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There are two entries here. The first is excerpted from a genealogy I found in the Portsmouth Ohio Public Library and the second is an announcement of a 1958 CRABTREE reunion in Iowa.
The excerpts are pages 1-3, 19-22, and 31-33. It is reproduced here with only a minimum of editing and there are errors, I'm sure. The Crabtree descendency chart which can be found here is, for the most part, based upon the text which follows.
Please e-mail me if you have questions or data you can share. My address is on the home page. Good hunting.


1863 - 1951


Family of William and Jane Crabtree of England and Maryland

William and Jane Crabtree came from England in 1705 bringing with them their son William, aged one year. They came from near Leeds, in Yorkshire County, in a sailing vessel. Extensive research has failed to discover any more data. Yorkshire is famous for cattle and farming. William settled on a plantation in Baltimore County, now Harford County Maryland. At a point where Stout Bottle Creek flows into Deer Creek. A descendent, Royale Crabtree once visited this spot but nothing remained but a small building. Royale also examined the two land grants held by William from Charles II, King of England. They were evidently given to an ancestor of his for a service performed years ago. In this neighborhood also lived the Italian family of Pooteet (various spellings), family of Pykes (Pikel and the plantation of the French Huguenot family of the former Count Louis Dumas who fled from France to Holland. His son Louis came on to America. He was married to Catharine. Their daughter Catharine married James Crabtree, son of William Sr. Their sons were Charles and Pierre, who served in the Revolution in America.

**** SOURCES ****

Maryland Historical Society - Genealogy Section Thomas C. Tax List 1737 - Baltimore Co., Maryland (now Harford]

Upper hundred north of Gunpowder no taxables - 2 -

Thomas Crabtree - responsible for John John Crabtree

Archives Baltimore City, City Hall

William Crabtree will 1756

Jno. Crabtree 1737 Baltimore Co., Md. tax list property Thomas C. 1737

William Crabtree Baltimore Co., tax list
three slaves

William Crabtree same 1737, responsible for taxes of Wm. DeMoss Wm. DeMoss

Upper hundred north of Gunpowder was a Ouaker meeting house used to collect taxes when necessary - a sort of township meeting house then. Research by the writer.

The children of William and Jane Crabtree were: 1. William II, born 1704 in England. He married Mary Pyke and removed to Southwest Virginia and died in North Carolina. Married February 17, 1725 in Maryland. Thomas was born in Maryland 1707, October 12. He married Susannah Poteet and they died in Hillsboro, Orange Co., North Carolina in 1774. 3. Grace born May 29, 1711, Married John Hays. 4. Ann born January 15, 1714. Married John Wilburn. 5. James born February 20, 1716, died 1845. in Oldtown, Maryland. 6. John born September 5, 1715 , married Hannah Butcher 7. Elizabeth born December 13, 1720, Married James Billingsley. More later - from Oregon. U.S.A. 8. Samuel born July 25, 1725. All except James went to Southeast Virginia and other southern states. John and Hannah married Apri1 22, 1755.

Lewis DeMoss had a daughter, Rachel and sons William, Lewis and John. They lived on the south Potomac river and the South Cacapeon river in Hampshire Co., Virginia. Rachel married Lewis Throckmorton I and they were buried there in 1795. Records destroyed in Civil War.

Their children were Job, William, Lewis II, Thomas, Daniel. Lewis II located in Jackson County Ohio. The above families owned acres and acres of land along the South Potomac and South Capaceon Rivers and seemed to have sold most of it about 1796-8. Probably as they planned to go to Ohio by way of Pennsylvania.

James and Catharine (DeMoss] Crabtree were married in Maryland in 1735. Her parents Louis and Catharine DeMoss owned a large plantation

"Frenchmans Repose" near the Crabtrees, Throckmortons, Pykes, and Pooteets. This they sold to follow their daughter and husband to Western Virginia, now West Virginia. It is said they resided for a time in Orange County (now Frederick Co.) Louis and Catharine lived and died in Allegheny County Maryland at ) Oldtown. They owned a mill and they are buried in the cemetery there with only fieldstones to mark their graves. He died in 1754.

