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August 16 to September 12: New York during draft disturbances, return to lines on the Rappahannock.

Sunday Morning August 16th 1863 do not feel very well, but went down to the potomac river & took a good bathe feel conciderable better, All kinds rumors as to where we are going. but cannot find out to any cirtainty, We have role call Every hour in order to keepe the men from stragling off up town.

Monday morning August 17th 1863 feel quite wel. Wrote a letter my wife. Stil leying here in the sand & dirt

Tusday Morning August 18th 1863 All Quiet on the potomac D. F Johnson & Freeman Marchal & Leonard Scott of Co G(11) rejoined their compay, at this place.

Wedensday Morning August 19th 1863 we stil ley at Alexandria yet. Struck tents at 6 P.M. & marched to the East part of town & camped on the bank of the potomic river & ley til morning

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Thirsday Morning August 20th 1863. marched a board the Ship Mifsipi [Mississippi?] (12) moved out of harber at 7 A.M. Arived at New York harbor

Satturday at 2 P.M. we ley in harber some time then got on a packet & wer landed on goveners Island at dusk.

Sunday morning August 23rd 1863 put up our tents. Then wrote a letter to my wife. This Island is a butiful plase surounded by the butiful harbour of New York the harbour is continuely filled with Ships from all Nations, it is a butiful camping ground it being very clenley with such a plesant breese continuely.

Monday, August 24th 1863 We were payed for 2 months at 3 P.M. Received $26.00.

Tusday Morning August 25th 1863 donot feel very well. got a hevy dull headach feel rather stupid. did not rest well last night. Wrote a letter to my wife & sent $20.00 in it

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Wedensday Morning August 26th 1863 it is Quite cool for this season of the year it rained some last night then turned cool.

Thursday August 27th Nothing of interest today.

Friday August 28th 1863 We were moved over to Brooklyin got in to Quarters at dusk I recived a letter from home just as we was leaving the Island.

Satturday August 29th 1863 It seamed to be Equal to a circus to the Citizens of brooklyn to se our regament in camp for we looked a goodeal like indians were dirty & ragged & taned very bad. but we had not been on our camping ground one half hour before theire was I think four hundred boys and girles colected to see us!

Sunday August 30th 1863 We wer kindley envited to attend servis at the diferant Churches. I Embrased the opertunity & herd Quite good sermon


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This has been a very throng(?) day with visetors. I think that theire has been something near one thousand men, women & children in camp to se us and in the afternoon the Sunday school of one of the churches came out and sung for us I attended church at 10 A.M. and had the plesure of listning to a very interesting sermon from these words [“]it is finished[“] We are treeted very kindley here indeed, I hope that we may stay here for some tine, I am not very well I have the diarea pretty bad and not much appetite for anything. This Evening a kind lady brought me a good cup of tea which I relished very much. I wrote a letter home yesterday.

Monday, August 31st Were Mustered for pay, The draft(13) commenced in brooklyn this morning. Everything went off smothely

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Tusday September 1st, 1863. feel very bad this morning, did not Eat any brekfast, feel wors this Evening.

Wedensday Sept 2nd. No better this morning. The ladys of brooklyn made a splendid super for our regt. but I was not able to attend, The boys all went and say it was splendid indeed!

Thirsday September 3rd They also gave us brekfast & then brought the ballance into camp, Which made it a dinner, I have found Some of the most humain people in brooklyn that I have Ever found in any plase! Do not feel any better. Mr. & Mrs. Renolys and theire three daughters. They tend to the wants of the Sick like Father & Mother & Sisters, Mrs. Doubleday and may others did the same, Theire was one Little Angle of a girl She seamed to take a great deal of interest-

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in the welfare of the Sick She could not do to much for any one that was Sick She came to se me Several times and brought me many nise things to eat She would Say it would make me get well. May god bless her dear Soul and keepe her by his divine love until he takes her up to heven.

Friday, Sept 4th Feel a little better this morning, but not so well in the evening

Satturday Sept 5th I feele a good deal better and wrote a letter home. got Marching orders. Got Every thing packed up

Sunday Sept 6th, Left brooklyin at 8 A.M. and crossed over to New York & got on board the Merrimac(14)! Left New York at 10 A.M. Arived at Alexander on tusday 8th at 1 P.M. and wrote a letter home Alexandria va

Wedensday Sept 9th 1863 I feel conciderabl better this morning

Thirsday Sept 10th 1863 Stil remane at Alexandria. I feele Quite well this morning

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It is not decided yet. Wheather we Shal be Sent back to the Armey of the potomac or back to our old 8 corps(15) at baltimore
Wrote a letter home today

Friday September 11th 1863 Stil remain on the bank of the river yet but Left here at 12 N. and went as fare as fairfax courthouse. distant 12 miles from Alexandria. It was the hardest march that I ever have had, I gave out & had to fall out to rest. did not get into camp til after night,



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