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Feb 8 to May 2: Camp life leading up to campaign from the Rapidan to the James River

Monday Morning Feb 8th 1864 All Quiet againe and still remain in our Quarters

Tusday Morning Feb 9th 1864 very pretty this morning but coole

page 46 (letter from Mel)

Wedensday morning Feb 10th 1864 Clear & Coole. All remaines Quiet as yet!

Thirsday Feb 11th 1864 Cleare & Coole. Nothing of interest.

Friday Feb 12th 1864 Quite plesant this morning! got to read a letter this morning J. W. Anderson(24) that is in the South western armey

Satturday Feb 13th 1864 Some fireing on picket last night. All quiet this morning, very plesant spring like recived a letter this Evening from M.L. Anderson(25) was very much pleased to get a letter from him as it was his first attempt to write a letter! I was glad to know that he is learning to write so well

Sunday Morning Feb 14th. Meetting at bregade Chappel at 11 A.M.

Monday Feb 15th 1864 Cloudy with the appearance of raine or snow it -

Page 47

Commenced snowing at 3 PM

Tusday Feb 16th 1864 Cleare & Cold this morning! We had a very interesting meeting last evening in our Chappel! Two were converted and general manifistation of the Spirit of god was felt by all those engaged in his servis.

Wedensday Feb 17th 1864 very cold I think the Coldest day that we have had this winter. I left the hospital this morning. Went to company

Thirsday Morning Feb 18th 1864 very Cold this morning, O but it was Cold last night

Friday Feb 19th 1864 Still remaines Cold.

Satturday Feb 20th 1864 it has Moderated a little

Sunday morning Feb 21st 1864 it is very plesant

Monday Morning Feb 22nd plesant

page 48

Tusday Feb 23rd 1864 Quite plesant went to Brandy Sta.

Wedensday Feb 24th 1864 went out on fatigue duty & a portion of our regt went on picket

Thirsday Feb 25th 1864 & Friday 26th Were rather unplesant Coole & windy the pickets were attacted on friday there was five hundred men sent out in the evening to reenforce them!

Satturday Feb 27th 1864 Quite plesant this morning I am out on fatigue again today, Marched to bregade hed quarters then to brandy Sta to work out my road tax Capt. Moore(26) died last night at 1 AM. the 110 regt looses a fine man and a noble officer. he was Captain of Co. E. he was Enspector General & on Col. Keifer(27) staff

Sunday Morning Feb 28th 1864 it is quite plesant. We are to pack -

Page 49

up knacksacks & hold ourselves in readiness to march at a moment's notice.

Monday morning Feb 29th 1864 We are still in camp yet & was mustered for pay today.

Tusday March 1st 1864 It commenced raining last night & has been raining slightly all day

Wedensday March 2nd 1864 It snowed last night & turned Cold. but it has moderated & is Quite plesant this afternoone

Thirsday Morning March 3rd 1864 very plesant spring like morning nothing of interest occurred today

Friday Morning March 4th 1864 Went out on picket for 3 days. it is some eight miles from camp to our picket post. pased through Culpeper, it made me very tired in going out. I do not feel very well got a very bad headache

Page 50

Satturday Morning March 5th 1864 got up this morning with a very bad headache & no appitite to eat breckfast. had the headach all day it has been trying to rain some to day but Cleared off in the evening

Sunday Morning March 6th 1864 pretty cold last night very hevy frost, but a butiful Saboth morning. O how I would love to be at home this morning to attend Chirch with my family insetd of haveing to sit around our Smokey fire or stand on our post to watch for the johneys.

Monday Morning March 7th 1864 Quite plesant, We were relieved at 12 N today. got in to camp at 5 P.M. was pretty tired! Signed the pay role & was payed off at 8 P.M. Amount due me was 52.00 owed the sutler $10.50 which left me 41.50.

Page 51

Tusday March 8th 1864 It is raining this morning. Cleared up in the evening.

