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Glossary - Dictionary for the Civil War Diary

an acute disorder of the digestive tract, marked by diahrrhea, vomiting and cramps
Corn pone:
corn bread, esp. of a plain or simple kind
dead line:
at Andersonville prison this term meant a line across which prisoners would be shot
a kind of hard biscuit much used by sailors and soldiers (f hard + tack taste)
a soldier's bag for rations
a leather or canvas case for clothes and the like, carried on the back especially by soldiers
sent home under an agreement not to fight again until the other side received an equaly number of parolees
a hill or mountain with a pointed summit
a group of Union soldier prisoners who were theives at the Andersonville prison. they had murdered some of the prisoners by the Great-grandfather's account (see page 105). Seventy five of these men were tried by a jury of fellow prisoners (12 sergeants)
organized by the governeors fo their state and grouped by region. Consisted of 10 companies of approximately 100 men each: 1000 men
a timber of comparatively small cross-section
not sifted through a cloth or sieve
vidette or vedette post:
a mounted sentry in advance of the outposts of an army or in the case of Harmon Anderson probably the vedette boat, a small naval launch used for scouting



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