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May 7 to May 23: Journey as POW from Virginia to Georgia

Satturday Morning May 7th 1864 we left robison Tavern at 8 AM for orange Court house distance 20 miles. Arived there at 6 P.M. we wer put into the Court house yard & kept there until near 11 P.M. then we wer put a board the Carrs & shiped to gordenvill Arived there near 3 A.M. then we was marched to where they had a squad of our men then we lay down in the dirt to rest -


Map 14

page 77 ( $2.00 for a dozen soda crackers) (1500 prisoners )

til morning

Sunday Morning May 8th 1864 had nothing to eat yet. We ley here til near 3 P.M. I bought one dozen of soda Crackers. which I had to pay two dollars for we was put a board the carres & Started for Linchburg, VA. Arived there next morning at 5 A.M.

Monday Morning. May 9th 1864 we was then marched through town and up James river Some 2 miles where we was put into a gully surrounded on all Sides by high hilles with a very nice Stream of water running through it I think there is about one half acher of level ground in this gulley or valley I think there is some 1500 of us on this little Spot of ground (1500 prisoners)


Map 15

page 78

We never got the first ration issued to us till this Evening & when we got them they was not very much. We got 5 hardtack & 4 oz of bacon for one days ration. We have a very good spring to get our watter out of & a nise runing stream to bathe in

Teusday Morning May 10th 1864 Had breckfast on 2 hardtack & a small piece of bacon There was seven hundred more prisoners brought in to day

Wedensday Morning May 11th 1864 There was another squad prisnors brought in this morning I donot know the number of men not over two hundred. There is now about 2600 of us here togeather They are taking the first squad of men 10.75 away to some other Camp

page 79

I understand that the citizens are feeding us They are doing the best that they can for us They have not got the wherewith to feede us very hevy

Thirsday Morning May 12th 1864 it rained all night last night & a very hevy rain this morning

Friday Morning May 13th 1864 We left Linchburg at 11 A.M. & got a board the Carrs for danville they put us in to pasenger Carrs we have been used very well cince we have been prisnors our rations are very slim but they do the best by us that they can They have not got it to give us & I cannot see for my part how they can continue this war much longer for there is but little farming going on along the rout that I have traveled over. I Scarsely ever -


Map 16

page 80

see any stock of any kind I see a hog now & then & a few sheepe. Cattle are very scrse & horses also & there roling stock is in a miserable condition in short I think the Southern Confedersy bout played out we are now bout 40 miles of danvill

Satturday Morning May 14th 1864 had one hardtack for my breckfast and thee bites of fat meat & I do not Expect to get anything more til tomorow for we will not get to danvill to day in time for them to issue our rations to us Arived at danvill at 5 P.M. We was then put in Close confinement. We was put into a large ware house three story high, Each floore containes four hundred men or more We are Crowded in as thick as we -

page 81

can ley down, dirty miserble hole how long will we have to stay here. We scarcley can get water to wash our faces with, We get Enough of Corn pone to live on & we get s small portion of boilt bacon

Sunday Morning May 15th 1864 I hope that we will soon be Exchanged or paroled. That we may get out of this dirty Stinking hole.

Monday Morning May 16th 1864 One more night put in in this dirty hole. They off one squad of men for georgia! There is continual tumult on our floore. it is Enough to set one beside himself. it seames to me that it is the hardest crowd of men that I ever have had to mix with Cursing & Swearing and gambling are going on continualy

page 82

Teusday Morning May 17th 1864 one more night put in of our prison life in this dirty hole & iff we have to stay here many days there will be Conciderable sickness a mong us for there is several sick already We are so crowded and the floores are becoming so filthy for we have nothing to sweepe them with! There was another squad of men sent off for georgia. I hope that they will send us out of this dirty hole where we Can breathe the pure aire once more We cannot get any news fron the front. I Cannot tell any thing a bout what is going on, one thing I know that they are not bringing in any more of our men as prisoners of war

Wedensday Morning May 18th 1864 we are still shut up in this dirty filthy hole The air is so impure -

page 83

that a good may are getting sick but I trust we will not have to stay here mutch longer for they sent off another squad this morning & I think that we will get off tomorrow morning They are issueing two days rations to us this morning. I hope that we may get off yet to day for we cannot get into a worse plase than where we now are, I donot feel very well I have got a dull heavy head ach & it is no wonder for we have to ley round in the dirt like a a pack of hogs, dirty & lousy

Thirsday Morning May 19th 1864 Left our old dirty prison at 5 A.M. a how plesant it was to get out where we could breathe the pure aire again, We marched out to the railroad & got a board the Carres for georgia. We went out on the new-

page 84

Railroad that has lately been built leading from danvill a cross North Carolinia & on through South Carolinia & down to georga. We Came 37 miles by rail then walked 5 miles the road not being finished for a spase of that distance. It seames to me that this is the maine road on which the rebs ship there supplys on! There main supplys Come from Georga & is drawen over this road. They seam to have plenty of Corn & bacon & the principal part of it Comes from South Carolinia & Georga! We are now waiting for transportation at some station I do not know the name off it is at the terminis of this road & ther is Quite a large supply of Corn & bacon stored up here it is drawn by waggons 5 miles then loaded on the Carr again then-


Map 16a

page 85

To danvill thence to theire armies! We got to make Some coffee this Evening. We take our supper in North Carolinia! We got a board the Carrs at 10 P.M. but did not start until about 1 A.M. Reaching Greenboro bout 5 A.M!

Friday Morning May 20th 1864 this plase is 52 miles from danvill va The portion of north Carolinia that I have pased over is very poore & broken & conciderble of a wilderness. Greenboro is a County town though not very large it is a very pretty plase & there is conciderable buisness done done there There is a machine Shop or Carr fOctory & waggon fOctory & conciderable of King Cotton stored up there. it is a Coole shady plesant High point Station next distance 10 miles & it is a very pretty little place with good brick buildings -


Map 17

page 86

& there is coneiderable of King Cotton stored up theire! Thomasvill Sta is next do not know the distance. It is Quite handsom the buildings are all new Salesburg is Quite a Citty dont know the distance. Arived at Sharlettsvill at 6 P.M. distance from Salesburg 44 miles it is Quite a large plase with two machien shops & two foundrys & one large steem flouring mill all in full blast, it a plase of conciderable buisness! We marched bout one mile N.W. to a R.R. runing S.W. Then Camped for the night drew two days rations. got 5 hard tack & 4 oz of bacon for my portion.

Satturday Morning May 21st Caled up at 4 A.M. & put a board the Carrs again & now are redy to be off, We have pased through Several -


Map 18

page 87

little villages but did not learn theire names, We are now stoped to water in Wainsboro South Carolinia 3 P.M. We reached Columbia the Capital of South Carolinia at 6 PM & pased through on one side of town & out some 2 miles & stoped for the night Nothing but starvation Stares us in the fase. We have nothing to eat to day & when we do get rations we donot get more than half Enough for one meal at a time. It may be posible that we may fair better when we get to our destination and if not god help us My only hope is in him that rules all things he will take Care of all those that put their trust in him!

Sunday Morning May 22nd 1864 It is 105 miles from Charletts -


Map 19

page 88

ville to Columbia, We crosed a trussel work that was said to be 6 miles long, Just before we crosed Long green river! It was one of these Cypress swamps & wildirness Reached Augusta Georga bout day light

Monday Morning May 23rd 1864 Crosed the Savanna River just before we got into town. We ley in the Carrs there until 1 P.M. We drew rations before leaving. got a very good ration of bread and meate


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