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November 26 to December 2: Payne's Farm and Mine Run Campaign

Friday Morning Nov 27th 1863 took up line of March at 7 A.M. & moved catiously on but we very soon halted, hark I here the sound of musketry just in the front. We did not get into a general Engagement until three P.M. It Lasted til after dark, we lost in battle killed Leuit Fox (23) & 5 privites. 20 men wounded

Satturday Nov 28 There has scrimishing all day.

Sunday Nov 29th 1863 passed off tolerabl Quiet occaisonally a shot

Monday Morning Nov 30th 1863 From every appearance theire must -

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Be a general Engagement today for our troops have theire position & our batteryes are all in position. Canonading opened at 9 AM but no general engagement has taken plase yet there was prety hevy canonading on the right & center & Also on the left. Goodeal of scirmishing with musketry all day.

Thirsday Morning, Dec 1st 1863 we ley in line of battle until 8 PM Then we commenced our retreete We moved out very slowley until we got to the plank road. Then lit out on the double Quick for miles, it was pel mel with two bregades marching side by side, but was not panic stricken. We Marched 20 Miles by 4 A.M. Crossed the rapadon River Then ley down to rest & to take a short nap I rested some 4 hours. then got breckfast Then came on with the hospital corps.

Wedensday, Dec. 2nd 1863 The hospital corps Came on in advance of our troops and -

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Got back to Brandy Station by dark. Making a March of 40 miles in 13 hours.


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