of sweet potatoes for which we had to pay five dollars in confederate money. They made two small meals for the four of us, myself, G. W. Forbes, C. Hope, Wm Scorse, We all draw portions together & cook it. [unreadable??-----] back to buy a pan to cook in for which we had to pay eight dollars in confederate money. The pan was made of old tin that had been taken off some old carrs. The corners of it being locked together and then bent around to the side & no sodder being used in it at all.

Saturday morning, Sept 24th, 1864. Still we lay in this open filed yet quite warm this morning. There was a petition read to each detachment this morning concerning the conderate [confederate?]-

(from a fragile loose page in back of the diary.) (found loose page which may be a fit with above portions.)

government to give us a parole by us not to take up---

Here begins a section composed of a group of separate pages bound together with thread and some pages are very deteriorated

Page 1

--government to give us a parole by us-taking oath not to take up arms against them until duley Exchanged It met with the approbation of every man in Camp! The Major & -- commanding this Camp agree to sign it & sent it up before the reble athorities for Consideration. I do hope that it may meete with there consent to get us our prayers as it does seame that our government has lost all Sight of us or Care nothing for the Sufering of fourty thousand of her

page 2

brave soldiers. Who has kindley stood in many a hard fought battle. But who has unfortunately been taken prisoner and cast into Some Stockade with out anything to Shelter them from the burning rays of a Southern georga Sun or to Shelter them from the dewes of heven at night & and from the dirt & filth of a Camp of fourty thousand men! It does Seam to me that our government has lost all humanity &

page 3

feeling for her Soldiers. That has been so unfortunately as to fall in to the rebles hands! When the suffering of us are so well known to them! & now a winter is fast approching us & all of us or nearley all of us are destitute of blankets or Cothing to hide our nakedness. May gods & the rebs & our government have mercy apon us & relieve us from our suffering Condition before Cold weather set in apon us! May the sentiments of the people of the north at home be aroused on the Question & for there friends that are in Southern prison

page 4

Sunday Morning Sept 25th 1864 Still we ley in the open field yet! General Starvation Seames to be our doome if we have to stay here very long! This morning we had bout half a meal of mush then we got bout as mutch at 9 oclock at night!

Monday Morning Sept 26th 1864 very Cold last night! Wi1h a very heavy dew. Yet it has been Quite warm to day! I donot believe that the rebs have the rations to give to us; and if we have to Stay with them long we will have to -

Page 5

Go hungry to bed more than once! Starvation Stares us in the fase Conciderable! but I do hope that we will not have to stay mutch longer with them!

Teusday Morning Sept 27th 1864 Quite Cold last night again! but Quite plesant through the day O for Something to eat. When I think of home and the abundance & to Spair it almost makes me hartsick to think a bout it but if I had the privelidge of going to my own slop barrel I would think my self Quite will off!

Wedensday Morning Sept 28th 1864

Page 6

Quite Coole last night a gain but not so Cold as last night was! We begin to need more Cothing to make us Comfortable! Nothing to eat this morning as usual & perhaps will get nothing before night. had but one small meal to day & that was not half a meal

Thirsday Morning Sept 29th got the fourth part of pint of Choped corn this morning fot breckfast & in the afternoone. got the same of rise to the man & five tablespoonful of molases

Friday Morning Sept 30th 1864 Nothing for breckfast yet & it is eight oclock! General Starvation begins to stare us in the fase

Page 7

Saturday Morning October 1st 1864 Nothing to eat as usual & I am as hungry as a starved wolf! O when shall we be delivered from this land of starvation! Quite warm & plesant this morning. We are still in the open field yet. We got three table spoons of meal & one hard tack to do us twenty four hours

Sunday Morning October 2nd 1864 Quite Cold last night & coole & Cloudy this morning! We got nothing to Eat til after night. one of the hardest day that I ever fased through! I was s[o] weak that I could hardley walk & all for the want of something-

Page 8

to eat. I had nothing to Eat for thirty six hours & the last meal that I had was three Quarters of a pint of corn meal grewel. I have not had half enough of foode for two weeks past! We was moved in to the new stockade today! It was bout 3/4 of mile from the field that we wer Camped in! The Stockade Containes fifteen or Eighteen Achers with a little stream of water runing through Something near the Center of it! Which will be a great benifit to us to wash our selves in.

Monday Morning October 3rd 1864 Cloudy & looks very much like raining! We got a pretty good ration of corn meal last night. Had about as

Page 9

much as we wanted to eat at one meal! after starving as long as we had. O Cannot our government do Something for us soome! or will they they Suffer us to ley here this winter to suffer by Starvation! Got no rations til after dark. Which made us a pretty good meal ( crossed out).

