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May 24 to September 11: The stay at Ft Sumter (Andersonville Prison)

Teusday Morning May 24th 1864 Arived at Macon City at 5 A.M. Crosed the oak Mulge River Just before we Came to Macon. All the officers was put into prison there! Macon is a very pretty place. We have to go 65 miles farther to Andersonvill We -


Map 20

page 89 (Andersonville)

pased through fort valley it is a small plase. We arived at Andersonvill at 1 P.M. & then marched ½ mile & then Counted off & put into messes of ninety men & then Marched in to the bull pen. O what a horable looking plase. They Say that there is 15,000 men here. We are as thick can be packed in appairantley

Wedensday Morning May 25th 1864 and yet they put 700 more to day We got Cheated out of our rations yesterday Evening & I had but one hard tack & a small piece of meat to eat until this Evening. I suppose we got 12 oz of corn bread baked with out being sifted & about 4 oz of bacon. The stockade that we are in Containes bout Eighteen achers, With a small Stream Tuning through -


Map 21

page 90(55)

the Center of it. There is a spase of some three rods wide on one side that is boggy mixed with Sand & black muck The soil of the hole Camp is Sand & black dirt mixed with it. Which makes the men looke very black & dirty I see a good many men that it is hard to tell whether they was a negroe or had been a white man once. There is Quite a momber of men that is almost destitute of Clothing & what little they have on is as black as the ground. & there is no End to the lice in this horable plase

Thirsday Morning May 26th 1864 It rained last night & some this morning, It is very warm through out the day & fore part of the night but gets Quite Coole in the after part of the night we can -



Page 91 is missing from the transcription

page 92

feel feverish & want to drink a greate deal of water. but the water is hardley fit for a hog to drink Much less a man, for there is 15,000 men that has to wash & drink from this same little Stream that runes through the stockalle. This morning Makes three weeks & one day cince I was taken prisoner. It is very hot through out the daytime but coole at night!

Sunday Morning May 29th 1864 My dierhea is no better! one of the gards shot one of our men this morning he had got over the ded line! It is very hot to day! Recived a letter from Leut. Horney this Evening. he is at Macon and in good health

Monday Morning May 30th 1864 I feel Quite bad & very weak this morning. It is very hot again to day

page 93

Teusday Morning May 31st 1864 I feele Some better this morning it is very hot, but was Coole last night. There was a nother squad of 1,000 prisoners Came in yesterday! Wedensday Morning June lst 1864 I am better of my diarhea, It has been a little more plesant to day we had a very shower this after noone! There was one thousand more prisoners put in this after noone, the most of them are old prisoners that was at Salesbury South Carolinia, They are sending all the prisoners to this plase & we are so thick in here now that there is hard.ley room for us to ley down! I think that there must be something near Twenty thousand men in here now

page 94

Thirsday Morning June 2nd 1864 We had a very heavy thunder Shower in the after noone & in the Evening a very heavv rain

Friday Morning June 3rd 1864 it has continued to rain to day

Satturday Morning, June 4th 1864 it is still raining this morning & has the apearance of bein a wet day. It is very disagreable in this black mud & sand. There was another squad of 500 men Came in yesterday. one man from the 110 regt Brown(56) of Co. F. he was Catured on the 18th Of May at Spotsleyvania Court house! he said that our regt had been badley Cut up only bout 400 men left of them!
(400 left)

Sunday Morning June 5th 1864 it is still Clowdy & warm & looks like having more rain. O how I would like to be at home this morning -

page 95

to attend Church once more Wrote a letter to my family

Monday Morning June 6th 1864 it is Still. Clowdy & raining Some. I had a mess of beans & Corn dumplings boiled to geather for my dinner to day pretty good! I was told that there was one hundred men died yesterday. It averages about 35 deaths per day.