Children of James and Catharine were William married Ann Riley and remained in Virginia after 1790. Others were Thomas, Lewis, James who resided in Southwest Virginia as set forth by Mrs. Arah M. Fritz, author of the book, "The Crabtrees of Southwest Virginia". We are indebted to her for much of the foregoing data. Several cousins from this area moved to Ohio, near Jackson, Huntington, Waverly as we shall see later.

Children of William and Ann are Peter born Virginia, came to Ohio 1812. This was furnished to the writer by a grandson of Peter who visited the writer with his wife and chiildren on the way to visit his wife's relatives in Huntington, West Virginia, also descendents of a Crabtree cousin. Peter married Sarah Willison, daughter of Cornelius Willison, who died in Allegheny County, Maryland 1798 - Will 1799 probated. Sarah died in Harrison County, Ohio. Children listed later.

The family of Wm. and Jane Crabtree lived on Deer Creek in Baltimore Co., Md., now Harford Co. Their births and marriages and deaths are registered in St. Johns Parish Register in Baltimore, Md.

Wm. and Ann (Riley) Crabtree

Edward I

Edward I born in possibly Pa. in 1766, died after the 1850 census. Pa Evidently married before coming to Harrison Co., Ohio and widowed. His son, William E., was born in 1804. His son Edward E., was born in 1824. Edward married second Attemesa Ditty (Detty). Another son was Elijah, born 1815.

Wm. E. Crabtree had three sons, Enoch, Samuel and Madison of whom we speak later.


Thomas Crabtree, son of William I and Jane also lived for a time in Jefferson Co.,Ohio. His son James married Jane Cahill July 3, 1815 in Harrison Co. Their son, Abijah, born 1844, married Mary Ellen Swift. Their daughter, Charlotte, married Mr. Harry Fisher of Glencoe, Illinois. She visited in Ohio and was a reliable source. Thomas returned to Va. with his wife, Elizabeth. "Tis said that all the sons of William and Ann (Riley) Crabtree came to Jefferson Co., (later divided, making Harrison Co., in 1799). The census shows Edward, Lewis, Thomas and William in Jackson Co. in 1820.

The Great Redstone Mystery

The early Crabtrees were said to have settled on "Redstone" in Pa- But no one seemed to know where this mysterious place was except it was near Weirten on the leg of land once in dispute between Pa. and Ohio- It was apparently given to Pennsylvania.

On page 2 in a book entitled "Tree of Liberty" by Elizabeth Page, we find a reference to Redstone Creek running into the Monongehela River. Again on page 328 - one Jacob Yoder took a load of pigs, cattle, flour, wheat from Redstone Creek on the Monongehela down the Western Rivers to New Orleans to be exchanged for furs. These he took to Cuba, exchanged for sugar which he carried to Philadelphia. Then drove a pack train of trade goods out the Lancaster Rd. to Redstone again. If the pioneers were kept from trading in one direction, they always found another way. Just what time the Crabtrees settled there or left there for Ohio, we do not know. Others from Ohio have joined those there before them and still live at Weirten and Wellsville. Possibly this creek dried up or disappeared or the name was changed and the name held, was applied to the district.

It is quite possible that William, Ann and their six sons located at Redstone Old Fort on the Monongahela River near the present day city of Brownsville, Pa., and it is quite possible that William and Ann died there, but I could find no records on this. The six sons were evidently in Jefferson County, Ohio as early as 1803 for that is the date on record of the marriage of Lewis to Susanna McKean. I'm still trying to find out for certain what happened to the family between the years 1790 and 1803. If I get any more information on this, I`ll let you know.

Redstone Old Fort was on the principal trail from Old Town, Md., to Jefferson County, Ohio. One of the earliest settlers and land developers in that area, (Fayette County, Pa.) was Michael Cresaps who was the son of Col. Thomas Cresaps of Old Town, Md.

