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July 27 to August 15: Duty on line of the Rappahannock River.

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July 27 & 28. We are stil in camp where we overtook the bregade. I cannot tel when we will leave! My bed was rather uncumfertable last night as I had no blanket I got rather cool before morning. donot feel very well this morning. Et very little breckfast. James Hicks(1) started for home this morning. Sent all my extra lugage home by him. bunked with J. McCinan(2) & C Hope(3). I begin to think that I never new anything about Soldiering before I would much rather be in our old 8th armey corps.

July 29th 1863 one more night put in this camp Nothing of interest has occured. I feele some better this morning. Some of the boys are lounging around some & some are sleeping & some are closing there gunes, While I am Sitting against a tree wrighting a letter to my wife, & Leut. Cannon(4) & the orderley are making out the payrole I stood gard last night at brg headquarters, very hevy rain before Morning.

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July 30th, 1863. O me but I feel sore and stiff this morning. Can hardly get up when down. General inspection at 3P.M. Veri heavy shower of rain in the forenoon.

July 31 63 Moved our camp back one half mile. Got our tents up & in less than one hour we got orders to strike tents and get ready to march. Marched 3/4 of mile & the order was countermanded. Right about faced & marched back to camp. We are comfortable quartered in our tents. Feel pretty well this evening. Received a letter from home.

August 1st, 1863. Called up at 3 A.M. and started to hunt a picket post on the Rappahonoc River without getting breakfast. Wandered round over hills and hollows & old fields & meadows & fine thickets til we were entirely exhausted for it was an extremely hot day. Got breakfast at 12 N. Rested one hour then started again to hunt the post. Found it at 6 P.M. after marching 16 miles -

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to get there when we could have got there by marching 7 miles if they had not mised the way! but that is the way we are led round by drunken officers some times! got supper then posted the Sentinals out & then ley down to rest, I stood the tramp pretty well. but came very near playing out in the afternoon. it was extreemely hot.

August 2nd 1863 Sunday Morning I feele pretty with the Exception of feeling very sore & stiff. Sleped out in the open field my clothes were wet with dew. I did not rest very well during the night. Henry Benett(5) got his rest disturbed. he had spred his blanket down and leyed down to take his rest and to his greate surprise he found that he had a new comrade to sleepe with a Snake concluded that he would ocupy the bed himself & made a leap at henry but did not bite him. but scared him pretty bad. We were relieved at 10 A.M. It is very hot today

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After being relieved we went in to a new camp. Near the Rappahanoe River some 3 miles from the picket post. I went out this afternoon to hunt blackberyes, got my quart cup full by going one mile & 1/2 they made me a pretty good supper.

August 3rd 1864 Cizers but it is hot this morning. Went out to the waggon train to get some tobaco got a plug for which I had to pay $1.50. Wrote a letter to my wife today 10 AM good gracious but it is hot now had to go out and get under the shade of a tree to coole off. We are 13 miles from Culpeper!

Tusday August 4 1863 still remain in camp, Colonel Foster(6) Started home on sick furlough this morning Nothing of Emportanc had ocured up to 10 A.M. There was hevey canonading All this afternoone. In the direction of Culpeper! very hevy rain at 5 PM and is still raining some yet 6 P.M.

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August 5th 1863 Wrote part of a letter but did not finish it. Expected to have gotten one from home today. but it failed to come. It rained pretty near all night last night. It is raining this evening.

August 6th 1863 Thirsday 9 A.M. went out and got a cup of blackberries for my diner We have preaching at 11 A.M. today Doc Owen(7) wanted to have me detailed as nurse in bregade hospital. I beged off finished my letter & mailed it.

August 7th, 1863 had a very hevy rain this Evening.

August 8th the sun rose Clear this morning & it is very hot

August 9th Sunday went out on picket this morning, My Self & Joseph Bennett(8) & George Achers(9) & F.B. Nilson(10) are on one post together on the bank of the rappahanoc river. A post that the bush whackers fired in the night before last. but no body hurt.

August 10th Were relieved at 7 A.M. got onto camp at 9 A.M.

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August 11th 1863 Some sines of an engagement, Wrote a letter to my wife it is Extreemely hot today.

August 12th .very plesant this morning Nothing of interest today.

August 13th very hevy rain it commenced bout 3 A.M. morning and rained til 9 A.M. We had to go out on picket this morning. Cizers, but it rained

August 14th was relieved and got back to camp at 9 AM. got a letter from home

August 15th got orders to put 3 days rations in our haversacks and Strike tents every thing is redy to march do not know where we are going. it is very hot this morning. took up line of march at 7 A.M. & came out to Bealton Sta. Some 6 miles from our camp. got a board the carrs. For Alexandria Arive at Alexandria at 8 P.M

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Marched in to the baries & camped for the night, went to bed without my supper!


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