Teusday Morning June 7th 1864 it is very hot this morning There was a nother squad of 500 came in to day. very rainy in the Evening

Wedensday Morning June 8th 1864 There was another squad of men Came in to day it has not been Quite so hot today

Thirsday Morning June 9th 1864 we got two onions for which we payed one dollar for & one pint of beens for 35 cts! We are going to have -

page 96

beanes soup with onions in it & then put in corn dumplings & have a regular dutch dish of it. Heavy rain again to day)

Thirsday Morning

Friday June 10th 1864 very hot this morning There has not been less than six nock downs this morning before I got my brekfast, I understood from one of the Reble Sargants that Atlanta was gone up.

Satturday Morning June 11th 1864 another fight this morning it is very warm & was Quite warm last night did not sleepe two hours last night, had a very heavy rain had a very heavy rain in the Evening & it rained ti} 9 oclock P.M., a goodeal of rumer bout being paroled soon

page 97

Sunday Morning June 12t11 1864 It is clowdy & waffi1 & looks very mutch like raining. O how I would like to be at home to attend Church to day for there is not mutch religious sentiment here! One cannot hard.ley here anything but Swearing & See fighting most any time in the day! There has ben some 405 a ready this morning We had another heavy rain between 4 & 5 oclock P.M. We drew one third of pint of rise & bout 2oz meat this Evening for tomorrows rations petty short living that will be! But heartofore we have had cornbread or meal Enough to Keepe Soul & boddy to geather! The meat ration has always been very short not Enough to make one meal on

page 98

Monday Morning June 13th 1864 it rained all night & is still raining yet. It is now 2 oclock P.M. it rained all day & all night

Teusday Morning June 14th 1864 it is still raining this morning and has the appearance of continuing all day. It did rain all day & pretty mutch all night

Wedensday Morning June 15th 1864 Gloomy & Still raining it is getting aufful mudy, Men lookes more like hogs than human beings dirty & raged & shoeless & a greate many not Enough of Clothes to hide there nakedness with no tongue can tell the amount of human suffering that men-

Page 99

have to indure in this horowable hell for I cannot Call it nothing less There was another squad of 1100 men Came in today & among them was James Vance(57) of our plase he was Captured at richmond on the 10th of May

Thirsday Morning June 16th 1864 the sun broke out yesterday in the after noone the first time four days for it had rained Every day for fifteen days in succession & this morning it is Clowdy & looks very mutch like having more rain this Evening

Friday Morning June 17th 1864 it rained pretty near all night & is still raining! There was another squad of eight or nine hundred men Came in yesterday all from the potomac armey! No word from our regament, it rained all day and I got as wet as water Could make me

Page 100

I went out for wood & it Just poured down. but we must have wood or go without Eating for we draw raw rations & no wood to Cook with or so little that it does not amount to annything! We are treated worse than dumb brutes! O the Suffering of this Camp Can never be told until the greate day of reckning of acounts when Every thing Shall be brought to light & Then these men that has Caused this Shamefull suffering will meete there just reward!

Satturday Morning June 18th 1864 last night I ley down in my wet Clothes to try to sleepe. but there was but very little sleepe for me until the after part of the night it rained all night & is still raining this morning & rained all day

Page 101

Sunday Morning June 19th 1864 Fighting Seames to be the order of the day I believe that there is not one day but there is Eight or ten nock downs the hardest plase that I ever was in my life! O I do hope that our government will do Something Soone to get us out of this miserable hole. For it is murdering men by inches! Iff I Could but take the wings of a dove how Soone would I leave this miserable prison! and land my self in my own native land where I Could breathe freedoms air once more! this morning is very warm with the sun breaking out ocaisonaley! O how I would like to here from my family this morning for I have not herd one word from them for over two months heavy rain again this Evening

page 102

Monday Morning June 20th 1864 Clowdy & lookes like being another wet day, it rained pretty near all night Ther was Said to be nine hundred men Came in yesterday from Shurman Armey & a Small Squad from Smiths Army. At petersburg one of the men told me that he was taken within one mile of petersburg, heavy rain in the afternoone & at night

Teusday Morning June 21st 1864 Clowdy & looks like more rain pretty fair day until the afternoon then we had a nother rain, one man was shot just after dark he had got over the dead line(58). he was shot through the hips

page 103

Wedensday Morning June 22nd 1864 Some what clowdy & warm it sprinkled a little to day, There was five of us hired an ax to day for half a day We had to pay one dollar for the use of it. We grubed up a pine Stump & got bout ten dollars worth of wood out of it. It takes but a very small bundle of wood to bring twenty five cts!