Harrison Co. Land Patents - History of Harrison Co., Ohio, pg. 202 Peter Crabtree, S.W. 17.11.6, July 16, 1819. Cornelius and Gabriel Crabtree, S.W. 29 11.6.5, May 25, 1825. Thomas Crabtree, Jefferson Co. N.W. 19.11.6, August 19, 1512. Thomas was Peters uncle. Peter father of Cornelius and Gabriel C. Gabriel Crabtree married Rebecca Moore June 19, 1820. James Crabtree, son of Thomas, married Jane Cahill July 31, 1815. Son Abijah married Mary Ellen Swift. Daughter Charlotte Fisher. Hillary Howse married Rachel Crabtree December 30, 1820 . Descendents later lived in Wellston, Ohio. Wm. Wycoff married Freelove Crabtree Nov. 22, 1814. Gideon Crabtree married Sarah Jane Carouthers March 14, 1850. Cornelius Crabtree married Sophia Poulsan November 25, 1846. Rebecca Crabtree, wife of Gabriel died October 31, 1869, 74 yrs, 9 da., Buried in Corinth Cemetery. Sophia, wife of G. Crabtree died November 27, 1885 - born July 31, 1828 (buried in Deersville Cemetery.) Peter Crabtree, will dated March 22, 1821 probate December 7, 1827 wife Sarah. Executor, Cornelius - wife and children. Thomas Crabtree, son of James and Catharine married Elizabeth Barton October 23, 1760. Moved to Jefferson Co. in 1812. They had twelve children. Peter Crabtree was born in Frederick Co. Md. in 1760. Remained in Nottingham Twp. when brothers moved to Jackson Co., Ohio.

Books - Crabtrees of Southwest Virginia by Arah Miller Fritz- "Crabtrees of Kentucky", the genealogical Library at Mansfield. Ohio. History of the Lower Scioto Valley - Pike and Scioto Co. Libraries and Ross Co. also. Courtesy of Howard Bowers.

Children of Wm. and Ann (Riley) Crabtree

4. Lewis I, was born in Maryland in 1752, died July 4, 1856, buried beside his wife in Bethesda Cemetery, Jackson Co., Ohio. A good stone, clear cut at the grave. He married Susannah McKean on September 8, 1803. Old Jefferson Co. marriage records of 1759-1839. She was born in Va. in 1754, died July 2, 1854 in Jackson Co., Ohio. Several children were born.
5. Thomas born ca. 1785 in Maryland, died in Jackson Co., Ohio. Will or settlement in the Court House. Married ca. 1805 to Sarah born 1791 in Maryland. Some descendents live near Oakhill, Ohio, some in Bloom Twp., Ohio some in Scioto County near Lucasville and Portsmouth. We list their children later.
6. William born 1774 in Va. or Maryland. He died 1846 as shown on his monument at Grahamville cemetery in Jackson Co. He married Sarah Graham in 1794 probably in Virginia. Her father was James Graham of Virginia and Grahamville, Ohio. She died in Scioto Co, Ohio between 1850/60 census. She was living with her childrcn there at Crabtree Corners. Their family was large. We found a deed made after his death by his children for two tracts of land, 40 A. and 20 A, in Deed Book M, pgs. 293-4-5 at Jackson Co. Court House. All the children signed the deed, so we were sure of the names. This is the ancestor of the writer's husband.

Children of Wm. and Ann Riley Crabtree - Children of Wm. and Sarah Graham Crabtree: 1. Mary married Andrew Cassidy - 2. Addie married Thomas Crabtree - 3. Seth W. married Rachel Throckmorton - 4. Wm. W. married Jane Crabtree - 5. Elisha W. married Margaret Detty - 6. James W. married Elsie Throckmorton - 7. Sarah married John Halterman - 8. Nancy married Lewis T. Crabtree.

Wm. and Ann (Riley) Crabtree

Thomas I

Thomas born ca. 1755 Md. died 1550, Jackson Co., Ohio. Will or settlement in Court House. Married ca. 1805 to Sarah -- born 1791 Md. died - . Several of his descendants appear to live near Oakhill, Ohio some in Bloom Twp., Scioto Co. and some went to Scioto Co. near Lucasville and Portsmouth. Nearly all of his children ended their names in T.: Wm. T., Edward T., Lewis T., Thomas T. Emily is his daughter to the best of our knowledge. Vinton and Kendall and Sarah are said to be his children also.

In the Grahamville Cemetery we unearthed a flat stone like the one of William, brother to Thomas. It was deeply carved and stated "In Memory of Thomas Crabtree Departed this life Apri1 27, 1860, Aged 67 years 10 months 5 days.

