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                     LANTZ GENEALOGY

                   APPENDIX No. 3

    A Lantz, probably John, came from Pennsylvania to Ohio.
He had three sons: Philip; Daniel; and Frederick.

          1             Philip Lantz

    Philip Lantz, son of John Lantz, was born Sept. 6, 1809
and died July 23, 1887.  He married Susan Divers in 1832.
Mrs. Lantz died in 1846.  They had children: James, born
Mar. 28, 1833; Eliza, born Oct. 19, 1843, married Couch;
Susan, born Apr. 24, 1837, married William Bevins; William
H.; Charles Philip; and Isaac S.

         2D             Daniel Lantz

    Daniel Lantz died July 12, 1850 in Wayne County, Ind.
He had children: Amanda, Centreville, Ind.; Henry P., Los
Angeles, Cal.; John, died Nov. 26, 1914; Thomas B., Milton,
Ind.; Lewis F., Milton, Ind.

         3 1/2         Frederick Lantz

    Frederick Lantz, son of John Lantz married Hannah
and died about 1840 in Somerset, Ohio.  He had children:
Henry; Samuel; David; William, Lima, Ohio; John; Daniel;
and Mary, married Snyder, Piqua, Ohio.

         14           William H. Lantz           1

    William H. Lantz, son of Philip Lantz was born Sept.
25, 1835 and died Dee 1905.  His father established a furni-
ture store in Shelbyville, Ill., in 1856, which was run under
the name of Lantz Bros., by William H., and his brothers,
Issac S., and C. P. William H. had children: Sidney; Burt;
Oather; Etta; Susan.

         15           Charles P. Lantz           1

    Charles P. Lantz, son of Philip and Susan (Divers)
Lantz was born April 10, 1841 and died Dee. 22, 1916.  July
1, 1868, he married Elizabeth Lee Cutter.  He was a partner
in Lantz Bros., Furniture Store at Shelbyville, Ul.  He had
children: Bessie, born May 6, 1876, married Harry Turner;
Philip Lantz, born Sept. 19, 1906; Joy Elizabeth, born Nov.
2, 1912.
    Ednah, born June 1, 1882, married Charles Gilligan.
    James Walter, born Nov. 13, 1873; Philip King, born
April 4, 191 1; James Walter, born May 5, 1916.