Thirsday Morning June 23rd 1864 It is Clear & warm this morning No rain to day. The first Clear day for 23 days.

Friday Morning June 24th 1864 Clear & warm this mornIng. Evening

Satturday Morning June 25th 1864 It has been a very hot day almost hot Enough to roast a ginia Niger

Sunday Morning June 26th 1864 Not mutch appetite for dry corn bread this morning

Page 104 (40th birthday)

Monday Evening June 27th 1864 This has been a very hot day! This is my fourtieth birth day! There was a squad of Seven hundred Came in today

Teusday Morning June 28th 1864 Quite plesant this morning Erley but will be another very hot day! We had a very heavy rain at 3 P.M. & another at 7

Wedensday Morning June 29 1864 Clowdy & lookes like raining Extremely hot yesterday before the thunder storm, there was a nother Squad of four hundred Came in yesterday in the after noone & a nother Squad Came in to day

page 105 (thieves 12 sgts for jury)

Thirsday Morning June 30th 1864 Clear and warm this morning but clowded up near the midle of the day! The raiders(59) had be Come so bad that the reble orthoritys gave us assistance They Commenced Gathing them yesterday Evening & have been at it pretty mutch all day! They have caught Some Seventy five of them I never Saw Such a time as there was in camp to day! The raders was taken out side the Stockade and are under a heavy gard! We have a Court organised to try them there is 12 sargants for the Jewrymen The Commander of the post says he will Sanction there verdict, There was 2 or 3 men found buryed under some of their tents -

page 106

& in Some they found fifteen hundred dollars & in others they found 7 or 8 watches there has been a good many men killed by those raiders & they wer becoming bolder Every day! They would knock a man down in braud day light & rob him & it was becoming daingerous to go out of your tent at night. I suppose that of them will be hung & others of them will have heavy irons put on them til they are returned to our lines

Friday July 1st 1864 It is very hot to day! The New Stockade(60) was opened today & fifty detatchments moved into it. Making thirteen thousand five hundred men! We worse crwded in there than we was -

page 107

in the old & had no water! had to go back in to the old Camp for all our water

Satturday Morning July 2nd 1864 We Came to the Conclusion to move back to our old position on turd iland where we had plenty of tolerable good water & not Quite so mutch crowded !

Sunday Morning July 3rd 1864 very plesant erly this morning but very hot the after part of today O how I wish I was at home this day to have a good wash & to get some Clean Clothes on & to attend Church once more

Monday Morning July 4th 1864 very hot this morning We got no rations yesterday, We have not had any meete cince friday It comes very near living on the wind! I do hope that we -

page 108

may get into our lines this month! We had a very heavy thunder shower bout 3 P.M. today This fourth of July has not been spent as agreable as I have been acustom to spending them! It has generaly been a day of feasting but with us here in this miserable hole! It has been reverse for we have onley got one days ration out of four, & we begin to feal rather lank & weak in the knees!

Teusday Morning July 5th 1864 very warm We got rations yesterday Evening Corn bread & beef. The beef was Covered with Small Magots & was conciderable tainted! but prisoners Can Eate any thing that they can get! I have often thought that I would -

page 109

to have the Chance to get to my own Slop barrel I Could make a better meal of what I could pick out of it; than I can get in these Corn federate States

Wedensday Afternoon July 6th 1864 very warm but a little more plesant than yesterday! To day makes two months prison life for me! My time has been put by reading 3 or 4 Chapters in my testament Every day & a portion to look my grub & a portion for lousing & some portion of my time in getting wood & some portion in lounging in my tent! There was a Small Squad Came in this Evening bout one hundred

Thirsday Morning July 7th 1864 very hot this morning very hot all day

Page 110

Friday Evening July 8th 1864 It has been more than hot to day! Another squad Came in to day bout three hundred men!