Teusday Morning October 4th 1864 Clear & warm got rations bout 4 P.M. to day. rise & flour & molases had enough to make us two pretty good meales. We can get along if we can get two meals a day

Wedensday Morning October 5th 1864 Pretty Coole last night but Quite warm this morning. There has been Something near one thousand men taken the oath of Alegance to the Southern Confedercy

Page 10

just on the acount of starvation & on the acount of our government letting them remain so long in a Suffering Condition! I was told that the Major Commanding this Camp had said that he intended to Starve every yankey in the Stockade til they would take the oath of Alegance to the Southern Confedersy! I think that he will have a greate many to Carrey out feete foremost first!

Thirsday Morning October 6th 1864 Quite warm this Evening makes five months for me a prisoner & I do not see any prospect of being Exchanged yet, Rained in the Evening & night

Friday Morning October 7th 1864 Clowdy and the Camp full of smoke! Nothing but

Page 11

beanes for supper last night & for breckfast this morning! I feele so weak that I can hardley walk. O Must we have to ley here and star to death by inches. When there is so mutch provision in the north to suply our wants & to spare!

Satturday Morning October 8th 1864 very Cold & Chilley & nothing to eat this morning

Sunday Morning October 9th 1864 very Cold last night. So cold that I could not sleepe any & it has been cold all day & will be colder to night than it was last night. O the Suffering that we will have to indure if we have to stay here this winter by cold & starvation

Page 12

Monday Morning October 10th 1864 Some white frost this morning & very cold but quite plesant after the Sun Rose! There was two hundred & fourty four took the oath and went out to go into the rebel army.

Teusday Morning October 11th 1864 very Cold last night with a pretty heavy frost! but has been quite plesant through.

Wedensday Morning October 12th Coole

Thursday Morning October 13th 1864

Friday October 14th 1864 Nothing to eat yet today It is pretty near night. We are Starving to death by inches.

Satturday Morning October 15th 1864 had tolerable meal for breckfast

Sunday morning. October 16th, 1864. Pretty coole last night but Quite -

Page 13

today had two pretty good meales today

Monday Morning October 17th 1864 Wrote for a box this morning

Teusday Morning October 18th 1864 Got pretty good rations today Rined pretty neR ALL DAY

Wedensday Morning October 19th 1864 Very cold last night Did not sleepE harley any

Thirsday, October 20th

Friday October 21st

Saturday October 22nd all passed off with the usual up roar of Camp

Sunday Morning October 23rd very Cold last night. do not feele very well to' day O how I dred these Cold nights if we have to stay here mutch longer

Page 14

Monday October 24th & Teusday October 25th & Wedensday October 26th Pased off with the usual uproar of Camp.

Thirsday Morning October 27th 1864 Clowdy & looks very mutch like raining

Friday October 28th & Satturday October 29th Nothing new

Sunday Morning October 30th 1864 I am tired of draging out this miserable life O how I wish I Could get back home once more

Monday Morning October 31st 1864 Quite unwell with rhumatism in my knees & leges

Teusday Morning November 1st 1864 rather Coole & Clowdy this morning

Wedensday Morning November 2nd 1864

Page 15

Rain & very Cold

Thirsday Morning Nv 3rd Still raining & Cold. O what suffering we have to indure!

Friday Morning Nov 4th 1864 Cleared of & tolerable plesant!

Satturday Morning 5th 1864

Sunday Morning Nov 6th 1864 & Monday Morning Nov 8th 1864 today is the greate day of Events Clowdy but plesant & warm! O how I wish that I was where I Could pole my vote! Ensed of being pened up in this miserable bull pen

Wedensday 9th & Thirsday 10th & Friday 11th & Satturday 12th & Sunday 13th & Monday 14th

Page 16

& Teusday 15th & Wedensday 16th & Thirsday 17th & Friday 18th All pased of as miserable as usual

Satturday Morning November 19th 1864 Clowdy & raining some little, O but my Knes panes me! Conclderable talk bout an Exchange again, I hope it is true

Sunday 20th & Monday 21st & Teusday 22 & Wedensday 23 & Thirsday 24 & Friday 24th Wer Cold & disagreable

Satturday 25th & Sunday 26th they commenced paroleing the Sick in hospital & camp

Monday Nov 27th I was taken out & paroled with Forbs & Hope

Tusday morning got a board the train at 5 A.M. & Started Charleston Arived there at dark & ley there til Next day

Wedensday Nov 30th 1864 ley all day

Thirsday December 1st 1864 one PM we are still leying here yet left Charleston at 10 AM for florance again Arived there at 7 P.M.

Friday Morning Dec 2nd 1864 Just back in to the bull pen agane

Satturday Dec 3rd & Sunday Dec 5th 1864 taken out agane to sart for our lines got aboard the Carrs at 5 PM & arived

Page 17

Charleston Next Morning at 5 A.M! got aboard transport bout 1 P.M.


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