Wedensday March 9th 1864 It is Quite plesant. though a little coole I am on gard today. today was appointed for grand review of the 3 corps, but the order was Countermanded this morning for what reason I cannot tell this is the Second time that the order had been Countermanded, The order was again Countermanded and had had to go out at 2 P.M. on Revew. our division was all that had to go out. We was revewed by Col. Keifer of the 110 o.v. S

Thirsday Morning March 10th 1864 It commenced raining at 7 A.M. We got our New Chapel done yesterday & had it dedicated last night by Rev McCabe, his text was this: “the spirit& the bride say Come & let him heare say come & whomsoever will Come, let him partake of the water -

Page 52

Of life freely"! The house was filled to its extent, It rained all day & bids fair for a wet night, O how I feal for those that have to stand gard to night but I Cannot reach them, I just came off gard this morning myself

Friday Morning, March 11 1864 It looks very much like raining

Satturday Morning March 12th 1864 It is very plesant this morning we had a very pleasant meeting today the greatest preacher that ever preached a Sermon was at it. Jesus was theire to the joy & comfert of our harts, Our Chaplin got here this Evening & had prayer & speaking meeting at night veI'y good very good feeling prevaded the hole house

Sunday Morning March 13th 1864 this is a very plesant sabbath morning had prayer meeting at 10 A.M. & preaching at 11 A.M. our Chaplen preached for us & also again at night. I think him -

page 53

pretty good speaker!

Monday Morning March 14th 1864 It still remains plesant I am cook today! Wrote part of a letter to my brother Preston

Teusday morning March 15th 1864 Not so plesant today it is turning Coleder and has been trying to snow some I am still Cooking today. finished my letter, that I was writing to my Brother, We lost one of our new recruits yesterday he died at the division hospittal. Amos Ervin(28) has gone from his labours to his reward in heven he said that he was prepared for death, glorious hope.

Wedensday March 16th 1864 Corps Revew to day very cold Went out on revew at 9 AM. Got in at 4 P.M, Reviewed by General French(29) Caught a very bad cold, I am pretty near layed up with it

Page 54

Thirsday March 17th 1864 Still raining Cold & windy. My cold no better

Friday March 18th 1864 Quite unwell this morning got a severe cough & breast very sore from the Effects of the cold! General Enspection to day at 10 AM! New recruit of Co J died last night. We were ordered at 5 P.M. to pack up with three days rations in haversacks. The order Came to fall in & Each Company fell in line & Stacked armes. To wate for further order. Expecting that Some person had got to much Comisary on & the mistake would Soone be found out & and the order Countermanded! It was the case I supose as the order was countermanded

Satturday March 19th 1864 All is Quiet this morning in Camp it is very plesant My Cold does not seam to be any, better yet. felt very bad all day Ley in my bunk nearley all day

page 55

Sunday morning March 20th 1864 Quite plesant, Sargant Shull(30) & Sargant McCullom(29) & Corperl Pierce(32) Started home on furlough this Morning, I feel Some better my cold is breaking up, Turned very cold in the Evening

Monday March 21st 1864 I & C. J. Reeder(33) are Cooks to day Reeder was not well & I had it all to do myself, Bregade revew at 3 PM again

Tusday March 22nd 1864 it is very Cold and windy to day & I feele very unwell have conciderable feaver! It commenced Snowing in the afternoon.

Wedensday March 23rd 1864 the Sun rose Cleare this morning tho Snow fell to the depth of eight inches last night. We had to go on picket this morning it was pretty heavy! It pretty near played me out for I did not feele able to march so far, it was nine miles to our post. It was Quite plesant near -

Page 56

the middle of the day. Stood my trick from 3 til 5 P.M. Then from 11 til 1 A.M.