Satturday Morning July 9th 1864 It is Extremely hot this morning had a very bevy rain in Evening

Sunday Evening July 10th 1864 It has been very hot to day! there was another squad of men Came in yesterday bout 300 or more & another Squad to day. I am not very well to day. Passing blood & matter conciderable

Monday Evening July 11th 1864 There was another squad of 3 or 4 hundred men Came in to day This Evening at 5 oclock 6 of those raiders were hung til dead I believe they all pled inocent to the last, I feel Quite bad to day My Bowels Still are runing off I am afraide it may prove cirous-

Page 111

as I Cannot get any medicin

Teusday July 12th 1864 I do not feele any better! It has been very hot all day!

Wedensday Morning July 13th 1864 very hot to day My Bowels are no Better yet

Thirsday July 14th 1864 has the aperance of rain but did not I donnot feele any Better yet

Friday July 15th 1864 had a Small Shower in the Evening. My diareah is no better yet I got some red root(61) this Evening and made a strong tea and am using it now

Satturday Morning July 16 1864 Clowdy and has the apearance of rain

Page 112

Sunday Evening July 17th 1864 O how I would like to have spent this Saboth at home with my family, but such Could not be the case. I have to be resigned to my lot, I attended surgeons Call this morning & got some medicin in the Evening it seamed to Ease my bowels Imediately after taking it. They onley sent me half a dose It was all that they had prepaired.

Monday July 18th 1864 The medicin that I got helped me some & I went out again today to get more

Teusday Morning July 19th 1864 My diareah seames to be better this morning. do not pass as mutch blood! I have had but one pasage to day Did not go to Sick Call this morning

Page 113

Wedensday July 20th 1864 Not so well to day

Thirsday July 21st 1864 Not any better to day

Friday Morning July 22nd 1864 Some better this morning. It is very warm, O when Shall our government get us out of this horrowable hole, Iff they let us stay here very mutch longer, We will all or most all of us find a grave in Georga! There was another Squad of 500 prisoners Came in from the armey of the Potomac this after noone.

Satturday Morning July 23rd 1864 Some what more plesant this morning & my diareah is some better. The rebs are fortifying here they are throwing up pretty strong works

missing pages 114 and 115. (dates July 24 to July 28, 1864)


From Shearmans(62) armey & they say there will be another lot in to morrow Making bout 1100 yanks that was taken on the 22nd of this month

Friday Morning July 29th 1864 very warm this morning more yanks Came in to day had rain in the Evening

Satturday Morning July 30th 1864 Very warm & sultry this morning day by day passed Slowley a way and day by day takes from forty to fifty to there graves! O how Slow times Seames to pass away! And yet when when we looke back over the time that has alredy beene Spent in this horrowable plase it does not seam so long

Page 117 missing form the transcription (dates July 31 and August 1, 1864)

page 118

Thousand Caverly & mounted Infantry at Macon & had Captured the plase!

Teusday Morning August 2nd 1864 Clowdy & pleasant but has the appearance of rain. There was but very little rain yesterday! O how I long for that to arive when we will leave this dirty stinking hole for our lines! I do hope that day is not far distant! Had a very heavy rain in the afternoon! There was four hundred more yanks Came in this Evening They was Captured at or near Macon, Gorga

Wedensday Morning August 3rd 1864 Clear & tolerable plesant this morning. The sick are all ordered out(63) this morning Some say they are going to macon I do not know where they are going to. I hope they are going to our lines!

Page 119

Thirsday Morning August 4th 1864 Clear & pleasant a fine Coole breese no more sick taken out this morning there was bout one thousand taken out yestermorning

Friday Morning August 5th 1864 No Sick going out this morning Sick Call put off until 2 oclock P.M.

Satturday Morning August 6th 1864 Clowdy & has the appearance of rain This day three months ago I was taken prisoner!

Sunday Morning August 7th 1864 very hot this morning! I would freely give one hundred dollars ifI could but leave this horrowable hell. for our lines

Monday Morning August 8th 1864 Clowdy & pleasant this morning it was reported last night that a lot of us was to go out this -

Page 120

morning but I think it all a lie! We Can hardley believe anything that we here anymore There has been so many reports that has proved false! Rain in the afternoon.

