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December 3, 1863 to February 5, 1864: In camp, setting up hospital, chapel

Thirsday Morning Dec 3rd 1863 We have dressed all our wounded men this morning and find them All getting along Quite well.

Friday Morning Dec 4th 1863 Sent all the wounded to Washington And Moved back towards Culpeper 2 miles from brandy Sta

Satturday Dec. 5th 1863 We got orders in the Evening to pack up & be redy to move! got Everything packed & loaded into waggon. and we ley waiting to here the word fall in, until 10 PM. Then the order was Countermanded. then we leyed down on the ground to rest til morning.

Sunday Morning Dec 6th 1863 it turned very cold last night. We moved a little way in front of the regament into one of the rebs Shantys & found -

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found it Quite Comfertable as it had a good fireplase in it. We have got the sick in it also. The size of the Shanty is 18 by 14 foot & there is 14 of us to sleepe in it to night. It is turning very cold, we will have to cook, eat and sleepe & keepe the sick altogether until we can get a nother shanty put up

Monday the 7th & Tusday 8th & Wedensday 9th & Thirsday 10th, Friday, 11th Were spent in fixing up our hospittal & Cook shanty. got Quite a Comfertable Cook shanty & good bunk put up to sleepe on! the sick occupy the other on

Satturday morning Dec 12th 1863 it has been raining pretty much all this morning

Sunday Dec 13th & Monday 14th, Tusday 15th were put in with the useual rotiene of hospital duty

Wedensday Morning Dec 16th 1863 & Thirsday 17th & Friday 18th & Satturday -

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19th passed off in the same way.

Sunday Morning Dec 20th 1863 & Monday 21st & Tusday 22nd, Wedensday 23rd & Thirsday, 24th & Friday 25th Were put in with the usual rotiene of hospittal duty. I recived a box of provision from home to day everything came safe and nise. had Quite a good Christmus supper. It was a nise Christmas presant to me !

Satturday Dec 26th 1863 Moved one the hospittal shantys up on to a more elivated piece of ground just in front of the regament

Sunday morning Dec. 27 it is raining this morning

Monday 28th rained all day.

Tusday 29th and Wedenssay 30th was nise fine days

Thirsday Dec 31st has been raining all day! had oister supper this evening!

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Friday morning January 1st 1864. It is rather gloomy it is threatning very much. This day one year ago We Arived at Wincester Va. Little did I think then that I would have to spend another New Year in the Service of my Country. But so it is I am in it yet and god onely knows when this Crewel war wil come to an End. Where will I have to spend next New Years, Should I live to see it. Shall I be permited to Spend it with my loved ones at home or Shall I have to spend it in some dark homeley cabin in the army of the potomac.

O may god grant us the desires of our hearts & bring us safeley out of these troubles & restore unto us peace and prosperity once more

Satturday, January 2nd 1864 Was occupide in putting a stable for the doctors horses

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Sunday Jan 3rd 1864 Was spent as Quiet as possible for it to be spent in Camp life

Monday January 4th 1864 was spent in poleaseing round the hospital and finishing up the stable it Snowed pretty near all day. Rather bad day to be out!

Tusday, January 5th 1864 Turned much warmer this morning & threatning to rain

Wedensday January 6th 1864 Some Cooler but was plesant til Evening when it turned Quite coole

Thirsday Morning Jan 7th 1864 Cleare & Cold. The Coldest day that we have had this winter!

Friday, January 8th 1864 We were greeted with a snow storm last night & this morning

Satturday Morning January 9th 1864 Our regt went out on picket for -

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for 3 days it is Quite cold.

Sunday Morning January 10th 1864 Very Cold last night but Cleare and plesant this morning, There being but very little wind stiring

Monday January 11th 1864 & Tusday 12th were plesant days nothing of interest ocured

Wedensday January 13th 1864 & thirsday 14th & Friday 15th, Satturday 16th were Quite plesant days Nothing of interest ocured this week

Sunday January 17th 1864 Was Cloudy and Cool, our Chapel was dedicated that is our bregade Chapel

Monday Morning, Jan 18th 1864 Cloudy and raining -some

Tusday Janu 19th 1864 was rather plesant but turned rather cool in the Evening with high winds and freesing up the mud again

Wedensday Morning Jan 20th 1864. Quite Cold

Thirsday Jan 21st 1864 Myself & Harmon Commenced our

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Little chapel. We cut a portion of the logs in the forenoone. after noon we had two of the boys to help us.

Friday Jan 22nd, 1864. Theire was ten of the boys vollenteered to help and we got it up to the Square

Satturday Jan 23rd 1864 We finished leying the floore. & put up the rafters and then dismissed it til monday We have had meeting at the bregade -Chapel every night this week Exception Friday night I have attended Some of them, The weather during this week has been very pleasant & spring1ike

Sunday morning Jan 24th 1864 This is a butiful Spring like morning Preaching at the brigade chapel at 10 A.M. I did not attend Church til night.

Monday January 25th 1864 Weather very plesant almost completed our little Chapel to day, attended -

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(note from H N Anderson son of Harmon " Religion of my Father, I am proud of him")

Class meeting at bregade Chappel at night. had a very good meeting, and there resolved by the help of gods grase to live a more devoted life in the servis of my blessed master

Tusday, January 26th 1864 We still have very plesant weather remarkabley so for this season of the year We finished up our chappel and held one of these old fashioned prayer and Speaking meetings, in wich the good Lord was pleased to meete with us & pour out of his holy spirit upon us. I left the little chappel with the detennination by the grase of god asisting me to make heven my home.

Wedensday Jan 27th 1864 it is remarkabley warm & plesant, prayer meeting at night in our chappel

Thirsday Jan 28th 1864 very warm & plesant attended prayer meeting at night at Bregade Chappel

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Friday Jan 29th 1864 I and Mr Taylor west up to brandy station and to the Christian Collision and got some testaments & other good books & reading matter. It has been a delightful day. we have prayer meeting in our chappel tonight. May god bless our comeing togeather this evening. The chappel was filled to its extent. It wiil seat 50 persons. very comfortable

Satturday Jan 30th 1864 Cloudy with appearance of rain. did not rain til evening. Stil remaines warm.

Sunday Jan 31st 1864 Still remains Cloudy. There has but very little rain fall yet. Turned a little Cooler this morning

Monday Morning February 1st 1864 Still blowing & raining Some little

Teusday, Feb 2nd 1864 There was a very hevy fog this morning it did not disapeare til 11 A.M.

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Then the sun showen for a little while then blowed up and rained some at night. I attended prayer meeting at the Chappel & had a very good meeting!

Wedensday Feb 3rd 1864 it has been very Coole & very high winds from the north all day We had a man to die this morning at 3 A.M. with smallpox buryed this afternoon. he leaves a yong wife to mourn his departure! We had an old fashioned clap meeting this evening

Thirsday Feb 4th 1864. It remanes Cool & windy. A prayer meeting at bregade chappel this Evening

Friday Feb 5th 1864 I am considerable cripled up in my back can hardly get about, I hurt my back by lifting and took cold & it settled in it had no prayer meetting this Evening on the account of the regament going -

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out on picket.


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