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Ancestors of Cedric and Brendan

Ancestors of Cedric and Brendan

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Cedric was born in the year 2001 his brother Brendan in 2003. This site is dedicated to them and their eventual descendants.

Descendants of Archibald Buchanan

First Generation

1. Archibald Buchanan was born in 1675.

The Archibald, grandfather to the Archibald (1748-1836) of Omagh, County Tyrone, was married to Margaret Buchanan, she being the sister of Walter and daughter to William Buchanan (first of the Killyclogher family to settle in Ireland). This marriage would presumably have occurred in Ireland and the confirmation of Archibald's emigration is required.

Archibald, grandfather to Archibald (1748-1836) may be the same Archibald Buchanan mentioned in the Auchmar page 199 lists an Archibald Buchanan as a Horse Guards Captain. It is either this Archibald or possibly a reference to a cousin of the same name.

Archibald [or possibly John his son] may have married a second time and descended from that union were a line of McMaynes; Andrew McMaynes being mentioned as over the age of 80 attending his nephew George Buchanan's (1780-1865) funeral. A possible line of enquiry may also be to trace illegitimate children of Archibald [or John].

The relationship as "son" to James, 6th Laird of Spittal, requires validation.

James 6th Laird of Spittal did have a third son named Archibald, as listed in the Auchmar. In the family history "Archibald Buchanan 1748-1836 Bears and Forbears" W.P. Buchanan was able to determine that Archibald Buchanan, married to Margaret Buchanan of the Killyclogher family, was the grandfather to Archibald (1748-1836). It is plausible that these are both one in the same, however confirmation of this as fact remains to be done.

There does remain a possibility that the correct lineage could descend from the Buchanan's of Blairvocky. Walter, the 1st of Blairvocky is also descended from the Buchanan's of Spittal, being the son of Walter, 5th Laird of Spittal. Walter 1st of Blairvocky had a son Alexander, 2nd of Blairvocky and had four sons and one daughter; Walter, Alexander, a daughter, William and George. As of 1723 William the third son of Alexander in turn had four sons Alexander of Derry, and William, Walter and Henry all of Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland. It is therefore of interest to determine if William, Walter or Henry had any offspring named Archibald. It is more than likely however that it is Margaret who is descended from this lineage, as she is the daughter of William and brother to Walter.

Other possible lines of enquiry are (1) the Carbreth Buchanan's following the family of Thomas 3rd of Carbreth and his grandson George (circa 1600) and his offspring John and William all of whom resided in Tyrone according to the Auchmar; (2) the Auchmar Buchanan's descended from Captain Maurice Buchanan of Dublin, son of Maurice, a preacher in County Tyrone, who was 4th son of George of Auchmar; (3) Patrick of Auchmar's illegitimate son named John (different from the legitimate son of the same name) also went to Ireland and his second son, also named John, resided in Newtounstewart just north of Omagh, County Tyrone; and (4) offspring of Major William Buchanan of Newton Clandeboys, County Down, grandson to William 1st of Auchmar.

Archibald married Margaret Buchanan daughter of William Buchanan. Margaret was born in 1690.

Margaret Buchanan, sister of Walter and daughter to William Buchanan (first of the Killyclogher family to settle in Ireland) married Archibald Buchanan.

Archibald and Margaret had the following children:

+ 2 M i John Buchanan
+ 3 M ii Patrick Buchanan

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Ancestors of Cedric and Brendan

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