Teusday Morning August 9th 1864 Clowdy & looks like raining! Prospects for getting out of this hell soone is rather gloomy! I am getting the scurvy Quite bad! I see one Case of it. that his fase is all swollen up and his legs with running sores all ove him. Horrowable to se the Suffering that men have to Endure in this miserable dirty hole & all for the love of Country! But when men get in this condition it seames to me that our government looses all sight of the sufferings of thousands of her brave soldiers

Page 121

While they remain at home living on the fat of the land, I think they very well know the Suffering of our Prisoners in there reble prisons! There has died in this Camp or prison hell over seven thousand men in less that four months & still are going at the Same rate! It seames to me that our government should do som thing for us & that Quickly to! We had the heavest rain this afternoone that we have had atall it raised the branch so high that it washed the stockade down in three different places on the lower side, it broke it for four rods !

Wedensday August 10th 1864 The Johneys are reparin the stockade to day! It is very-


Ration Distribution

Andersonville Prisoners gather at a distribution point in August 1864 to receive their rations



A sea of ragged shelters swelter in August heat. Trench latrine runs alongside the stream from which bathing and drinking water taken

Page 122 ( copied very dim pencil)

warm today! had a very heavy rain the afternoon.

Thirsday Morning August 11th 1864 Clowdy & lookes like haveing more rain to day! rained some in the after noone

(HNA. ) August 12 1864 very warm this AM Continued very warm all day

Sat. Aug. 13, 1864 Very hot today We are getting less than half rations and have for 3 days back! It does seam hard that our government does not do something for us! They very well know the Sufering of the prisoners of Camp Sumter! There has died in one week ten hundred and fifty two men! That was from Aug 2nd to the 9th, 1864. That is paroleing pretty fast & iff we are left here a few months longer there wil not be very many men to parole or exchange. onley the new men that are Comeing in lately! O the Sufering that there is in this camp No tongue can tell.

Page 123

Sunday Morning August 14th 1864 Clear & warm. But I think it would be a very plesant morning if to me if I wer at home to spend the day with my family & to enjoy the blessing of a comfertable meal once more! This morning I had half a ration of cold corn bread and a cup of cold water for breckfast. It hard living but it keeps soul and body togeather! I am thankful that it is no worse with us than it is. Camp Sumter prison.

Monday Morning August 15th 1864 weather still very warm ! Men are ding very fast at the rate of one hundred & twenty per day!

page 124)

Teusday Morning August 16th 1864 Went out to Surgeons Call to get Something Skervy. I am getting it Quite bad, it is getting all through my sistem. Iff I Cannot get something to Cure or Check it. My time will be but very short in this world! I understood yesterday Evening that grant was opposed to paroleing or Exchanging at all! But I do hope that lincon will not grant his request & iff he does I hope that he may be defeated at this coming Election for it will be high time that the Administration was Changed! A government that will not looke to the welfare of-

Page 125

thirty or forty thousand of her prisoners! is not worthy to be Caled a government at tall! When she very well knowes the condition and sufering of them & that she is loosing more men in prison than she is on the battle field & not onely that. There is hundreds of men that have faithfuley served there Country for three years and they are still left to pine away and die in some horrowable prison it is enough to kill all the patriotism that men had for there Country when they are treated in this manner!

Wedensday Morning August 17th 1864

Page 126

I had a pretty bad sepell of Choleramorbus bug last night but am better this morning. It is very hot weather.

Thirsday Morning August 18th 1864 Weather still very warm! No prospect of getting out soone.

Friday Morning August 19th 1864 Weather still warm. Sickness inCreasing & more deaths !

