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December 5 to January 1, 1865: Home at last!

Teusday 6th & Wednesday Dec 7th left Charleston harbour for Camp parole at Anopolis Mayland We wer out on the waters Thirsday 8th & Friday 9th & Satturday 10 Arived at Anopolis bout 2 P.M. & landed after having a very rough voiag! We wer Quarterd in good Baricks!

Sunday Morning Dec 11th 1864 lost one man by sickness & two fell over board on Friday nigh & wer lost! Raind & turned Cold

Monday Morning Dec 12th 1864

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New Suit of Colthing & took a good bath, felt considerable better. After getting over the Chill!

Teusday Morning Dec 13th Clowdy & not Quite so Cold. Mustered for tw months pay this morning at 10 AM

Wedensday Dec 14 was sent out to parole camp & other new prisoners taking our plase

Thirsday 15th Mustered for our Computation money & got our cirtificates at head Qarter & then went to Barricks No 24.

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& got our Checks for fifty three dollars & fifty sents. got it Cashed at the Sutlers by trading out five dollars worth

Friday the 16th & Satturday the 17th not got our two months pay yet!

Sunday Morning Dec 18th 1864 Recived 32.00

Monday Dec 19th Stil ley in Camp. Not got transportation nor our furloughs yet

Teusday Morning Dec 2Oth Called up at 4 this morning, got breckfast & marched over to hed Quarters to get our furloughs. got them & Started for town

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To Quarter Masters head Quarters & Recived our transportation then got board the transport for Baltimore Reached Baltimore Bout 3 P.M. Done Some trading & was redy to leave for home. got a board the Carrs at 9 P.M. And left Coming over the Baltimore & ohio RRR

Wedensday Dec 21st Reached Belar ar or near 11 that night & ley there til morning

Thirsday Dec 22 left Belair at 7 A.M. Arived

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At Columbus at 3 PM got home at Sun down! C Hope & G. W. Forbes being left at Belair this morning!

Friday Morning Dec 23rd 1864 At home once more had a good Syuair [Squair?] meal for Breckfast. Weather pretty Cold & Clear to day! Not So well my feete are swelling up & pain me very mutch

Satturday Morning Dec 24th 1864 Not so cold but Clowdy & looks like snowing!

Sunday Morning Dec 25th Went to Church herd a very good sermon By Bro Fitrgeeles! Wer invited to Mr Landakers for diner had

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A splendid dinner

Monday Morning Dec 26th 1864 Clowdy & lookes like raining Mr Pearson of Jeffersonvill Cald to se me this morning!

Teusday Morning Dec 27th 1864 Raing Some My legs pain me very Bad to day Wedensday Morning Dec 28th Turning Cold & freezeing up a gain

Thirsday Morning Dec 29th 1864 Petty Cold & snowing Some little. I was

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Weighed yesterday the 28th and weighed one hundred & twenty nine pounds! This time last year I weighed one hundred & seventy pounds! We are Invited to take dinner at Mr Haughy to day

the 29 of Dec 1864! And it was as splendid a dinner as I ever sit down to

Friday Morning Dec 30th 1864 Quite Cold Snow fell last night to the debeth of two inches !

Satturday Morning Dec 31st 1864 Still Cold & Snowing Some! Nathan & Rhoda Came up yesterday on the one oclock trane

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Rhoda gave me two woolen shirts & 2 pair of good socks & one pound of tobaco those wer things that they intended Sending to me, While in prison in S C had I not been Exchanged when I was

Sunday Morning January 1st 1865 Still Cold & pretty good Slighing! My legs hurt me worse for two or three days past than they have at all

And so ends the diary. This must have been a most wonderful Christmas, especially after the hardship of Camp Sumter and the long journey home.


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