Thomas Crabtree I and Sarah's children

Sarah born 1805 - William T. born 1806, died before 1870, married Dec. 25, 1823 to Eliza Gillum born ca. 1807 in New York State, died Nov. 13, 1872 in Scioto Co., Ohio - Edward T., born 1809 in Jefferson Co., Ohio and died in Jackson Co., June 7, 1877 - will on record there. He married Oct. 4, 1829 Ann Anderson, born 1813. She is mentioned in his will and also two grandchildren, Mary Ann Smith and Cornelia Jane to be cared for. Cornelia born 1862, was the daughter of Edward's son Vincent born l838, died 1867-70 Vincent married Cynthia Harris Aug. 30, 1855. Vincent was 12 in the 1850 census. Lewis T., born ca. 1810 in Ohio married his cousin, Nancy Crabtree, daughter of Wm. and Sarah. She was born in Ohio in l808 according to the 1850 Jackson Co. census and died ca. 1860-70 census of Scioto Co. Married in Nov. 7, 1830 in Jackson Co. A son, Jared, was born in 1831 died 1862-70. married Ann

Thomas I and Sarah Crabtree children

Cassidy in 1854 in Jackson Co. A daughter, Clarissa was born in 1843-1850 census- A daughter, Mary died Jan. 9, 1846 and buried at Grahamville - Thomas T. born 1826 died before 1893- Married his cousin Addie Crabtree born 1815 (1850 census)- Married in 1851 in Jackson Co., she died Feb. 15, 1893 in Scioto Co. They were parents of one son, Kendall born ca. 1854. He married in 1877 Cansada Detty born in Pike Co. They had eight known children- Emily born ca. 1829 died before 1862. She first married Daniel McGilvery in 1848, one known son, Thomas born 1849. Daniel was born ca. 1820 in Nova Scotia and died before 1855. Emily married second John L. Crabtree Jan. 18, 1855 in Jackson Co. He was the son of Lewis T. and was born 1822 and died in Pike Co., Ohio March 3, 1900. A son, Gideon was born in 1857 married in 1876. three sons- Kendall Crabtree born in Jackson Co. Jan. 18, 1836 died Sept. 10, 1597. He married Elsie Crabtree Jan. 17, 1855 in Jackson Co. She was born 1836 to Jas. W. and Elsie Crabtree. She died July 9, 1911 and left a will (Scioto Co- Courthouse) bequeathing keepsakes and articles to her brothers, Laban, Jason, and Wm. J. Crabtree as she had no children. Vinton Crabtree born 1833 and died Dec. 5, l887 in Jackson Co., married Sept. 29, 1850 to Martha Crabtree born 1834- Children: Isabell born l852, Asbury born 1855, Rachel Melvina born Aug. 31, 1857 died Feb. 14, 1939. Sarah Jane born 1860, March 20, died Oct. 19, 1935 age 75 years 6 months 29 days. Alice born 1863, Wesley G. born 1865, Aida L. born 1869, Martha D. born 1877. Sarah J. and Rachel M. buried Petersburg, Scioto Twp, Jackson Co, Ohio.

Children of Wm. T. Crabtree

son of Thomas

Sarah born 1824 married 4-27-1847 to William Mace (Mose) Scioto Co., Ohio. Thomas M. born 3-4-1826 died Jan. 4, l888. married first to Beulah Perry on 6-17-1854. One daughter, Esther. He remarried second 2-11-l855 Elizabeth Crabtree, daughter of Wm. W. and Jane Crabtree of Scioto Co., born 5-15-1837, died 3-29-1872. 1. Gillum born 6-12-1833 Jackson Co., died 9-18-1913 Scioto Co. Married first, Catharine. children were: (a) Edward born ca. 1854. (b) William born 1856 married Feb. 20, 1875 to Mary Irwin born ca. 1856, Scioto. (c) William born 1856 had daughter Flora born 1875. (d] Robert born ca . 1877. (e) Henry born ca. 1879. Gillum married second, Rebecca Ann Titus born 1842, married 11-23-1861. One daughter Annie Lewis - 9-l88O census. Thomas M. Crabtree married third Rachel McCarele 9-4-1873. (a) Michael born ca. l838 married 6-20-l858 to Green B. Titus. (b) James born ca. 1845 married to Delila Kellar 6-20-1867. (c) Aaron died young. (d) Stephan Crabtree son of Wm. T. Crabtree born 2-17-1835 Jackson Co. died 12-24-1898 married second Eliza J. McNelly 12-24-1857. Children: Wesley born 1858 died 10-10-1937 married to Hannah Shump, born 4-17-1861, died 1948. Married May 11, l884. their children: Emory died young also Cecil and Agnes - Walter Allen born 1-22-l887-8 - Lowell Stephan born 7-16-1892 - Helen born 4-10-1897 married Ora H. Blair - Paul born 12-23-1898 Thomas Gillum born 1900 ca. Scioto Co. Court House record show Stephen Crabtree married first Elizabeth Perry 12-29-1553. Charles born 1560. Ella born 1862 married Allan Stockham - T. Fletcher born 5-6-1870 married Edna Jackson moved to Oregon - Anna L. 6-28-1885 married Jno W. St?