Satturday Morning .August 20th 1864 Clowdy & Set in to raining bout 10 AM. rained pretty much all day

Sunday August 21st 1864 had aother spell of colerymorbus last night. Ley in my tent all day. et nothing til in the evening. O my got when shall we be delivered -

Page 127

from this horrowable Condition. If we are not paroled soone I shall never se my family in this world. may god put it in to the hearts of our arthorites to do somthing for us and that very soone

Monday Morning August 22nd 1864 Clowdy & it lookes like haveing more rain to day! I feele some better this morning with the exception of my mouth it is getting worse

Teusday August 23rd 1864. It has been very warm to day! can't see any prospects if getting out soon.

Wedensday Morning August 24th 1864 very hot! I tried to get out to Surgeons Call to get medicin for the skervy but -

page 128

There was such a crowd that it was almost imposible to get out. So I left and went back to my tent. I see them carying out a greate meny ded men this morning! It is Enough to kill the Sick the way that they have to be gotten but to Sick Call. They have to be Caryed up to the gate & then ley there in the hot sun for 3 or 4 hours. O the in human treatement that we receive in this horrowable place! Today makes three months cince we entered this miserable hole.

Thirsday Morning August 25th 1864 very hot this morning

Friday Morning August 26th 1864

Page 129

Still Continues very hot! More rumers of a parole again but we here so many reports! that has proved false that we have lost all confidence in any thing that we here, I do hope that it is true & that we will get out soone!

Satturday morning, August 27th, 1864. Still remains very hot! It is so hot through the day that we cannot stir round much in the heat of the day & the musketoes are so bad at night that we have no rest last night, I did not sleepe two hours for them! They have onely got so bad three or four days back.

page 130

Sunday Morning August 28th 1864 Still remaines hot. Although it rained some last night. We left the iland this morning & went up to the baries. I think it will be much plesanter in them than it was in our tent! James King of Co I Who has tented with us Ever cince we have been prisoners! was detected to day of Steeling notes of G.W. Forbs(60) to the amount of two hundred & thirty Eight dollars. He was araigned before the police Court. He was bucked & gaged all night. on Monday morning his trial was put off til teusday morning 10 AM

Page 131

Monday August 29th 1864 Quite coole last night & erly this morning! but got very warm again by ten oclock.

Teusday Morning August 30th 1864 has the appearance of being a very hot day. King trial was put off again til wens day.

Wedensday Morning August 31st 1864 Clowdy & Quite plesant this morning

Thirsday Morning September 1st 1864 Still in Camp Sumter prison It is Quite plesant this morning though rather Coole last night James King trial Came off this morning his sentence was to ware a ball and Chain til further orders

Page 132

Friday 12 N Sept 2nd 1864 It has been Quite plesant thus far. Quite Encouraging News this morning If it turnes out to be true paroleing to begin next monday.

Satturday Morning Sept 3rd 1864 Coole & clowdy & indicates rain! I saw upwards of fifty ded men Carried up to the gate to be taken out.

Sunday September 4th 1864 It has been Quite plesant all day! Corporal Brown of the 110th ONS died this afternoone bout 5 oclock! O how I long to se home once more & to enjoy its blessings of Something to eat that I could relish & to get Something for the Skervy

page 133

Monday September 5th 1864 rather warm today! I do not feele very well. I am afraid that I will get so that I cannot help myself. my knees are hurting so bad & ancles.

Teusday September 6th 1864 Quite warm today & had Some rain in the afternoone. I do not feel any better today! It seames to me that the skervy is growing worse every day! I cannot get one drop of medicine for it. I have just got to watch the slow progress of death day by day without any hope of getting any relief until death relieves me of my disease

page 134

Wednesday Morning Sept 7th 1864 The best newes this morning that we have had cince we came into this stockade. Ten detachments wer taken out to go to our lines.

Thirsday September 8th 1864. Still they are leaving for our lines! I am Quite unwell today. Sargant Miller left last night.

Friday Morning September 9th 1864. Some better this morning. Four detachments left this morning at 2 oclock

Satturday September 10th very hot to day! It seames to me about as hot a day as I have felt this summer

page 135

Quite unwell today not in --- life

Sunday September 11th 1864 I feele some better. 4 detachments left this morning & another lot this Evening. our detachment is the next after they leave that are ordered out this Evening!


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