Thirsday Morning March 24th 1864 the Sun rose Clear this morning & it was Quite plesant. I do not feele any worse this morning. plesant all day

Friday March 25th 1864 Clouded up last night & has been Spitting Snow this forenoone! on thirsday one of our Caverly pickets had his horse shot from under him & also one tuesday night. The bush whackers seam to be pretty plenty in this vicinity! We are 4 1/2 miles west of Culpeper on the Southwest side of the pike! I do not feel Quite so well today! It commenced snowing at 3 P.M. & then bout 5 P.M. it turned into raining & rained until one A.M. The Reble Caverly made a dash on our caverly pickets on the pike, the dash was made between 12 & 1 A.M. Some 17 shots was fired.

Page 57

Satturday March 26th 1864 All Quiet this morning! Cloudy & coole We was relieved at 3 PM by the 3rd division

Sunday Morning March 27th 1864 Cleare & pretty this morning this is Easter Sunday! We have been attached to the 6th Corps 3rd division 2nd Bregade We have just gone through with our Sunday morning Enspection

Monday March 28th 1864 very plesant to day, nothing of interest

Teusday Morning March 29th 1864 got orders to pack up to move, but it was countermanded, it is raining it rained all day

Wedensday March 30th 1864 it is verry disagreeable this morning it has been raining & snowing We had Quite a good meeting last night, Not with standing it was raining & dark! Some of the boys made a raid on the sutler

Page 58

last night & distroyed conciderable amount of goods. Some of the boys have been detected. I supose that they will have to foot the bill perhaps it may learn them a lesson if they have all this summers wages taken from them to pay the damage that they done in fifteen minutes time We had a very good meeting this Evening

Th1rsday March 31st 1864 We broke up Camp this morning or rather Changed Camps with the first division of our Corps. We are Quartered in the Camp of the 105 P.V. nothing like as well fixed as we was in our old camp

April 1st Friday Morning 1864 Went out on picket. Commenced raining at 10 A.M. & rained til 5 P.M.& then turned to snow I believe that I never Saw it snow harder in my life

page 59

Awful disagreable!

Satturday April 2nd 1864 It has been raining & snowing til 12 N. today.

Sunday April 3rd 1864 It Cleared up this morning & was a very pretty all day. All has been Quiet a long the picket 1ine.

Monday Morning April 4th 1864 It Clouded up last Evening & rained a little last night & this morning and is considerabley Colder & looks very mutch like rain or snow! I had nothing to Eat this morning for my breckfast. I et the 1ast for my supper 1ast Evening. Some of the boys went up to a farmhouse & got two buiskets a peise for which we had to pay eight amp; 1/2 cts apeice pretty dear bread & not any to good at that. We had plenty grub in Camp but did not take out enough to last us three days. It commenced raining at 12 N. & has been raining ever cince it is now 10 P.M.

page 60

We was relieved to day at half past 12 we have a very muddy tramp back to Camp. I feele for the pickets tonight but cannot reach them, We got back to Camp at 5 P.M. pretty tired & hungry

Teusday Apri1 5th 1864 it has been raining all night & is still raining 9 AM. Every thing seames to be in a flood! I am cook to day & it is hard to Cook anythy thing to day The Sut falles down the Chimney so bad but not with standing I got up a Splendid dinner We had potatoes & turnips & beef boiled & plenty of soft bread & butter & orange beere & coffee & consentrated milk It rained all day good gracious but it is very mudy our new Camp is very mudy there has never been any draining done We will go to work as soon as the weather settles and drains it off. I think we can make it look like a nother camp before we are two weeks

page 61

Wedensday Morning April 6th 1864 The weather Cloudy & Coole nothing of interest to day

Thirsday Morning April 7th 1864 this is a butiful morning. I commenced writing a letter to Frankey(34) last night

Friday Morning April 8th 1864 this is a very pretty morning I feel like I would like to be at home to commence making garden but duty Calles & I must obey. O May god hasten the day when union & harmoney & pease may be restored to our land againe

