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Ancestors of Cedric and Brendan

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Cedric's Home Page

Brendan's Home Page

Cedric was born in the year 2001 his brother Brendan in 2003. This site is dedicated to them and their eventual descendants.

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I do not sell nor charge for access to the genealogical information posted.  This content is provided strictly for personal use and is not intended for commercial use or resale. I do reserve the right to publish this information as part of a journal or other publication.  There are however, no plans to undertake such an endeavor at this time.

Efforts have been made to suppress the information pertaining to any individual living.  Names of living persons are identified and all related information is replaced with the descriptor "private".  Anyone noting any errors or the incorrect identification of living persons is requested to submit a request for correction. Please click here to contact me by e-mail.

I will not under any circumstances sell or give away e-mail lists of persons who have contributed information. I will however, from time to time, refer researches to other individuals who have requested genealogical data where they have similar interests or family histories.  Persons who do not wish to be contacted as a researcher are requested to state this when submitting a request or a contribution.





Ancestors of Cedric and Brendan

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