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The information contained in this website began with the researches of the following surnames: KEATING, MARTEN, CAMP, and APPLEBEE. My current area of concentration on the maternal side of my family is with the APPLEBEE surname. On the paternal side, I am concentrating on the KEATING surname. To the extent that it is currently possible, information in this database has been verified with at least two sources. Each family report has its own set of citations. All italicized numbers in the color of yellow are endnote/citation numbers. If you are interested in tips for navigating this website, click here.

Data contained in this website is only for your personal use and not for publication. Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy statement.

For whatever reasons, many of the family names have had numerous alternate spellings. An attempt has been made to use, in those transcriptions of records that are posted elsewhere on this website, the spellings of surnames as they appear in those records. Researching individuals either directly or indirectly connected to these four principal family branches has revealed connections of numerous "associated" surnames.



Gottlieb Marten and wife (Louise Geihler) arrived in the United States from the Empire of Germany in the late 1800's. The family settled in LaSalle County, Illinois, near Ottawa.

The Appleby(ee)'s arrived in the United States before the early 1800's. The patriarch of this branch may have once lived in Jamestown, Virginia. Currently known records first place the family in the New England area. Some members of the family located to the prairies of Illinois about 1825 near Streator, Illinois, in LaSalle County.



On the paternal side of my family, James P. Keating and wife (Alice Cunningham) were of Irish descent, but living in Scotland. They arrived in Scotland about 1860. Six of ten sons and the only daughter moved to the Streator area of LaSalle County, Illinois, in the last quarter of the 19th century. My great grandparents were Edward Francis Keating and Mary Maria O'Neil. Edward's father was James P. Keating.

I have very little accurate, documented information about any ancestors with the surname of CAMP.



I am interested in tracing the roots of all primary family branches within various international shores as well as the more recent descendent branches of my family tree. In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy and profit by your visit to this website. As time permits, it will eventually reference all the database that makes up Ancestral Footsteps In the Sands of Time. Data contained in this website is only for your personal use and not for publication. Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy statement. For a dated list of recent additions to this website, you may click here.

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James F. Keating
La Salle County, Illinois
October 2001