Nora born 8-22-1878-9 married 5-1-1901 Jas. W. Dortch born 1878.

This is from a flyer received by my mother, Selma Roberts, in June of 1958:


You and your family are invited to the annual
CRABTREE REUNION and "pot-luck" picnic dinner
to be held in the Clarion, Iowa recreation park,
on Sunday, July 27th, 1958. Please try to attend.
On your calendar put a red circle around July 27th.
Should it rain like last year, it will be held inside.
The rest of the Crabtrees will be there.
Be seeing you then.

Roy Crabtree


Eleanor Crabtree              Clarion,Iowa
Mrs.Paul Hecox                Clarion,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs.Robt.Hecox         Clarion,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs.Dale Hecox         Oak Park,Illinois
Mr.and Mrs.Keith Hecox        Oak Park,Illinois
Mr.and Mrs.Ray Crabtree       Carroll,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs.Russell Crabtree   Mellen,Wisconsin
Violet Lindvall               Clarion,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs.Tom Groom          Jefferson,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs. James White       Clarion,Iowa
Richard Lindvall              Clarion,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs.Phillip Ketchum    Rowan,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs.Robt.Ketchum       Rowan,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs.Verle Crafton      Rowan,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs.Sidney Ketchum     Clarion,Iowa
Mrs.Harvey Coburn             Hampton,Iowa
Will Coburn                   Latimer,Iowa
Mrs.Winfred Ericson           Edinburg,Texas
Harvey Coburn                 Dows,Iowa
Mrs.Carl Jacobson             Latimer,Iowa
Mrs.Geo.Crawford              Belmond,Iowa
Mrs.Willis Ferguson           Pedra Valley,California
Mrs.Bill Shaffer              Modesto,California
Mrs.Oscar Furuseth            Versailles,Missouri
Fred Coburn                   Edinburg,Texas
Mr.and Mrs.Wm.Crabtree        Minford,Ohio
Selma Roberts                 Ludlow,Kentucky
Thelma Darnell                Newport,Kentucky
Gertrude Cox                  East Monroe,Ohio
Sam Crabtree                  Belmond,Iowa
Wm.Stadtlander                Belmond,Iowa
S/Sgt.Ervin G.Crabtree        Mountain Home,Idaho
Erwin Casey Crabtree          Fort Worth,Texas
Mrs.Duane Beisell             Goldfield,Iowa
Howard Crabtree Culp          Minford,Ohio
Kathleen Humphreys Culp       Minford,Ohio
Richard Culp                  Minford,Ohio 
Karen Sue Culp                Minford,Ohio   
Mr.Kendall Crabtree           Portsmouth,Ohio
Mr.and Mrs.Max Clark          Central Point,Oregon
Mrs.Flora Terpsma             Everson,Washington
Mrs.Lorene Heeringa           Lynden,Washington
Mrs. Ruby Partlow             Oak Harbor,Washington
Mr.James Crabtree             Yakima,Washington
Mrs.Rebekah Loomis            Seattle,Washington
Mr.and Mrs.Allen L.Crabtree   Seattle,Washington
Mr.and Mrs.Clarence State     Dows,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs.Donald State       Galt,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs.Arle Cuvelier      Tucson,Arizona
Mr.and Mrs.Leland Ahrens      Sheffield,Iowa
Mr.and Mrs.E.C.Ryburn         El Monte,California


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