Satturday Morning April 9th 1864 very gloomey this morning It has been raining all morning & has the appearance of being a wet day there is but little news in Camp or in the daley papers there seames to be a general stillness prevailing both -

Page 62 (Father's Hope)

Armys. They are preparing for the desparate struggle that soon must follow this calm. O how many men there are now enjoying the blessing of health & life that must fall in a very short time. O may God, the searcher of all hearts, enable us to look to him for divine help. And should our lot to fall on the battlefield, O may we fall in sight of heaven feeling that all is well & that we are going where Jesus is. O happy home, a home in heaven. A home from sin and temptation & toil set free. A home where God will wipe all our tears away. O blessed hope a hope through Jesus given.

Sunday morning, April 10th, 1864. The general inspection of Sunday morning is over with & we are now left to enjoy Sabbath until dress parade. We had a very gloomy day yesterday. It rained all day -

page 63

and all last night. the water run into our shack so bad that we had to dip it out frequently. I recived a letter from home last night & wrote one to J. W. Anderson(35) that is in the westeran army,! & wrote one to my wife also it commenced raining again at 5 P.M.

Monday Morning April 11th 1864 The weather seames to be some what settled this morning. Nothing of interest only that our Company was out target shooting

Teusday Morning April 12th 1864 Indications of rain againe this morning We had orders last Evening that we could pack up all our private & surpelous property & it would be sent to Alexandria & stored away.

Wedensday April 13th 1864 G.O. McMillen(36) Returned last night to the regament, I am detaled for picket -

Page 64

Our company is on the Extreme left of the line, It has been rather plesant day though rather coole in the evening & night

Thirsday Morning April 14th 1864 Clear and Quite plesant this morning all was Quiet last night

Friday Morning April 15th. 1864 It has been Coole & Cloudy all day it commenced raining in the Evening & rained pretty much all night

Satturday Morning April 16th 1864 Still raining. We was relieved at 12 N. by the 87th P.V. got into camp at 5 P.M. pretty tired roads Quite mudy bad walking

Sunday Morning April 17th 1864 Received a letter from home last night. Sunday Morning Enspection over with! I wrote a letter home, I feel some what cast down rather gloomy. Atended prayer Meeting in the -

page 65 (Gen Grant reviews the 110 Ohio Reg.)

Evening out in the grove very good Meeting

Monday Morning April 18th 1864 Let Geo McMillin(37) Came out this morning for the first time with his uniforme on! Grand Revew of the 6 Corps to day by Leut General Grant. We formed on the Coler line at 9 A.M. Then marched to division hed Quarters, Then marched some 5 miles to the ground prepaired for the revew pased the revew & returned back to Camp in the Evening. very tired & hungry. It was a very pretty day for the occasion

Teusday Morning April 19th 1864 rather Coole and Cloudy

Wedensday Morning April 20th 1864 General Enspection of our regament formed on the Coler line at 9 A.M. Then marched out into the field & was Enspected by Col Keefer(38) & staff the most rigid Enspection that we -

Page 66

have had. Company Enspection this aftemoone. it is a perfect imposition a pon the private to have to undergo so much red tape as there is prOcticed in the Army of the potomac

Thirsday Morning April 21st 1864 Quite Coole & Clouday. Company drill from 9 to 11 A.M. battalion drille from 2 til 4 P.M! Last night was our regular night far Class meeting. we had a good meeting four united with our little band it now No bout 84 members god was with to Cheere & Comfort our hearts & there seames to be a growing interest a mong us May god Almighty direct us by his holy Spirit & Keepe us by power devine until the perfect day

Thirsday Morning April 22nd 1864 plesant morning. we are going to shoote at target, from 9 A.M. til 12 N. to day Our prayer meeting was pretty well represented last night two more united with the little band the work of the -

page 67

lord is still going on

Satturday Morning April 23rd 1864 It is Quite plesant rather hasey has Some indications of rain! My health is very good. All is Quiet on the front afternoone had very strong indications of a move! I got a letter from home this Evening.

