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Introduction to the genealogy pages

This family history is a work in progress. I will be adding to it from time to time. I have attempted to document people and events as thoroughly and carefully as possible. However, errors and oversights are bound to creep into a work as large as this. Please notify me if you find errors or discrepancies in this work

These pages include the genealogical materials generated by The Master Genealogist and Second Site. Other documents related to the family history have also been included on this site. Of note is a PDF document of the original Anderson Story prepared by Maude Anderson Davis and supplemented by our grandfather, Haramont Nathaniel Anderson. I have also included the transcription of Harmon Anderson's Civil War Diary, transcribed by our cousin, Margaret McKinney Brown. I have a copy of the original Anderson Story and I believe the original copy of the Civil War Diary is in the possession of Mary Anne McKinney.

As I continue my research on the different family lines, I will be adding detail and documentation for those lines. If you have additional information on any of these lines, please contact me. I will be very happy to share with you what I have learned and the sources of my information.

These pages begin with the author/compiler and work back in time to the Anderson family in Delaware, the Coffin family in North Carolina and Nantucket, Massachusetts, the Horney family in Ohio, North Carolina and Maryland, the Holmes family in Illinois and Pennsylvania and finally, the Haacke family of Illinois, Indiana and Canada. These families have been associated with Quaker communities through much of their history.

My research has found that the Anderson family intersects a number of times with the Horney, Stanfield and Robinson families in Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina and Delaware-Maryland. The Horney family has been researched and reported by a number of folks, the genealogies on-line and in published form are extensive and relatively well documented.

When I complete the narrative family history, on which I am working, you will see these links and interconnections in more detail. For now let me say that my great-grandmother, Margaret Horney Anderson, is the grand-niece of my great-great- grandmother, Elizabeth Horney Anderson. Great-great-grandmother Elizabeth Horney Anderson's children, Esther, Lydia and Rhoda married Horney brothers who were second cousins. I suppose this is not too unusual for this era (late 1700s and early 1800s) as the communities in which the families located were often small and the range of choices of spouses limited by social and religious considerations.

These cross-links have proven quite beneficial for me and helped me in my search for our roots. I do hope you will find this family genealogy interesting and of help to you.

The family lines I am researching and included within this genealogy: Anderson, Coffin, Haacke, Holmes, Horney, and Mendenhall. There are many other surnames in the family, however these are the most frequent at this time

30 November 2009
Denver, Colorado