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May 3-7: Battle of the Wilderness, capture on May 6

Teusday Morning May 3rd 1864 We had some rain yesterday Evening Turned considerable Cooler! Pretty Smart frost this morning, The mountains are Covered with snow again! All very Quiet a long the line last night! What few Citizens are left in this godforsaken Country are trying to put out a small Crop of -

page 73 (May 3, 1864 Battle Rapidan)

corn! I can see six farm houses from the vidett post, I see that they are all or the most of them are putting out some corn! Picket line drawen in after dark Reached Camp bout 10 P.M. Called up at 3 AM & left or broke up Camp.

Wedensday Morning May 4th 1864 Marched out of Camp at 4 AM for the Rapadan Crossed it at 5 PM at germina ford, Met with no resistance & Bivwacked for the night

Thirsday Morning May 5th 1864 Our bregade was manuvered a round from one point to a nother until the noone, Then we wer brought up in line of battle on the Extreme right. our regt & 126 regt formed the first line of battle. We made a Charge on the rebs at or near 7 P.M. & drove them something near 1/2 mile & then fought them til 9 P.M.


map 13

page 74 ( Wilderness Battle )

Then we fell back & the rear line took our plase. We ley in line on our gunes the ballance of the night had nothing to eat, our Company lost none killed in action, had several wounded, G. W. Little(48) & W. Powell(49), M. dewire (50) & J. Whiteman (51) & J. Wheatley(52) & Hufman(53) & Thomas Vance(54).

Friday Morning May 6 1864 Went into action at 1/2 past 4 AM & was under a very heavy fire bout one hour! The front line began to give back but we ralleyed them & held our ground. The rebs then fell back to there breastworkes! We was then moved a little further to the left & then threw up a tempoary brestwork out of old loggs & Chunks. We was then relieved from the breastworks by the first division as they had been leying in line of battle in front of us they fell back into the breast works -

page 75 (Friday PM 4 oclock was taken prisoner May 6, 1864)

We then fell back bout two hundred yards & ley in line of battle parallell with them & ley in that condition until 7 P.M. When the rebs flanked us on the right & Then we all gave way & fell back in Confusion. I was taken prisner just at dark. lost Everything on the field, I think that I got bout 3/4 mile back before they tooke me I was perfectly exausted. could not go any further if it had been to save my life. I was struck on the left breast by a spent ball. it struck my testament & done me no damage at all! The rebs traveled me back tooke me a little to the right of the ground that we had occupied they let me rest some 2 or 3 times in going back. There was 2 others taken with me They took us to there rear & there gathered togeather 62 of us into one squad. Then they permitted us to ley down to rest for the night as I thought, They gave us -

page 76

water & the surgeon dressed the wounds of the wounded men, but we had not leyed there long until we herd a very heavy bolley of musketry. our men had ralleyed & drove them back & retooke the ground that we had lost. The balles came whistling over where we was leying pretty thick Then the rebs huried us back some 2 miles to locust grove or Robison's tavern there we ley til next morning


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