Sunday Morning April 24th 1864 It is a butifull morning Attended prayer meeting at 10 A.M. had my blessed attended preaching at 11 A.M. I herd an exelant serment from these words. ldquo;]This is the day of Salvation[“] Wrote a letter to my wife to day. On last teusday night we convenanted to pray for our officers on all ocasions Thank god we are beholding the desires of our hearts! last night Major McElwain joined with our little band or Christian asociation our hearts was made glad to see our officers coming to our -

page 68 (His nephew Wm Anderson of Iowa )

little prayer Meetings to give there influence on the side of Christianity I recived a letter from My nephew William Anderson in Iowa, I was detaled for gard duty reported to adjutant at 5 P.M. got on third relief, had a very wet night night

Monday Morning April 25th 1864 It has Cleared up & lookes like being a very nise day Came off duty at 5 P.M.

Teusday Morning April 26th 1864 Clowdy with the Sun breaking out ocasionaley, Target shooting from 9 AM til 12 N! Last night we met as usual for prayer meeting & I think we numbered over one hundred persons. We had a glowrious meeting. god was with us in his mighty power to covict siners & to bless his believing Children There was eleven united with our little band, T.J. Hicks(40), J. Coss(41) , J. Anderson(42), G. Hamilton(43), J. Cooper(44) All of Co C I disremember the names of the others. I was appointed to take -

Page 69

Charge of the meeting tonight O May god bless my humble Effort to Serve him. we met at the usual hour for prayer meeting & glowry be to god his holey spirit was with us to comfert & bless our soules & thank you god the spirit of god- got hold- many who have hither to Carless & indifferant 22 more united with our Christian union association of the 110 reg bless god Co. C is getting pretty well represented 11 of Co C. has joined with in the two last nights. We had a very large congregation I believe there must have been near 200 hundred presant

Wedensday Morning April 27th 1864 It is Quite plesant & spring like morning! Target shooting from 9 til 11 A.M. dresperade at 5 P.M. then our prayer meeting as Erly as we can get out. had a very good meeting this Evening

page 70

Thirsday Morning April 28th 1864 It was Quite Coole this morning & has remained Coole all day. There is a rumer in Camp & has been for Several days. That our division is to do gard duty. this summer! gard the railroad at Culpeper & brandy Station The band has Come over from bregade head Quarters to suronade Co J Keefer They are pleying now half past 4 P.M. The Chaplin gave us his farewell adress this Evening, We are again left with out a chaplin

Friday Morning April 29th 1864 Very plesant this morning Company drill from 9 to 11 A.M. bregade drill from 2 til 4 P.M. prayer metting at 7 P.M. our meetings are well attended every night three more joined last night very good meeting, the lord always meets with us

page 71

Satturday Morning April 30th 1864 Quite Smokey & very hasy this morning though plesant. was Called out in to line at 9 A.M. to be mustered for pay Dorwin Peirce(45) was promoted to 5th sargant & John Hendrix(46) & Joseph Bennett(47) to Corporals on the 29th of April 1864 Met at 7 P.M. at our usual plase for prayer meeting had a good meeting 19 more united with us this evening, Making one hundred & fifty eight members, have 5 comisioned officers.

Sunday Morning May 1st 1864 Thirty Six men detaled last night for picket & I was one of the Nomber We formed on coler line at 8 A.M. Reached picket line at 11 A.M. We can see the rebs Skulking a round as many as 8 or lO in a squad, I am on the same post that I was on the first day of April. I missed getting a letter last Evening from home. It is the first -

page 72

time that I have mised getting a letter once a week for a long time

Monday Morning May 2nd 1864 Cool & cloudy, Some firing a long the picket line last night. It is now 10 A.M. & I am out on vidett post watching for the Johneys but have not seene any this morning unless those three men that are planting Corn, just in front of me are! Recived a letter at 11 A.M. from home & sit down and wrote one in answer to it.


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