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Ancestors of Cedric and Brendan

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Cedric was born in the year 2001 his brother Brendan in 2003. This site is dedicated to them and their eventual descendants.


Blazon of Arms: Azure a cross pâté within a horse shoe open upwards or, a bordure compony counter compony also or and gules.

Crest: Rising from an ancient coronet or a sparrow-hawk, wings elevated gules holding in its dexter talon a cross pâté within a horse shoe or as in the arms.

Mottos: Nunquam cedamus. 

                [We shall never surrender]

The Armorial Bearings of the Family Swiecicki as registered at the College of Arms, London, England.

St. John's Church, Vilnius, Lithuania

Where Julius Svientzitski and Isabella Besierkierskawere married in 1848

Swiecicki's of the

Grand Duchy of Lithuania

The family of Swiecicki belongs to the Sparrowhawk Clan (Herb Jastrzebiec-Bolesta) one of the thirty Polish noble clans of the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. The name is derived from the estate Swiecice (Sviencitse) in Orszymowo Parish, Plock County, Mazovia District - that large area bounded to the north by East Prussia which, stretching south included Warsaw. The first occurance of the form Swiecicki appears to have been in 1525. The family split and moved out of the Mozovia district, probably due to population growth, and moved to various parts of the Polish Commonwealth. It is to the branch which settled in Polish Lithuania from which these Swiecicki's are descended.

The family were Senatorial, meaning that they belonged to that group of noble families represented in the Polish Senate. While not hereditary, membership to this upperhouse was regarded as adding a special distinction to the families concerned. Among the Swiecicki Senators were: Nicholas - Bishop of Kieff 1691 and later of Poznan 1699, Stanislas - Bishop of Chelno 1695, Albert (Wayciech) - Castellan of Santek 1705-32, and Andrew - Castellan of Planiec 1775-80. 

The Lithuanian branch was founded by Martin Swiecicki (died 1569) and his brother Andrew Swiecicki. A sub-branch of this family adhered to Calvanism and the earliest of these recorded by the College of Arms (London, UK) is Nicholas Alexander Swiecicki, Honorary Steward of the King's Household, and an Elector of King John-Casimir of Poland, 1648. He owned the estate Zabriele, Grodino County, Volvosleship of Nowgrodek. He had a son Gaspar and grandson Ladislas (b.1664). Ladislas was married in 1689 to Katarzyna Kornonlaka and it is believed that it is from this marriage that the current family is descended.

Joseph (Josef) Swiecicki (cir 1710- aft 1781) married to Tekla Lukarewiez, was landowner of the Estates Ginele in Ejszyszki Parish, County Lida, Wilno Voivodeship (subsequently Vilna Gubernia) (1775) and of Gulkowszczyzna (1781) both of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. His father being of Calvanist faith, Joseph returned to the Roman Catholic faith.

Other derivations of the name are Svientzitski, Swiecicki, Swencisky, Svenceski, Swenceski, and the anglicized version Swan. 

Our Family 

(Swiecicki, Svientzitski, Swiecicki, Swencisky, Svenceski, Swenceski)

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Descendants Report of Joseph Swiecicki

Cedric's and Brendan's Pedigree Family Tree

Research Leads / Requests
  • Currently I am reviewing and compiling the information I have in regards to the emigration of the family of Isabella Paulina [Besierkierska] Svientzitski, wife to Julius Constantine Andrew Svientzitski (1817-1893) and her five sons; Paul, Joseph, Anthony, Adam and Bolis, and one of two daughters Veronica to Vancouver BC Canada. Anyone who wishes to contribute information in regards to Isabella's two trips across Canada cir 1893/1894 and which of the children emigrated at what time is invited to contact me with their account of the events.  (contact Allan Chinn)   

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Ancestors of Cedric and Brendan

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