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The Original Anderson Story

This copy of the Anderson Family Story has been scanned into the computer by the grandson of Dr. Anderson, Richard Holmes Anderson in the fall and winter of 2000-2001. The copy has been kept reasonably faithful to the original as to form and length of pages. The author of the these notes has been doing additional genealogical research on the family history and has made contact with a number of very distant cousins -- most in connection with the Horney family.

In addition to the contacts with the Horney family, contact has also been made with cousins on the Anderson side of the family -- most notably descendants of Thomas Anderson who is indicated to be an ancestor of the John Anderson who is the earliest ancestor listed in this story. Shirley Hagman of Pinole, California has provided me with this information which I am attempting to match up with the history presented in this story.

Richard Holmes Anderson
January 21, 2001.

Since the paragraphs above were written, I have undertaken serious research into the family history. In that research I have succeeded in documenting the early Anderson roots in Maryland/Delaware and in North Carolina among the Quaker families who settled there (see Priscilla Coffin, wife of James Anderson).

I have also located other genealogical records that take the family a couple of generations further back from John Anderson and Elizabeth Horney. These early Anderson families all had settled in Kent County Delaware.

As you examine this family story please keep in mind that much of what is presented comes directly from the work Cora May Boots, Mrs. C. J. Davis and Dr. Haramont Nathaniel Anderson. It is unclear how much or if any of the events and names was actually documented or is the recollection of those who were living at the time the genealogical record was compiled.

I have been able to document the Anderson family in semi-official records available to me on-line – censuses and other genealogical trees as well as histories. I know that these are mostly secondary sources and that little in the way of primary sources has been tapped. I cannot vouch for people or events after the generation that includes my great-grandfather, Harmon Anderson and his siblings. My direct line I have been able to locate original documents and have included them with the family history on which I am currently working. I hope to be able to complete that work within the next couple of years.

For the benefit of the reader I have created an Index of names that will take you to the page where that individual is listed. I found it difficult to locate people in the original work so decided to take advantage of the new technology that permits a quick and direct indexing of the contents.

I hope you will find this genealogy of some use to you. If you find people who should be added or have corrections, please contact me.

29 November 2009
Denver, Colorado